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Right Wing, Red Neck, White Collar

Does Prosecutor Earle have a smoking gun? Prissy says he would be a fool not to have several up his sleeve in charging these slimy rats....Prissy puts her money on the prosecutor. Having not been able to convict the last politician he charged, Kay Baily Hutchinson (R), he no doubt learned a valuable lesson in that. Everyone knows Dubya's boys are not to be toyed with, as they have been known to ruin lives when people "mess with them".

Tom Delay is the perfect specimen for Prissy's right wing, red-neck, white collar potential criminal profile.....Remember when DeLay pushed to change a House rule requiring members to give up leadership positions if they get indicted? Hmm.

You have read the indictment on the previous post...most people have not. Prissy wonders if the Houston Chronicle read more than the highlights. Look how vague the msm has been about the particulars of this indictment. It is not unspecific, but one might think so if one read this in the Houston

Excerpt: "I can't imagine indicting a majority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives without having a smoking gun, and that means someone who flipped on DeLay," said Buck Wood, an Austin lawyer who filed a related civil lawsuit on behalf of Democratic congressional candidates. "He's got to have corroborating evidence, too, bills and things proving where DeLay was at key times."

UPDATE: Speaking of rightwing red neck, white collars...Remember this, dear readers? Prissy told you about this months ago. a UK Criminology Journal- TMAIT is directly attacking the Frist family HCA. The TMAIT is expected to have a direct impact on the 2008 presidential bid. Frist is currently the front runner for president, and the US press refuses to publish what is widely known: the Frist family are the biggest corporate criminals in America. They have paid more criminal fines than Enron. Indeed, both Enron and Frists were the principle backers of George Bush. Now, the Frist family is being sued for 100 times the $2 Billion they already admitted to.

More about the Tillman family

Excerpt: It is equally troubling that Uthlaut's superior, when faced with a perjury charge, was allowed to change his testimony. A 3 March 2005 memo from Brig. Gen. Gary Jones (who conducted the January 2005 investigation) asserts that Capt. William Saunders, the commander of Tillman's company, was able to skirt perjury charges. He had originally claimed that he had told his superiors of Uthlaut's e-mail protesting the division of his men. He was allowed to change his testimony to avoid the perjury charge and he was granted immunity.

Tillman's father draws the only logical conclusion: "The administration clearly was using this case for its own political reasons. This cover-up started within minutes of Pat's death, and it started at high levels. This is not something that (lower-ranking) people in the field do.

Prissy says can they possibly get any more stupid at the Pentagon?? For Heaven's Sake, they should have known better than to mess with a lawyers' kid, which is Tillman Sr's profession. Geez!

Turns out although Pat Tillman supported the mission in Afghanistan, he was repulsed by the war on Iraq....that sure wouldn't have been good publicity for anyone up on the hill, now would it? 14, 2005 An Army That Was in Better Condition This article first appeared in the Sept. 11 edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer. EXCERPT from "What If....? From 11 scholars and opinion writers, answers to a hypothetical: What would the situation be now if the United States had not invaded Iraq?"

Because the Bush administration had not prepared the Army or the nation for the insurgency that followed the fall of Saddam Hussein, the number and quality of people willing to join the active Army, the Army Reserve, and the Army National Guard began to decline. Through the end of July 2005, these three components of the total Army were more than 25,000 people behind their recruitment goals, despite the Pentagon's having lowered the educational and aptitude standards for first-time enlistees. Army officials expect that next year will be worse.

And more:

Furthermore, the Army has had to mobilize large numbers of guardsmen and reservists and keep them on active duty well beyond the norm of mobilizing a reservist for no more than one year out of every six. As a result, few individuals leaving active duty are willing to join the Reserve and many are leaving when their enlistment expires. For example, the Alabama Army National Guard has only 78 percent of its authorized number.

The Army has had to extend individuals' services beyond their terms of enlistment involuntarily, as well as recall thousands of individuals from the Individual Ready Reserve. Not surprisingly, the Army's Mental Health Advisory Team found that more than half of the soldiers report low unit morale. About 35 years ago, Gen. Maxwell Taylor noted that we sent the Army to Vietnam to save that country but had to withdraw it to save the Army. We may be there again.

One more strong argument for the Bring Them Home Now folks...

Prissy thinks if General Casey loved his military, he would stand up and act like a man to the Pentagon and whoever else needed to be told the truth about Iraq. Cowards, all of them who refuse to stand up.....not even one pink fuzzy Prissyball amongst the entire lot of them. This country needs them and they have failed in their duty to protect her.

This t-shirt available:

And Two More, speaking of General Casey...;_ylt=AoXmE.UU5cZSiaaJnvc2lniMwfIE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3OXIzMDMzBHNlYwM3MDM- Gen.: Troop Withdrawal Hinges on Iraq Vote. REALLY? Prissy will hold you to that,as she's heard you sing that tune before.... Update: Yahoo title changed to:U.S. Gen. Pulls Back on Iraq Withdrawal. And Senator McCain needs to keep his nose out of it-since he too, continues to fail the military. His heavy-handedness will get him nowhere with the people. AZ has quite of few members in Military Families Speak Out.

This one should be sent to all your neoRepublican friends....Dr. Roberts is a true American hero in Prissy's book. There is not a doubt he loves this country.

America is running out of time- by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, a former Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal and a former Contributing Editor of National Review, was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during the Reagan administration.

An excerpt:The budget deficit is being financed by foreigners, primarily Asians who now hold enough US government debt to exercise power over US interest rates and the value of the dollar whenever they decide to use the power that Bush has placed in their hands.

The trade deficit is being financed by turning over the ownership of US assets and future income streams to foreigners, making Americans forever poorer from the loss of accumulated wealth.

For the time being, China is willing to accumulate US assets as a way of taking over our consumer markets, attracting US manufacturing industry with cheap labor subsidized by artificial currency values, and gaining our technology. China’s strategy is to over-value the US dollar in order to encourage the transfer of US economic capabilities to China. China’s strategy gives artificial value to the dollar and keeps US interest rates at an artificial low.

The values of US stocks, bonds, and real estate depend on the support that Asians’ economic strategies provide the dollar and US interest rates. As Asia achieves its goal of preeminence in manufacturing, innovation, and product development, the strategy will change. Once China completes its acquisition of US capabilities, it will no longer have a reason to support the dollar.

When the dollar goes, it will affect costs, profits, interest rates and living standards in dramatic ways. Costs and interest rates will soar, and profits, living standards, equity values, bond prices and real estate will plummet.

These unpleasant events await only Asia’s decision to curtail its support for US red ink. That will happen when this support no longer serves Asia’s interest.

When Asia pulls the plug on the dollar, the US government will find that monetary and fiscal policy are powerless to offset the consequences.

Compared to US budget and trade deficits, terrorists are a minor concern. The greatest danger that the US faces is the dollar’s loss of reserve currency role. This would be an impoverishing event, one from which the US would not recover.

The neoRepublicans and Democrats are going right along with the collision course America is pursing. Do not even try to tell Prissy they love America,"Tranny-Annie" Coulter....she must hate America too, as she encourages its destruction. You know, Prissy heard her "surgery" occurred abroad, perhaps that is why she is so angry....

See more D.C. protest photos:

More tomorrow....

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