Friday, September 30, 2005

Neeerrrrmmmm....Do You Hear That Sound Off in the Distance? The Kamikaze Pilot is Coming in for a Landing....

Incoming for a crash landing, stay out of his way!

They don't understand how this can be happening to them as it has always worked out OK before....but that was just a little business trouble and DUI's-not a big deal when you are so well connected.

NOTE: D.C. Protest photo's bottom of page

A big check from Dad won't help anyone out of this mess. That was before people started dying; when it was this governments responsibility to keep them safe.

Ditto not sending our soldiers carelessly, into invalid wars.

Although most people have evolved enough not to buy into this adage, it's been said that "War is capitalism with the gloves off." Dubya believed himself to be a Corporate Warrior, one too many times-to the peril of this nation. He was a failed businessman several times over-so it should not be a surprise he failed as a War president also..War is so much more than capitalism with the gloves off,really... Dubya did not study war, he studied business, if he studied at all- same as the rest of his neocon friends.

Famous Prussian military strategist Karl con Clausewitz said there were two kinds of war, "one to overthrow the enemy, the other to gain land." Which kind do you think the planners of the war upon Iraq had in mind? Perhaps we will all know very soon, once and for all, the answer to that. And the sicko's who authorized the rape of children in the Abu Ghraib prison shame (according to Seymour Hersh)? Prison terms all around, for those who ordered the methods used and those who used them. That is an American shame that cannot be ignored. There is no way to make this right, not ever. The penalty for such behavior should be harsh and swift. Take them away from Prissy's sight forever more...

Oh Dears, not to worry-there are plenty of folks ready to step in at a moments notice. We love our country and it is only proper that we begin to make up for the horrible wrongs done to so many others, in the name of this War On Terror. The neoRepublican power grab is beginning to crack, soon the whole facade will fall away...

What is ironic, is the WOT threats were so blown out of proportion in comparison to very real threats; hurricanes of Level 5 intensity in New Orleans. Even NBC is reporting information about the levee problem was brought the attention of officials in the 1990's. There is little excuse for the lack of response from FEMA, a federal agency whose very existence is disaster and emergency relief.

How dare the horse trader defend the lame response which caused so much unnecessary human misery. It is difficult to count the deaths, worldwide that have been caused by inaction or reaction of the current political climate in Washington. It's very odd that these same people claim to be "pro-life" . Their "pro-life" stance is just another ruse. Like saying they are Christians-saying it doesn't make it so... Prissy thinks they just want mommies to breed more soldiers for them....They are unaware of the global women's club, "I will not teach my child to kill your child". HA.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world or can if they so choose. We can raise Spartans or Scientists. Killers or Scholars. Capitalistic pirates who create social and economic upheaval or Social entrepreneurs that devise solutions to such complexities. We can decide this and indeed that is power, more than a neoRepublican will ever know. Though a daddies large tender hand is a wonderful thing, we all know which hand it is that rocks that cradle much of the time; especially in a neoRepublican constructed world...

So much for their plan to rule the world. Our plan is to strip them of their power, legally of course.

We are not worried about the likes of Karen Hughes and Tranny-Annie Coulter-there have always been desperate women willing to sell out other women, just to be a part of the boys' club. They think they got ahead because they are special, unaware they have been played like a fiddle. There are far more of us, including America's strong, decent men , than there are of them.

Prissy says soon, a guard will tell them to brush their teeth and lights out.......then we can all breath the sweet air of freedom once again in the United States of America. They have certainly left quite a mess for the rest of us to clean up.....

Hot Links The Washington Post- 3 Charged in Killing Of Fla. Businessman Boulis Slain After 2000 Abramoff Deal

Exerpt: Fort Lauderdale police said yesterday that they charged three men in the 2001 gangland-style slaying of a Florida businessman who was gunned down in his car months after selling a casino cruise line to a group that included Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Konstantinos "Gus" Boulis was killed on a Fort Lauderdale street on Feb. 6, 2001. Two of the three men charged had been hired as consultants by Adam Kidan, one of Abramoff's partners in the SunCruz Casinos venture.

Yes, they are scary people... Reuters-US trying to understand Iraq insurgency -Negroponte

Oh boy.....An excerpt-"It's a very, very difficult issue," Negroponte told an audience of intelligence officials in Washington.

"There's no analytical issue that is more important, no intelligence issue more important, than understanding the nature of the insurgency in all of its aspects.

Alrighty many times must Prissy tell them? It works like this-you up the ante, they up the ante, you up the ante, they up the ante and so on and so forth until so many people are dead there is no one left to fight.

Got it? It is referred to as a "systematic cycle of unending violence." The Army calls it "the Pillsbury dough boy effect"-squeeze them in one corner and they just show up someplace else to fight another day.

Containment and political and or diplomatic solutions are the only proven methods. Respect for other cultures would also be a good start... Executive Intelligence Review-Oct. 8 ,2004. (Interesting cast of characters,considering recent indictments)Senator Conrad Hits DeLay in Indian Affairs Hearings on Abramoff Looting Peoples Weekly World Newspaper Online- ‘Stop this war’ -An Excerpt:

“We’re in the middle of the tunnel and we don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel,” said a veteran of the U.S. Army 16th Brigade just back from Iraq and expecting to return for a second tour in January.

Nancy Lessin, cofounder of Military Families Speak Out, told the World, “This is the largest contingent of military families ever assembled to speak out against a war. We have 250 families from 42 states and the District of Columbia. We’re joining together with Gold Star parents and Veterans for Peace to say: ‘Bring them home now, take care of them when they get home and never ever send our loved ones off to a war based on lies.’”

Prissy concurs. Rep Conyers On The Arrest Of Antiwar Protesters PrissyBalls for politicians at

We shall all burst into a round or two of "God Bless America" when this is all over....

The Prissy Patriot will return Sunday

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