Monday, July 04, 2005

Freedom Lover's Special

Ah, the 4th of July in America. Prissy has marched in many a parade, having had the good fortune to grow up in the suburbs. Prissy does so love America and those parades used to make her young heart burst with pride to see all the flag waving and spirit of freedom in the air. You just knew you were in the freest country on Earth.

Back in those days, big burly men used to say "Fellow American, I disagree with what you just said, but I'd fight to defend your freedom to say it." Now one is more likely to hear "We have to shut these people up who disagree with our President. This is a time of war and we must all stand behind him."

Prissy says take a hint politicians and MSM...Your major problem is that the whole world already knows, although due to continued crafty choreography, some of America continues to remain misinformed. The world has held America to her own rules, the ones we made but now say we cannot follow, while using various faulty logic to defend our new stand.

That is the mostly the fault of the media, but others will educate them. They are working on it as we speak. There is simply too much at stake. Besides, say what you will, but average Bush voters do know the economy isn't good and decent jobs are vanishing-makes these folks far more willing to listen. As you know, they vote.

Prissy would like to remind our politicians and press today that along with privilege comes responsibility and theirs is so that we may always celebrate freedom in America. One needn't wear a uniform to have a duty to ones country.

The media also have a duty to their country- just like we all do. Believe it or not, the duty of a Free Prestrong>ss is to assist in maintaining the Democracy of ones country- as opposed to "making" ones career or lining ones corporate pocketbook.

The world sees through America-how we claim to espouse what is written in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, yet allow others to frighten us into giving up those things men have already fought and died for.

Their gifts left to us, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights still belong to We the People....Do you still value these gifts? Use them, demand to your representatives an end to what is going on in Iraq, the Patriot Act, the way the War On Terror has been conducted, let them know you value your freedom and won't give it up ......And Happy Independence Day, May Freedom Always Win...

Newsites and Articles of Interest,0,3848602.story LA Times.."I Wrote Bush's War Words-In 1965" Daniel Ellsberg. Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers to the press US News and World News Digest Official Wire: The Official News Source Dear Readers, this article is of concern...."Time Near for Bush to Pay the Piper" original translation from French Learn what the Arab perspective may be "Violence in Iraq and US Presence"

PS- Dear Readers, Prissy is posting the actual unclassified August 6,2001 Daily Intelligence Briefing in the archives today. In "Bush At War" Bob Woodward(2002) he noted that Bush Sr. had advised Bush Jr. that "the most important thing you'll do as president every day is get your intelligence briefing." He did not do as his wiser, much more experienced father instructed and the whole world suffered.......Honor thy Father?


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Prissy!

The Prissy Patriot said...

Thank you! PP

Sue said...

the imperialists have gone too far it is time to disband the military and stop killing brown people

The Prissy Patriot said...

Prissy will grant you-Imperialism has certainly again raised its ugly head...but disband the military? Prissy doesn't see that as an option right now.
All nations require some protection, Prissy feels since our current leaders have so angered the world...we'd best keep our military and BRING THEM HOME to defend us.
Thank you for your comments,PP