Sunday, September 04, 2005

Just What Kind of America is This?

Unlike Bush and all of our other so-called representatives- when Prissy goes to the grocery, Family Dollar, CVS and other little stores, she actually talks to people. They are not even people others may think know anything of value; clerks making $7.00 per hour, mothers trying to stretch the household budget further...the same folks disenfranchised by the "voting" system here in Ohio.

Prissy even talks to the Bushies, who voted for him against their own self-interests. You see, they thought Dubya was a "regular Joe"; they thought he cared about them. They erroneously assumed, that Dubya is the kind of president you could have a beer with-apparently overlooking that he is actually an alcoholic...

Hurricane Katrina has opened their eyes. They now know that their beloved Dubya really thinks people who are not of "his class" are completely expendable. In fact, one may even be led to think he is purposely allowing low-income people to die based on the non-response of Federal relief agencies in Mississippi and Louisiana. There is no excuse for the time it has taken, just for people to receive clean drinking water. No wonder the Iraqis want us to leave. They think this government is highly inefficient and now so does New Orleans. This is Dubya's government....

Do not be fooled by stories of National Guard playing cards while folks died-ask the Guard why they were being kept OUT of New Orleans by "concerned" officials.....Ask the Guard why it took them so long to get there-they only go when and where they are told to go. One must look higher, much higher up the chain for a truthful answer.

The mainstream media and their pampered reporters have stopped giving Dubya a free "press pass" and nearly wrecked this country in the process. Perhaps they realize they have compromised our national security. The public no longer trusts them and rightfully so.

Perhaps the corporate media realized this: Even rich folks know their own babies cannot drink money when their government's sluggish response to a natural and predicted catastrophe allows poor babies and children to die from a lack of clean drinking water. No Mr. Bush, you do not understand. There has been no time in your life when sacrifice was expected of you. Never.

Team Bush does not "understand" or do they care Americans are dying in the streets of New Orleans. It does not matter to them that New Orleans looks more similar to the streets of Haiti than a part of the United States of America. Bush and cronies simply cannot go on letting the government run itself , they must be held accountable for the unreasonable deaths and destruction, which took place in New Orleans and Iraq. A coordinated response by FEMA for 911, but not for an expected Hurricane?

Some would love to lie this in the lap of the military. Do not even try; is Prissy's unsolicited advice. As we speak, Prissy is compiling stats to show the lies about how many troops have been sent to New Orleans. The numbers do not add up, as usual by Dubya and friends calculations. Tell the people the truth Dubya and buddies; there was no response because there were not enough local troops to do the job.

For the head of the Ohio National Guard to comment, "We have 80% of troops available to us" is implausible. Yes, "available" if you pull them out of Iraq. This perhaps explains why the Guard has removed the lists of deployed troops from most states websites. In May, a local representative corrected Prissy when she mentioned only 17% of ONG was left in Ohio. More like 12%, he said. One larger activated unit returned from Kosovo just months ago. Yes, that is correct-Kosovo. The Guard should always stay home-obviously we need them. It is clearly the misuse of our military which has cost us the deaths in the Hurricane and Iraq. That and the cutting of funds meant to protect the Gulf Coast.

Prissy loves their little neoRepublican word games of the maybes, possibly, knowns and unknown unknowns- look how effective they have been so far. Telling people a drink of water is on the way when it is not and they are literally dying of thirst, causes a loss in credibility. Someone needs to tell them this. (That is our job) You see, many people refer to their little word plays, as "BS"...or Bull Feathers, as Granny says...

America is on her knees; Dubya either does not care, or wants her there. Act like an American and get up!!! Tell them ALL this is unacceptable in America and they will be looking for new jobs, just as soon as we can replace them. No, Prissy is not running, so they only need worry about her critique of them. You see it is justice she seeks and Prissy is finding she is more representative of how We the People are thinking-she promises to let Congress know this.

Did you hear they are not coming back to D.C. until Oct 6? However, they had to return for a quick signature on the Hurricane Prissy will update you if this changes. Yes, the little fraidy cats heard Prissy and friends were coming to visit them. They can avoid We the People coming to D.C. September 24th. They do not want to squirm in their chairs while Prissy politely interrogates them. Nevertheless, it is in PowerPoint for their viewing pleasure!

