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Dubya Plays the Blame Game- Not Me! Prissy Pulls Duty to the Guard

BREAKING NEWS....Dubya takes responsibility for Katrina fiasco...well,kinda. cnn.com

Dear Readers,

Today Prissy gives you all the proof you need to refute any msm stories they are still trying to spin. Listen to the neoRepublican spin-"It's the state's fault, it's the military's fault, it's the mayor's fault, it's the citizens fault." No. And stop squalling 9/11, 9/11, 9/11 everytime you get in trouble-that well has gone dry-it does not work anymore. It is like the little boy who cried wolf. This incompetence is the fault of one administration and its track record for a proven lack of planning skills which have repeatedly cost lives at home and abroad.

An Ohio housewife has better planning skills than the fools who keep getting a free ride on the backs of American taxpayers and our military-and now-the citizens of New Orleans. Call them on it, it's the only way they will learn....this is why Katrina happened. Not because we were not aware it could happen, but because the proper planning was not done to reduce the risk to the population. Not at any level-except from the local, state and military authorities. Be thankful for our international neighbors, too-see below.

Although the insurance agencies call it an act of God, the aftermath can be called nothing less than inaction by the United States government. In previous administrations this would have landed squarely onto the Commander in Chief's desk.

Not anymore. Now what should be considered a national security issue is treated more like Volleyball, the trick being for the baffoons to keep the ball in the air. No accountibility as long as they could do it. Any round of questions by the press or public became a game in circular logic. The force of Mother Nature herself blew bare their little game for all the world to see....Prissy here, paging ALL Superhero's....

Call to White House....Hello- Hello? Anyone there?

From Constant:

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Liberated Louisiana residents hoist Canadian flag Which military forces first liberated the Louisiana residents from Katrina? Canadian!

Thanks to the quick reaction of the Canadian Navy, some Louisiana residents have taken to hoisting the Maple Leaf.

It comes as a great surprise to many in the White House: "Where was DoD"?

The world learns once again: The Americans remain clueless.

If you need real help, don't bother with Washington, call Toronto.

Canada's flag flies over free Louisiana.

Created: Monday, September 12, 2005, at 05:29:55 EDT MSNBC Has President Bush done enough now to silence his critics over action on Hurricane Katrina? Yes 20% 1786 votes No 80% 6943 votes Total: 8729 votes

From Frontline-a conservative financial planner's site:

I received a news letter from John Mauldin, and therein was found the following from a Brigadier General in the National Guard. Note the reasons for the lack of an organized response to the Katrina Crisis, and remember who is ultimately to blame. To the best of my knowledge, Brown didn’t slash his own FEMA budget or alter FEMA’s mission away from preparedness (that was Chertoff’s doing), and Brown didn’t send 80% of the National Guard to Iraq either, did he Mr. Bush?

Brown is guilty as sin and needs to be fired, but so do Chertoff and Bush.

Dear Mr. Mauldin,

I command a Maneuver Enhancement Brigade in the New Mexico Army National Guard.

I understand your frustration and perhaps anger at the seemingly slow response to the disaster in New Orleans and Mississippi.

Let me offer a re-cap from a soldier’s perspective.

First, New Mexico Guardsmen arrived in Louisiana on Friday. It’s important that you understand that over 80 percent of the New Mexico National Guard has been deployed. Many of our soldiers who are now trying to restore order in the Superdome have already been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, or the National Capital Region in D.C. They volunteered for this duty…as they volunteered after 9-11.

Next, please recall the first two days following Katrina there was very little visibility regarding the extent of the damage. We were flying blind with little or no communication. Nonetheless, my Adjutant General put us all on alert (without orders) with the quote, “I am not going to sit around and let Americans die, while we wait for orders.” Thus, we started getting ready.

At this exact same time, my brigade was deploying soldiers to Iraq and we were trying to get them out the door with all their equipment, records, medical supplies, etc. That mission could not be put on the back burner. We have Americans dying in Iraq, too.

Then, we found out the news that set us back two days — we couldn’t simply send our remaining soldiers to Louisiana, because there was no command center or means of support. Our soldiers had to take everything they needed to sustain themselves for 10-14 days on the ground. We were told, “If you don’t bring it, you don’t get it.”

The reason for this was a good portion of the Louisiana Guard was also currently deployed the Mid-East, so those who were left behind were short on both personnel and equipment. They had no support to offer any incoming troops.

Mr. Mauldin, sending troops can be done quickly. Creating a supply line — sending soldiers with Humvees, water, MRE’s, Deet, tents, weapons, ammo, commo, updated shots, and everything it takes to support a battalion takes a little planning. Do it wrong and you are more of a hindrance than a help. The staff and soldiers of the New Mexico National Guard worked around the clock to make a rapid deployment possible.

Bringing soldiers from Farmington to Las Cruces (after they have been released by their employers (hopefully), and getting their families squared away) takes time. We got the official go-ahead on Thursday. Friday morning our soldiers were gone. I couldn’t be prouder.

Beyond this, we coordinated transportation with our Air National Guard brethren who came through like champs. We do not have air lift capability organic to NM. Therefore, the good men and women of Kansas, Delaware, South Dakota, and Arizona came to our assistance. Yes, our soldiers traveled in KC135 refueling vehicles instead of the preferred C-130s. But the Air Guard got us there and even made multiple runs to make sure we got everything on the ground that we needed. Meanwhile, the “Red Chile Express” is convoying across your great State of Texas at this moment to make sure we can sustain our soldiers for what looks like the long haul.

