Monday, July 25, 2005

Bush Rules

Dear Readers,

By now, Prissy may have given you the impression that she thinks our President is incompetent. While this may indeed be the case, Prissy wishes to make it clear she did not always feel this way about Dubya. In 2000 she thought that the man with greater intelligence would be the best person for the job, but surely if Dubya won, it wasn't like he was going to destroy the whole country in a few short years, right?

Prissy approaches political elections as though she were hiring an individual to represent her. Are they smart and well- read? Is this person actually qualified to do the job? Do they get along well with others? Do they have a basic understanding of other cultures? Are they grounded in reality? Are they willing to learn ? Can they compromise? Are they willing to debate and engage other points of view?

Oh, and I'll add one more thing...Is this person a bully?

Is this person the best of what America has to put forth to the world and say "Here you have an American, and he's one of our best and brightest ."

When Dubya wasawarded the Presidency in 2000, Prissy was dismayed that the Supreme Court decided to stop the vote count. Why not finish? But she accepted the courts decision and on we went....then came September 11th. Prissy thought he seemed to rise to the occasion, though a couple of details seemed out of place....many details, in retrospect.

Then Dubya began to beat the war drum..OK, and away to Afghanistan we went. Prissy agreed, indeed, if they actually knew "who done it" by all means go and get him! Bring him in alive, so that he might stand trial in front of the world for his crimes....

They are sure he's the one, right? Why else would this country declare two wars simultaneously?

She didn't know three years later, women would still be beaten in the streets for not wearing a Burka or going out by themselves. Or that Osama would be made the ever elusive shadow boogie man, the bad guy we will always be after, but never catch..... ask the French why he hasn't been caught, they know....

Now we have Rovegate. Will the American people insist on boundaries to the Bush Administrations power and behavior? Are they willing to accede to the rule of one man and still claim they have a Democracy? Those are questions only a Bush fan can answer. I say fan, because at this point no Bush supporter is using logic or analysis, only rhetoric and emotion. Prissy stands on the side of the Democracy and the Constitution, not by the man....

Hot Links US accepts Polish plans to exit Iraq- AlJazeera.."Don't forget about Poland" From Korean Central News Agency -U.S. Urged to Sincerely Approach Six-Party Talks Prissy says look at this perfect example of propaganda laced news...why it's almost like reading the Post. Progress on Bolton Clear when Conservative Bloggers Pronounce the Nomination Dead-Steven Clemons The Next Hurrah- Today's Plame Leak Story-July 25,05 - Editor and Publisher, NBC, CNN excerpts Atty. Gen. Gonzales Responds to Frank Rich's '12-Hour Gap' Charge , Editor & Publisher...Prissy asks, Is this the best defense the Attorney General can come up with? Oh dear... From"I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it's hell." - Harry Truman . Waxman: 11 Security Breaches in Plame CaseFactsheet published today cites multiple administration leaks By: Rep. Henry Waxman Spokesman for S.C. governor arrested for Domestic Violence- Prissy says another fine example of a "modern" Republican, with the "power and control" problem....Police call them "wife-beaters"....Prissy prefers the "old" Republicans that think like this Marine commander. Prissy admires the commanders strong stance against wife-beaters, be they in Afghanistan or America....

According to an audio recording, Lt. Gen. James Mattis had said, "Actually, it's a lot of fun to fight. You know, it's a hell of a hoot. ... It's fun to shoot some people. I'll be right upfront with you, I like brawling." He added, "You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for five years because they didn't wear a veil. You know, guys like that ain't got no manhood left anyway. So it's a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them." His comments evoked laughter and applause from the audience. Mattis was speaking during a panel discussion hosted by the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, a spokeswoman for the general said.

The Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Certainly speaks with candor; the military counseled him for the above statement . Prissy is willing to bet he's no wife-beater, nor is he in need of PrissyBalls....

Tomorrow..... Gitmo and Abu Ghraib; Who is Really Responsible?

And One More Worth Mentioning.... Fonda to Oppose Iraq War on Bus Tour -AP News reports....Prissy says please- This time can you do it without knocking the soldiers?

Support Our Troops, Bring Them Home!


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