Thursday, July 14, 2005

Just How Much More Will You Ask of Our Military, Mr. Bush?

In Prissy's mind, there seems to be two kinds of people. People who do not like to inflict harm on others, and ones who enjoy inflicting harm on others.... Here is a little story about those kind of folks, however, this illustration is from the animal world. The study is a true story.....

In Africa, there was a small band of apes living together. In this band, there were males and females living together, along with baby apes. About one third of the males in this group were mean. They started fights with the other males . They hit and bit the females more than the other males. While dumpster diving for their meals, these males always got to the food first, leaving scraps for the rest of them. (In this study, the aggressors were males)

One day, as they were searching dumpsters for food, they found some meat and the aggressive males got to it first, as usual. Well, this meat was poisoned, and they died instantly. Immediately, the dynamics of the group changed. With the aggressive males gone, there was much less infighting, the females were no longer hit and bit.

When a new aggressive male would try to join the group, he was ran off or told "Hey guy, that isn't acceptable behavior around here." With the aggressive apes gone, the group continued to lived in relative harmony.

Hmmmm...Prissy can we get them to eat the poison meat? :-)

Bush's War As Prissy has said before, the Bush administration is breaking our military. Should you require further proof -which Prissy always does, then look at some of these reports from the Rand Corporation, a nonprofit research organization providing objective analysis and effective solutions that address the challenges facing the public and private sectors around the world. NEW Report:Military Actions Have Stretched U.S. Army Thin, Next Steps in the War on Terror . Hurry, somebody send Bush a copy.....oh never mind, save it for the new President, Prissy forgot that this President proudly proclaims he does not read news....,14790,Youmans_061605,00.html'>,14790,Youmans_061605,00.html -John Youmans: "It's a Slam Dunk" Debunked Opinion with citatations of other news articles Feith admits Iraq war failings. Prissy says Mr. Feith you are a miserable failure in the services you provided to your home's a shame we can only read about it on Al-jazeera. Once again, it's here because the WH cannot stop them from publication, like they do our own newspapers. Iran: U.S. in no position to criticize others human rights . This one is a real slap in the face, Mr. Bush. Thanks for nothing. You have run this country like you did the rest of your businesses....straight into the ground.

Based on the Vietnam war, in which the United States military was tarnished by similar greedy politicians, it took a good twenty years for the military to regroup. How many times can we do this? Articles of Interest in the Plame Spy Outing See-Miller could take all of them down ..the writer hypothesiss is that John Bolton was one of Millers sources. Prissy says maybe, but thinks it goes far higher up the ladder than that....why else would Ms. Miller rather do time? She is using the law to hide a crime, she knows "who done it". Ironic that she is the one doing time.....,8599,581456,00.html Editor and Publisher article: Rep. King Says Russert and Others in Media Should 'Be Shot,' Not Karl Rove.

Shoot them for what? Finally telling the truth? Prissy says King should be removed from his job, he is obviously too far gone into the Bush ideology. He does not have the ability to make reason based decisions.

Even Joe Scarborough realized this guy was off the deep end, when he interviewed him yesterday. RAW Story has excerpts from it @ WOW, you know it's really bad if Joe can even see it....he's a little smarter than Prissy thought. But only a little...

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