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A Politicians Primer-That Pesky Fourth Branch of Government

One fine American quality is hospitality-and it's not just in Texas. As you may know, dear readers yesterday was the day for the Bring Them Home NOW Tour to roll into Columbus, Ohio.

The BTHN Tour received a warm mid-western welcome, complete with state and local press attention. In addition there was a potluck dinner with beautiful location and sanctuary provided by our local Mennonite church. Prissy pleads guilty on having little idea exactly what the Mennonite theological premise is, but this she does know...they certainly know how to make people feel welcome. And they are kind.

The potluck at the Mennonite church was bountiful and their generosity appreciated toward the support of Gold and Blue Star Military families. The parents spoke to a full house. Prissy will continue to say it until the polls accurately reflect true public opinion, which is this: There is no support to continue this war by moderate, everyday, voting, taxpaying Americans and there is no military solution to the problems in Iraq.

It is a tough spot to be a military family who refuses to support this war of choice. The President keeps telling them good military families support this war. Prissy and the others keep telling him good military families are questioning his war with good cause. Dubya has has no answers for Americans, in spite of having new information. We are demanding an end to this fruitless war which is sucking this country dry of our personal resources. Look no further than Hurricane Katrinas wake.

And are we really fighting the War on Terror? Because he claims, we are drawing the terror to Iraq. If there is the slightest shred of truth to this unsubstantiated claim, is it any wonder the Iraqis keep asking us to leave? Who wants to live under the rule of a fool who thinks he is the King of a Democracy? Especially a ruler into "drawing all terrorists to your country-Iraq, so we don't have to fight them on the streets of America." Maybe America does need a class system-but not one based on money....

Unless, of course there are "terrists" in Louisiana. Prissy is guessing that Dubya believes his "shoot to kill order" means we are drawing terrorists to Louisiana, too. By the way, Prissy was glad to see the Guard and Police are lucid and sane enough not to act on those kinds of "rules."

Politicians cannot be trusted to put America first, one need not be a rocket scientist (although some of Prissy's NASA readers might be) to know this. Why did the occurrence of 911 make America think they could put their faith in career politicians who give unbid contracts, taxpayer money, to their friends?

The Patriot Act and the unnecessary attack of Iraq says it all, they have no love for the American people or the military. The United States military forces do not exist as mercenaries for corporate America. Corporate America should be hiring their own army,oh what was Prissy thinking- they have. Corporations who have gouged profits from this war must be heavily fined, should a US court conclude this war was waged illegally.

One thing they cannot spin is political attempts at making it okay to misuse our military, who's purpose is to defend this nation against enemies, both foreign and domestic. Our police and military personnel do not serve at the pleasure of corporate America-and they know this. No politician will convince them otherwise. These good citizens are the same folks that make up middle America.

If these people truly wish to protect us, the tragedy continuing to unfold in Louisiana would not be a reality. The war in Iraq would not have happened-maybe 911 would have been stopped. Three branches of this supposed Democratic government are failing us. The only branch not failing is the one the other three branches forget-We the People. This is the most important one!

Yesterday, during the Gold Star Families, Military Families Speak Out Rally, we all took note that it was our police officers who are the first line of law and rights enforcers they are indeed the final line between civil rights and tyranny. Thank God for the good ones that believe people do have rights and wish to see no harm come to folks who protest peacefully. Police officers laughed at the notion this was a group of "radicals".… A few OH rally "radicals"

Prissy will let you know how much was censored by the media. The Hurricane has frightened some of them into doing a better job. Some are aware it was their corporate owned newspapers who have given precious little voice to the anti-war movement, but plenty to the pro-war people. And now we have precious few military people and equipment left to protect us.

