Wednesday, September 28, 2005

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Prissy always could tell when Dubya was lying. That "gift" comes from working with juvenile delinquent boys.....most of them were not as bad as Dubya.



Hot new read-this author was in D.C. so Prissy was lucky enough to get it signed.

MOTIVE,MEANS and OPPORTUNITY-Probable cause for indicting George W. Bush, his sponsors, and aides for the attack of September 11, 2001. By Mamadou Chinyelu, author of Harlem Ain't Nothin' But A Third World Country, Debunking the Bell Curve and Scientific Racism amongst others. Also wrote The Consequences of Believing Your Own Propaganda. Prissy met this guy and he's a smart,clear-eyed thinker... from the book cover below:

Prissy's Whopper of the Day:

The hijackers also left no paper trail. In our investigation, we have not uncovered a single piece of paper-either here in the U.S. or in the treasure trove of information that has turned up in Afghanistan and elsewhere-that mentioned any aspect of the September 11th plot. The highjackers had no computers, no laptops, no storage media of any kind. They used hundreds of different pay phones and cell phones, often with prepaid calling cards that are extremely difficult to trace. And they made sure that all the money sent to them to fund their attacks was wired in small amounts to avoid detection."

-FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III, San Francisco-April 19,2002

Prissy thinks being into corruption must be a prerequisite for the neoRepublicans of today's party. Why bother to hire a straight shooter? Just one more problem for them to smear later....Army Rule- When the hole starts caving in around you, stop digging.....

Hot Links says U.S. troops obstruct reporting of Iraq- Prissy says WHY??? Pentagon begins review of law on military's domestic role,0,3113695,print.story?coll=ny-leadnationalnews-headlines NY Newsday-Atta known to Pentagon before 9/11 RAW Story-Democrat accuses Park police chief of mistreating peace protesters

This was unnecessary, what a disappointment that these officers do not understand the concept of civil disobedience. Handcuffing someone's Granny for 12 hours when they are no threat, smacks of intimidation. The situation has gone far enough to require these kinds of events.Children with Peace sign in D.C.Protest sign.Near Washington monument.

And One More....

From May 2005. Prissy thinks we shall be hearing a lot more from these parents. She heard they have figured out this war was a big con job on the American people. Look for them to come out swinging..... Why Pat Tillman's Parents Are No Longer Silent

An excerpt:

Mary Tillman, like her ex-husband and son, a fiercely private person, spoke with a frankness that should put dissembling military planners to shame. "It makes you feel like you're losing your mind in a way," she said. "You imagine things. When you don't know the truth, certain details can be blown out of proportion. The truth may be painful, but it's the truth. You start to contrive all these scenarios that could have taken place because they just kept lying. If you feel you're being lied to, you can never put it to rest."

Now the Tillmans, consciously or not, are lending their voice to a growing chorus of military family members determined to speak out against this war. New organizations, like Gold Star Mothers for Peace and Military Families Speak Out, are made up of people handling their grief by refusing to be political props and instead making a country bear witness to their pain.

The politicians work for us. Prissy hopes the Tillman family will give them no rest. There are plenty of good folks who will support them in their quest for truth. Prissy hopes they reach out to other military families, as they will be embraced in our common betrayal. Senator McCain should be ashamed of himself for using this story when it met neoRepublican needs.


Zizzy Baluba said...

While lying is endemic among politicians, this administration has raised it to an artform.

The Prissy Patriot said...


I could not agree more....

Thank you for writing.