Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Prissy Catches MSM Telling the Truth

Dear Readers, They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a picture and a small caption says it all. Take a look at this sure to be a classic in future American history texts.

Granny and Auntie M tell Prissy they have never seen such debauchery in their 73 and 84 years, respectively. They are specifically referring to a presidential cabinet who appears to do as they please and are accountable to no one-not the Congress, not We the People, not even the Constitution. How long will this continue? Surely they know, as the rest of us do that it musn't continue much longer, because Americans are suffering greatly. The oppression in America is thick. However, we shall peaceably overcome....

nytimes.com/2005/09/19/politics/19sheehan.html NYT- Mother Who Lost Son in Iraq Continues Fight Against War- Excerpt:

Cindy Sheehan, the mother of an American soldier killed in Iraq, last night brought her campaign to end the war to New York, where she accused Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of not doing enough to challenge the Bush administration's Iraq policies.

Speaking in front of more than 500 supporters in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, Ms. Sheehan, speaking of Senator Clinton, said, "She knows that the war is a lie but she is waiting for the right time to say it." Then, as the crowd cheered, she issued a challenge to Senator Clinton, saying, "You say it or you are losing your job."

A spokesman for Senator Clinton, while not commenting about Ms. Sheehan's remarks, said that the senator, while voting to give President Bush the authority to go to war, has been very critical of the way he has chosen to use that authority.

Senator Clinton spoke during Prissy's college graduation and what a treat. Of course, that was long before 911, the Patriot Act and Iraq. Cindy is correct- that Senator Clinton is "critical" of how the president used his authority means nothing. Clinton failed to ask the right questions before the war; despite having access to classified information.

Forgiving a husband for his wrongs was her personal business; but forgiving and ignoring a presidents' neglect of his country and their needs is our business....ALL representatives owe the public some explanations-not just team Bush.

More about Cindy and the battle for free speech in America.... constantpated.blogspot.com/2005/09/nypd-back-to-its-old-tricks-shuts-down.html

NYPD back to its old tricks, shuts down Cindy Sheehan -From Constant who always cites his stuff...Cindy Sheehan had her NYC protest shut down. 13th Precinct Commander Inspector Michael McEnroy wants us to believe that he wasn't censoring content.

I find his statement incredibly laughable.

Let's consider McEnroy's apparent veracity problem.

govexec.com/story_page.cfm?articleid=32266&dcn=todaysnews Government Executive Magazine-Sept 20-Excerpts:

David Safavian, who was chief of procurement policy in the Bush administration's Office of Management and Budget until late last week, was arrested Monday on charges of making false statements and obstructing a federal investigation.

During his confirmation hearings for his position as OFPP chief, Safavian said he worked as a lobbyist and consultant for a variety of organizations, including the Embassy of Pakistan, Microsoft and several Native American groups.

Safavian also has strong ties to Capitol Hill. Before joining GSA, he served as chief of staff to Rep. Chris Cannon, R-Utah, and also has worked for former Michigan House members William Schuette and Robert Davis, both Republicans.

Another one of Dubya's hand "picks" for a job. Granny says "birds of a feather, stick together." Hmmm, a chief of procurement policy- would he have something to do with a "no-bid" contract policy? Prissy thinks Bunny could answer that question.....

One more reason our international neighbors think the US has fallen in with Commander Coo-Coo Bananas....


Tons of British aid donated to help Hurricane Katrina victims to be BURNED by Americans-From Ryan Parry, US Correspondent in New York

Excerpt: HUNDREDS of tons of British food aid shipped to America for starving Hurricane Katrina survivors is to be burned. US red tape is stopping it from reaching hungry evacuees.Instead tons of the badly needed Nato ration packs, the same as those eaten by British troops in Iraq, has been condemned as unfit for human consumption.

That's our Dubya, always slapping the hand of goodwill and charity.....


Executive Intelligence Review-Sept.16, 2005.

CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE: Timeline:Hurricane Katrina Actions,Non-Actions

Excerpt:Aug. 26: Katrina grows to a Category 2 hurricane with 90 knot (103 mph) winds, predicted to veer north and west toward Mississippi and Louisiana. Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco declares a state of emergency.

Bush remains on vacation at Crawford, Tex.

Aug. 27: National Hurricane Center staff fully brief Bush Administration officials on impending dangers—including the likely breach of the levees. NOAA: "Dangerous Hurricane Katrina threatens north central Gulf Coast ... Hurricane Warning issued." Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour declares a state of emergency and asks President Bush to do the same and free up Federal resources. Governor Blanco writes to President Bush, asking for Federal declaration of emergency and Federal assistance.

Bush remains on vacation at Crawford, Texas

There's more...Bush has cake with McCain (it was his birthday and they are best friends?) and then played guitar with a country music singer. Important stuff like this while New Orleans was in a state of emergency. This is why, dear readers, some may complain the president and his people were "criminally negligent".....as opposed to purposeful indifference.

Here is a bright ray of hope...those rabid neoRepublicans don't call him the "breck girl" for nothing...they are "just jealous", as Granny tells us. From the man who will make a much better president than Kerry or Bush...

desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050919/NEWS09/509190332/1056 Edwards criticizes Katrina response, assistance plans

Excerpt: "All these people who lost their jobs, lost their homes, how about if we let them rebuild their own city, pay them a decent wage and give them decent benefits?" Edwards said to more than 1,200 party activists who attended Sen. Tom Harkin's annual steak fry in Indianola.

The 2004 vice-presidential nominee criticized Bush for, immediately after the storm, suspending the federal law that requires government contractors to pay the region's prevailing wage, arguing construction companies rebuilding the Gulf Coast would pay workers too little. Edwards said Bush's plan to deposit cash assistance into victims' bank accounts shows that the president fails to understand the plight of the nation's poor.

"News bulletin, Mr. President. They don't have bank accounts," Edwards said.

There he goes, making sense again....no wonder the neoRepublicans dislike him so. They may claim to construct reality, but John Edwards apparently lives in it...

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