Sunday, July 17, 2005

Dodge Ball With George, You're Always It...

Remember how dodge ball works?

It was Georges favorite game in school, only George, being George, always got the ball .....and you or anyone else he didn't like?

Well, you were always it.

In Georges' current game consider this from today's UK Guardian:

"It all began two years ago with a column from conservative journalist Bob Novak at a time of intense debate over statements by Joseph Wilson, a former diplomat who had researched claims for the CIA that Iraq was seeking to buy uranium in Niger. Wilson publicly accused the Bush administration of using the 'Niger issue' as part of a false justification for invading Iraq. Novak's column, citing two administration sources, said Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, worked at the CIA. Such a leak could have had two aims. First, it would punish the Wilsons by blowing her cover and thus jeopardising her career. Second, it would warn others doing CIA work not to speak out publicly against the White House.

'It actually worked. It was aimed at stopping the bleeding after Wilson spoke out and no one else did,' said Mel Goodman, a former top CIA analyst now at the Center for International Policy.

But it was also illegal. Deliberately exposing the identity of an undercover CIA agent is a serious crime. Whoever had spoken to Novak could face up to 10 years in jail. Not only was her career ended, but national security had been harmed. 'To out a CIA operative for political reasons is just unbelievable. This hurts the intelligence community which is supposed to be protecting us. I hope Rove rots in hell,' said Larry Johnson, a former CIA agent who is a former colleague of Plame's.",6903,1530200,00.html

And more from Japan Today: "From the 1980s, Rove prepared the younger Bush for the presidency and helped him to a surprise win of the governor's post in Texas in 1994.

James Moore and Wayne Slater, the authors of "Bush's Brain," say that Rove learned how to use rumors as a political weapon, while at the same time covering his tracks so they could never be traced to him.

The 1994 Texas election was marked by a rumor that Ann Richards, the Democratic incumbent, was a lesbian. (For the record, Ms Richards is heterosexual)

During the battle for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000, rumors spread that Bush's main opponent, Senator John McCain, had fathered illegitimate children.

Rove's aggressive no-hold barred style was evident in Bush's bitterly fought election contest with John Kerry.The Massachusetts senator struggled under labels affixed to him by the Bush campaign, which derided him as flip-flopper unfit to be commander in chief.

When critics saw his handiwork in the controversy over Kerry's Vietnam War record, triggered by attack ads launched by a group called the Swift Boat Veterans, Rove denied it. (Wire reports)"

And now let's add Prissy's list, which will not include reports that individual American citizens whom have spoke out against Bush policies and who have also been targeted for repercussions, often using legal but immoral dirty tricks for using their Freedom of speech.... (that will be an entire column in itself)

These folks listed are or have worked for mostly Republican Administrations in the past: White House Silenced Experts Who Questioned Iraq Intel Info Six Months Before War 12 June 2003 New Zealand Scoop

Specifically- Dr. David Albright was told to shut-up.

Ask them now; what does a nuclear and WMD weapons expert and former UN Weapons Inspector like Dr. Albright know? Or defected nuclear Iraqi scientists.....

Prissy is wondering..... should they require their lawyer present before they attempt to answer those questions?

Richard Clarke- -Biography.

The Smear: Accused of "profiteering" and possible perjury on senate floor by Republicans

Richard Foster- The Chief actuary for Medicare- Was told he would be fired if he revealed about the cost of the Administration's prescription drug plan.

Larry Lindsay- One of President Bush's former top economic advisors- fired for giving the true economic costs of the war in Iraq

General Eric Shinseki- The former Army Chief of Staff-His replacement was named well before his retirement-just to add insult to injury.

The good General was put out to pasture for being a realist instead of a liar. He actually told Bush and the neocons what amount of soldiers the war would require, so that it would not turn into another Vietnam. His truth and candor, which did not adhere to the ideology being espoused, was not welcome by the White House.

Senator Max Cleland - His patriotism was attacked when questioning the need for the war in Iraq. Accused of not protecting our nation... Cleland lost both legs and an arm in Vietnam. for more. Was also accused of being indifferent to America's national security.

Prissy has no ladylike words for you Bushies who allow and in fact support these methods....Indeed, it is you who hates Americans freedoms. To attack a Veteran like the Senator.....

Well, Prissy doubts your humanity, and spare her your chatter about Republican "values".

Senator John McCain - When he ran for President, the Bush campaign smeared him and his family with vicious, false attacks-they even said he was "coo-coo" - a result of the time he did in a Vietnam prison camp as a POW. Infered his wife had a drug problem.

Yet McCain has found it in his own politically darkened heart to forgive the smear job on him and his family.

Prissy says to the Senator "Whom do you love the most, John"? Prissy answers for the Senator: "Me loves a next time shot at the Presidency best, Prissy. No matter what they say about me or my family, I'll stand by the Republican party."

You should not save your loyalty for your political party, Senator. Call Prissy old-fashioned, but a conservative-ah, no- please don't call her "one of those". One's loyalty should be reserved for the good of the Democracy and for (real) friends and family.

Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill- When O'Neill revealed that the White House was talking about an Iraq War within Dubya's first weeks in office- former colleagues in the Bush Administration ridiculed him in the media and subjected him to a fruitless federal investigation.

Seen Enough?

Oh, but there are so many more....however, Prissy has gardening to do...

Scott Ritter- CNN's Hatchet Job on Scott Ritter...

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