Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Prissy Investigates...... A Case for Impeachment?

The MSM is beginning to catch up with the bloggers, finally. Apparently they are recognizing the public has little faith in what they print.

Prissy must say, in college she took a communications class which examined propaganda. Prissy learned there are only a few different kinds and the same ones are used over and over again by press and governments- almost always in dictator or tyrant ruled countries.

Think Libya and Mu'ammar and remember being repeatedly told that "we the United States of America, will not negotiate with terrorists. " Believe it or not, Mu'ammar was on just such a list since, oh my...he's been in charge there since 1969. Today Mu'ammar is encouraging Africa to "stand up" to the United States.

Prissy says perhaps you are thinking, " Oh Please Prissy, but must it be so obvious?" Let's look quickly at Libya to see just how obvious, as per Uncle Sam's own numbers : http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp? "Yes, Bush Lied" Oct 2003 World Net Daily

http://www.jihadunspun.com/intheatre_internal.php?article=103249&list=/home.php ZWEIFEL: We've Seen Enough To Impeach Bush

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