There were no counter protesters yesterday, although a supposed Marine wife emailed Military Families Speak Out a threat. Here is a copy:

I only have one thing to say.....I think what you are doing is disgusting and disgraceful.....As the WIFE of a MARINE....Our entire family is completely supportive of this war.....Cindy and all the rest of you need to think of how your sons or daughters would feel about this....I know for a fact that Casey Sheehan would be FURIOUS! Anyway, I just thought I would drop you a line and give you a fair warning that we all plan to be in Columbus tomorrow for the rally.....We will be removing the boots of a loved one form the Eyes Wide Open tour, and will also be protesting your "thing"...I have also told my family members to be prepared for a phone call from the police department because I plan to get arrested!

The Quaker Friends Association does the Eyes Wide Open tour, for readers who may not know. Can you imagine picking a fight with Quakers? Good Heavens, would she threaten the Amish too? Good thing she did not show, as she would have been arrested. The Ohio State Highway Patrol officers are as nice and polite as can be, unless you come looking to stir up trouble....Not to mention shaming her Marine husband by showing her "hind-end" as Granny says. In Crawford, the only arrests were the pro-war folks. Go figure.…..When Prissy read her email, the country song "Redneck Woman" came to mind....well it is catchy....

This woman claims to "know for a fact" Casey Sheehan's thoughts about his mother's protest. As Cindy has said, her son was not married and he was close to his family. To imply that a complete stranger knows the thoughts of an immediate family member is just too weird. Do folks like this realize the Romans in Jesus' time thought they were righteous too? He was the original "peacenik". You see what happened to Him. But obviously the idea of peaceful principals did not die with Him... two thousand years later, He still has followers....Prissy is thinking who those continue to support this war, regardless of in-your-face factual evidence, are as Granny says, "not wrapped too tight".

Hot Links

For Pennsylvania readers: Senator Rick Santorum Exposed

Dear Readers: This is a comment from the "liberal bloggers" campaign to raise money for Hurricane Victims: The campaign is a nice idea. I am griped about the fact that FEMA states NOBODY from the hurricane has any desire to come to Ohio. Our city was prepared to take in victims with apartments that were furnished and families willing to take in people and after we prepared for them FEMA states they will not fly anyone to Ohio because it is too far and nobody wants to be housed that far away. I don't believe that, I believe FEMA failed to take a survey on that. These people HAVE to evacuate and FEMA seems to prefer to house the homeless, sick, disabled and hungry children in stadiums as opposed to clean independent apartments and warm homes waiting to help. I THINK FEMA HAS THEIR PRIORITIES MIXED UP.

Will FEMA and other officials be roiling in scandal when they begin to answer some questions? CIA leak probe may be nearing end game: lawyers An excerpt: FITZGERALD'S END GAME?

Several lawyers involved in the case say Fitzgerald was likely to wrap up his inquiry this fall, if not sooner, though they say they have not heard from his office in weeks. The outcome could have political implications for Bush, whose approval ratings are already the lowest of his presidency.

This may very well take care of the whole mess of them.... Be sure to read the 83 page opinion issued by The US Court of Appeals (D.C. Circuit),IN RE: GRAND JURY SUBPOENA, JUDITH MILLER. Remember, that paperwork is for real...,1,2576935.story Some Iraq Projects Running Out of Money, U.S. Says Work will be stopped on some utility plants, officials tell lawmakers, because security costs are depleting funds.

Just another reason to end the madness now....we cannot afford not to. Nixes Grassroots Radio Station for Hurricane Evacuees -Bureaucracy KO's info source at the Astrodome.

Alrighty, then...what's up with this, FEMA? You have evacuees, not prisoners....

And one more.... BUSH PLAYED GUITAR WHILE NEW ORLEANS DROWNED- The complete story with links, of what really happened when Hurricane Katrina hit. Take a look at the satellite images linked to Global Security, from the damages sustained.

This is funny... Jon Stewart, talking to Samantha Bee, on "The Daily Show":

Stewart: "Alright, Sam, one last question: The president has vowed to personally lead the investigation into the government's failed response to Katrina. Isn't that a job someone else should be doing?"

Bee: "Not at all, Jon. To truly find out what went wrong, it's important for an investigator to have a little distance from the situation. And it's hard to get any more distant from it than the president was last week."

In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot. ~Mark Twain, Notebook, 1935

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