Saturday, July 23, 2005

Global Friends, How Shall the US Overcome?

Will the United States War on Terror ...end like this?

There is not one natural born American today, who has experienced what is was like to see their home or neighborhood bombed by military troops. Not one natural born American who have seen foreign occupation troops with tanks and guns, marching down their street.

Americans often fail to take into this reality into account when rooting their team to war. Prissy says team because she saw one too many Americans whom one would have thought was choosing a favored team for the Superbowl; rather than the leader of the free world. They truly failed to consider the hardships they are asking of troops and their families; let alone the people of Iraq whose homes have been bombed...Prissys' pet peeve is armchair warriors. (See Chickenhawk defined in prevous post)

Plenty of our European and other global friends have witnessed such events. They know war kills people in many ways, emotionally and physically, the innocent and the guilty. They know war means blood, death and destruction...wounds which may take generations to heal. If they ever really do....

Prissy asks you this, Does one really need to experience an earthquake to realize it is a bad experience?

For many of our global friends, that is surely not the case. For some, war and it's devastation, will be a memory that they cannot ever erase. Not ever...and they don't want more.

An older gentleman told Prissy shortly before the elections, what it was like growing up as a young man in Hitler occupied Denmark. He said he has voted Republican ever since becoming an American, in his early a retired engineer, he worries about the "home of the free". He sees the same things happening that he witnessed as a young man. Trading our liberty for "security", the crackdown on dissent and the Patriot Act. So Bushies, is he paranoid too? Prissy laughs at the thought...this man was very much grounded in reality. He knows the face of oppression, he has seen it before. If you are an American, chances are good you have not...but if the present course continues, you will....

For a soldier who has experienced the horrors of war, they are often struck down by memories of tragedy they cannot erase, cannot solve. Some turn to alcohol or drugs.

See Stressed US troops in Iraq 'turning to drugs' ( Vietnam Part II)

This is the human cost of war. Wars leave children who easily frighten, and who will never forget the site of foreign occupiers coming down their streets.... some will grow up to seek vengeance on those who ravaged their country.

What will be the legacy will Americans leave for the citizens of Occupied Iraq? Prissy is here to say, this war will not stop unless Americans do something to stop it now. Otherwise, prepare your kindergartener, Spartan moms....Dubya has them in his sites with "Leave No Child Behind" the recruiters can make it easier by calling the parents directly. One more "benefit" of the Act- "No Child Unrecruited " Mother Jones. New news to some....

Gauging by the reaction of the Democratic Leaders Convention in Columbus yesterday, we sure can't lean on these representatives for help in turning America around......Granted- Prissy interacted with less than a dozen (the rest didn't really want to be bothered with constituents...They were busy drinking in the bar) Note to may have been party time for you, but our soldiers are always "on call"....until you get them home, dear representatives of the people, you should be too... the public patrons were very interested in Prissy's message and they love PrissyBalls too. I'll say it again....You work for the people, the people do not work for you.

Can Somebody Give This Man a Beer to Shut Him Up? See below: Bush salutes "liberals" and the rest of the world who failed to endorse him.

"We need an energy bill that encourages consumption." Somebody tell him the US consumes more than anyone else in the world.. George W. Bush - Trenton, N.J. - September 23, 2002

"This notion that the United States is getting ready to attack Iran is simply ridiculous. And having said that, all options are on on the table."George W. Bush - Brussels, Belgium - February 22, 2005 .

Prissy says it isn't simply ridiculous, its outrageous to even think about it... Scott Ritter had already let the "cat out of the bag", much to the anger of the Bush Administration...They had plans, you see. Just forget it, Americans will riot if you are stupid enough to send them into yet another war, unprepared......That and you cannot possibly scrape up enough troops......

And just what are you trying to do? Our troops to protect the homeland are gone, as well as their equipment. If the destruction of the American military was on the agenda....You are going according to schedule. The schedule that would like to shrink the authority of the United States government to be small enough to "drowned in a bathtub." So then you could do with it as you please? Newsflash: The United States is a Democracy and there are millions of Americans who will not allow those in charge to forget this.

Another "treat" for the Troops, Compliments of the Bush Administration and the Republican House and Senate Excerpt: "Retired Major Doug Rokke, Ph.D. (USAR, retired), who was an Army health physicist during the Gulf war and was then responsible for trying to 'clean up' radiologically contaminated US equipment (RCE's) there, has been calling on the military to follow its own regulations. He and Damacio Lopez continue to make this call."

No training, no armor, no bullets and now they give them the gift that keeps on giving for God only knows how many years.....

And yet, you still dare call yourselves Patriots- and continue to infer others disagreeing with your ruse are not...

Friends, read this in today's' NYT: Eight Days in July....tells of how the administration is quickly unraveling....We can thank God and our Global friends who have always believed in the premise of American Democracy. Don't stop shouting until the wrongdoers are banished...

Prissy's Hot Links of the Day Did Michael Ledeen Circulate The Niger Forgeries For Karl Rove? By Thomas Keyes July 23, 2005 This article brings up some excellent questions regarding this ongoing investigation. From today's UK Independent- Iraq: This is now an unwinnable conflict "As he completes another tour of duty in the chaos of Iraq, award-winning reporter Patrick Cockburn charts how Bush and Blair's 'winnable war' turned into a mess that is inspiring a worldwide insurgency -Published: 24 July 2005 " A Need for Congress- Prissy says aren't you just brilliant.....too little, too late.

Note to WP-Why weren't you all calling for ethics in government BEFORE the election? A little story or two about the previous dirty dealings of the current administration sure would have been as Rummy likes to say, "helpful".

The insurgency is in it's last throes? Prissy says, Oh Come On Now...enough of you trying to pull her leg.. Read the BBC's-Iraq's descent into bombing quagmire

Tomorrow on Prissy....more sites for truth. The Casualty Count is now 1,776...