Not to worry, for we shall make it for another time soon. Write to Prissy if there is anything you think they need to know. Prissy would be happy to pass along your messages! Offer to write letters for those without internet-all voices are so important. International readers comments WELCOME. This ship of fools needs to know it DOES matter what the world thinks...

As of September 4, 2005, The Prissy Patriot has been translated into thirteen languages, including French, Dutch, German, Arabic, Japanese, Korean and Italian. About 83% of readers are fellow Americans from all 50 states, 10% of Prissy Patriot readers are European, 4% Canadian, 2% Asia, 2% Australia. Thank you, dear readers!

Hot Links,1872,2370043,00.html ZDF Germany- Look how Germans see Hurricane Katrina and our relief efforts. The video is interesting, although not in English - hurricane victims are of course making comments in English. The still pictures in the side bar speak all languages. Tim Russert interviews on Meet the Press.

MR. RUSSERT: And we are back. Jefferson Parish President Broussard, let me start with you. You just heard the director of Homeland Security's explanation of what has happened this last week. What is your reaction?

MR. AARON BROUSSARD: We have been abandoned by our own country. Hurricane Katrina will go down in history as one of the worst storms ever to hit an American coast, but the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina will go down as one of the worst abandonments of Americans on American soil ever in U.S. history. I am personally asking our bipartisan congressional delegation here in Louisiana to immediately begin congressional hearings to find out just what happened here. Why did it happen? Who needs to be fired? And believe me, they need to be fired right away, because we still have weeks to go in this tragedy. We have months to go. We have years to go. And whoever is at the top of this totem pole, that totem pole needs to be chain-sawed off and we've got to start with some new leadership.

It's not just Katrina that caused all these deaths in New Orleans here. Bureaucracy has committed murder here in the greater New Orleans area, and bureaucracy has to stand trial before Congress now. It's so obvious. FEMA needs more congressional funding. It needs more presidential support. It needs to be a Cabinet-level director. It needs to be an independent agency that will be able to fulfill its mission to work in partnership with state and local governments around America.

FEMA needs to be empowered to do the things it was created to do. It needs to come somewhere, like New Orleans, with all of its force immediately, without red tape, without bureaucracy, act immediately with common sense and leadership, and save lives. Forget about the property. We can rebuild the property. It's got to be able to come in and save lives. We need strong leadership at the top of America right now in order to accomplish this and to-- reconstructing FEMA.

MR. RUSSERT: Mr. Broussard, let me ask--I want to ask--should...

MR. BROUSSARD: You know, just some quick examples...

MR. RUSSERT: Hold on. Hold on, sir. Shouldn't the mayor of New Orleans and the governor of New Orleans bear some responsibility? Couldn't they have been much more forceful, much more effective and much more organized in evacuating the area?

MR. BROUSSARD: Sir, they were told like me, every single day, "The cavalry's coming," on a federal level, "The cavalry's coming, the cavalry's coming, the cavalry's coming." I have just begun to hear the hoofs of the cavalry. The cavalry's still not here yet, but I've begun to hear the hoofs, and we're almost a week out.

Let me give you just three quick examples. We had Wal-Mart deliver three trucks of water, trailer trucks of water. FEMA turned them back. They said we didn't need them. This was a week ago. FEMA--we had 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel on a Coast Guard vessel docked in my parish. The Coast Guard said, "Come get the fuel right away." When we got there with our trucks, they got a word. "FEMA says don't give you the fuel." Yesterday--yesterday--FEMA comes in and cuts all of our emergency communication lines. They cut them without notice. Our sheriff, Harry Lee, goes back in, he reconnects the line. He posts armed guards on our line and says, "No one is getting near these lines." Sheriff Harry Lee said that if America--American government would have responded like Wal-Mart has responded, we wouldn't be in this crisis.

But I want to thank Governor Blanco for all she's done and all her leadership. She sent in the National Guard. I just repaired a breach on my side of the 17th Street canal that the secretary didn't foresee, a 300-foot breach. I just completed it yesterday with convoys of National Guard and local parish workers and levee board people. It took us two and a half days working 24/7. I just closed it.

Americans, culture of life conservatives especially, is this acceptable to you? Hold them accountable, it is their job and they have failed. Fire them now,for there are far better leaders out there-at least a million of them.

Call them, tell Dubya what you think: Ask for the White House switchboard It's 1-202-456-1414- Remember, these people work for us. As Cindy Sheehan says "We are their employers and it is time for their employee review".

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