Friday, September 09, 2005

Want REAL News? Best of Prissy Today

Websites to keep you informed

The New American Main Stream Media US new site a composite of news from all over the world and commentary- very informative -Best site for uncensored news on the web USA- progressive news for the loyal opposition International news "The new mainstream media" World news and its effects on the economy Independent media center-worldwide posts-the FBI raided their servers, took their hard drives-and gave them back, with no explanation-Thanks to W and the so-called "Patriot Act"- they don't have to explain Informative US site News you can use War, politics and culture Unconventional wisdom since 1865 This site displayed the coffin photos that were banned by the Bush Administration The most up to date news on the web

Foreign Papers With American News in English First Turkish newspaper online- in English Russian news paper-read the article on the suppression of civil rights in America! Israel newspaper online Online Australian news British Broadcasting Co. of United Kingdom-some say not much better than our media anymore... Scotland newspaper-with American news

More "fair and balanced" than FOX, despite Rumsfield claims of propaganda, which they ALL use to some extent. And NO, the Editorial page generally is not in America's favor. But eventually this news will make it to CNN -White House is just angry because they cannot "vet" them....the WH attempted to force the sale of al-Jazeera news in Qatar, a Democracy. Can we sue the media for telling us half-truths? British online newspaper - a "rightie" - George Galloway successfully sued them when they accused him of getting kickbacks in the UN Oil-for- Food. Noticed Sen. Coleman failed to mention this....from the look on Coleman’s face, he could not believe someone had the nerve to stand there and tell the truth in such a manner to…. Well, THEN! Go Mr. Galloway!! British online newspaper - a "leftie" British conservative publication, that nonetheless, published the famous "Downing Street Memo/Minutes"

Intelligence News USA- Center for Defense Information-founded in 1972 by former intelligence and military officials Prissy considers this a good source of "food for thought"-probably written by a lawyer/analyst who obviously cares a great deal about America and the Constitution. Offers real suggestions on how to turn this ship around... Read the actual Judith Miller Grand Jury subpoena. Then try to tell Prissy that Prosecutor Fitzgerald has no case against these lame leaders.... Non-profit European news dedicated to democracy, non-partisan The Center for American Progress is a nonpartisan research and educational institute Independent journalism news site

http:// Too bad W didn't check this before he invaded Iraq- offers facts about every country in the world-population, literacy rates, ect. News you won't find on Fox OR CNN Intelligence news trusted since 1898- 180 countries rely on info from Janes. Some articles are free, others paid. Good stuff. Military News Iraq Veterans Against the War- Prissy met some of these tough soldiers in Crawford-these guys mean business. Info on G.I. rights for American soldiers Military Families Speak Out-Contrary to popular belief, huge numbers of military families and soldiers DO NOT support Bush's war Hear it from American soldiers who have been there- the war in Iraq Opinion and News for military folks Gold Star Families for Peace co-founded by Cindy Sheehan, mother of Casey, KIA in Iraq. Casey died wearing a Vietnam era flack vest. Prissy says this is simply not an acceptable way to fight in a war of choice.

The wealthiest country in the world sent our youth into this war wearing armor older than they are. Prissy will be the first to say at least armor wise, the troops are better off now than the first soldiers going in...

Republicans ,Prissy holds your feet to the fire on this one-or does your heart only extend to your own families? These soldiers are part of our American family... You have no shame, but Prissy will give you some anyway … you see, Prissy and the others are embarrassed for Granny says, "Because they don't have enough sense to be embarrassed for themselves.” That and they hate to admit they were terribly, horribly wrong, regardless of whom dies for their mistake. You know their blood will not be spilled… Policy and Voting News After Downing Street Memo-Flashback: War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal (Richard Perle, of course)Thursday November 20, 2003

http://www.opensecrets.orgDedicated to the American democratic right to our vote matter All About Iraq Future of Iraq portal- includes many other websites Girl Blog from Iraq... let's talk war, politics and occupation -not updated daily, due to conditions in Iraq News from the world news network

Misc Independent site dedicated to social justice

- Pro-choice campaign for women’s lives and privacy British new site and commentary- Read the "Voice of the White House" archives Sept 11th Analysis IRAQ AND VIETNAM: DIFFERENCES, SIMILARITIES, AND INSIGHTS and BOUNDING THE GLOBAL WAR ON TERRORISM-reports in PDF Leave No Child Behind Act-Requires secondary schools to give students names to military recruiters or face cut off Federal funds, as much as Prissy approves of and admires military service, she would prefer to call the recruiter herself....

Authorization for Use of Military force in Iraq Read carefully, then you decide if the requirements were fulfilled by this document....and if you happen to be a lawyer, please tell Prissy HOW they manage to wiggle away from this? (Note: You need not be a lawyer to understand the document, however)

The Patriot Act of 2001, District of Columbia v. Sibel Edmonds - Gag Order by the DOJ of Arabic interpreter and her claims against Ashcroft

Most of the above titled documents can be found by typing in their title into Google or other search engine- I recommend reading them directly from the governments own websites.

Transcripts of statements Bush has made (0020 Perrault c.)regarding the war and other topics can be found on the White House website.

Please pass these sites on to everyone you know! Take these for what you think they are worth-truth seems to be around if one knows where to look. All of these sites are for recommended reading and educational purposes only. Comments, questions, recommendations for other sites of interest? Email me:

For a good laugh read any of Scottie McClellon's " Avoid the Press Questions" also on the White House website...where as my Granny says, "The boy couldn't answer a question straight, to save his life."

More later......

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