Right now, I have soldiers defending the National Capital Region as Air Defenders. Many of the soldiers who just got back from Iraq volunteered to go to New Orleans and place their “boots are on the ground” or in the water as the case may be. Plus, we have soldiers in route back to Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh, and Kosovo is next for more of our soldiers before year end. One last thing: my soldiers also have civilian jobs and usually take pay cuts (or risk losing their jobs despite legislations that supposedly protects them) when they deploy.

My guess is that any soldier in any state could write this same basic letter to you. We are all stretched thin.

So, forgive me if I sound a little testy. Still, I felt compelled to defend my soldiers, their admirable performance, and amazing sense of duty. If you knew them as I know them your chest would swell with pride.

Gregory Zanetti

Brigadier General

Commander, 111th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

From info@FrontlineThoughts.com source of your quote and an email address (John@FrontlineThoughts.com)

There you have it readers, no more of Dubya pointing in everyone else's direction to blame. But keep your eye on him-his numbers are down. Bullies and spoiled children get angry and throw tantrums when things are not going well or must listen others "tryin' to tell ME what to do".

Dubya is sapping America's strength. Those unwilling to admit what he has done to this nation and the world wouldn't admit they were wrong most likely about anything; regardless of the cost to them. That is not love for your country, only for yourself and foolish false pride.

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armytimes.com/story.php?f=1-213101-1033719.php Army Times- More about the above Guard unit-National Guard members prepare for Iraq

lewrockwell.com/roberts/roberts121.html Lew Rockwell- From Federal Failure Arises More Federal Power-by Paul Craig Roberts-Former Asst to Treasury in Reagan adminstration.

Never before has federal funding for work by the US Corps of Engineers on the New Orleans levees and for the congressionally authorized Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project (SELA) been curtailed in the face of dire expert warnings of the consequence.

The Department of Homeland Security and FEMA knew days in advance that Hurricane Katrina was threatening the Gulf coast of the US. Yet, the normal advance preparations were not undertaken.

At the request of the Louisiana governor, President Bush declared a federal emergency for Louisiana on Saturday August 27 prior to Katrina’s arrival in New Orleans on the following Monday. The declaration specifically authorized FEMA "to identify, mobilize, and provide at its discretion, equipment and resources necessary to alleviate the impacts of the emergency." However, FEMA took no action until 3 days after the hurricane, delaying the arrival of effective help until 5 days after 80% of New Orleans was under water.

Compare this inexplicable delay with the rapid response to the last Florida hurricanes.

counterpunch.org/whitney09012005.html How Rumsfeld Smashed the National Guard Hurrican Donald-By MIKE WHITNEY

"Free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things. For suddenly the biggest problem in the world to be looting is really notable." Sec-Def Donald Rumsfeld 4-11-03; comments on the looting of Baghdad.

Excerpt: In Pennsylvania Rumsfeld tried to "dissolve the Pennsylvania Air National Guard division without the Governor's authority". (Ass Press) Why? The move was a conspicuous attempt to undermine Pennsylvania's defenses and put more power under the direct control of the Defense Dept.

chillicothegazette.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050912/NEWS01/509120306/1002 From the Chillicothe (OH) Gazette-Support for Bush reaches low among central Ohioans Approval down 20 percent in past two years

counterpunch.org/roberts09032005.html Paul Craig Roberts-for Counterpunch-Failure on Every Front-Impeach Bush Now, Before More Die-An Excerpt

Bush's single-minded focus on the "war against terrorism" has compounded a natural disaster and turned it into the greatest calamity in American history. The US has lost its largest and most strategic port, thousands of lives, and 80% of one of America's most historic cities is under water.

news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20050913/ap_on_go_pr_wh/katrina_bush;_ylt=AmSPQKw8JrcVLgmq0fgTrQkGw_IE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3OXIzMDMzBHNlYwM3MDM- Bush Denies Racial Component to Response -

No Mr. President, and there is no gender component to divorce.....Someone make him stop.

bushville.org/andsoitbegins.htm Remember the stories about "Hooverville" on the White House lawn? This is Bushville, for victims of Hurricane Katrina, they will also be coming to the September 24th protest in Washington D.C. They remind us:

Hoovervilles – 1929 – 40’s Villages of homeless that appeared following the Great Depression.

Bonus Army – June 17th, 1932 Group of about 20,000 WWI veterans, their families, and other affiliated groups, who demonstrated in DC during the spring and summer of 32 for promised benefits for WWI service.

And One Place the money went...

onlinejournal.com/Special_Reports/091105Leopold/091105leopold.html Online Journal-Special Report

Excerpt:FEMA Director Brown paid millions to Florida residents unaffected by '04 hurricanes to help Bush win majority of votes there

Political Humor Bill Maher (who isn't always funny): George of the Bungle Mocking President Bush for general ineptitude, comedian Bill Maher delivered a funny rant as part of his "New Rules" segment on HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher":

"Seriously, Mr. President, this job can't be fun for you anymore. There's no more money to spend; you used up all of that. You can't start another war because you also used up the army. And now, darn the luck, the rest of your term has become the Bush family nightmare: helping poor people."

Later this week on Prissy Patriot.....Right Wing Red Neck White Collar and the Apologies they owe.....

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