Thursday, July 07, 2005

LONDON....Prissy Is So Sorry for Our British Friends

Prissy wasn't planning to post until Sunday ......but now London. We must get to the bottom of this. Let's make sure with this attack, all of the crime scene is preserved properly.

This IS a crime, terrorism is a CRIME and it should be investigated as one. The problem so many of us have with the tragedy of September 11th was that no thorough investigation could actually take place-they got rid of the physical evidence quickly. (Remember "Fresh kills" and the burnt scrapped steel going all over the world into other buildings)

Of course it was hell -and who had time to think? Perhaps they should have recalled their safety training that coincided with the timing of the tragedy...

But Prissy submits to you, dear readers, that is precisely the time to take ones time and proceed with a respectable investigation. That is always the best way to solve any crime, its methods have worked for centuries and continue to be perfected- technically, mechanically and scientifically as we speak.

To say we will get whomever "we believe" is responsibility is silly and could well leave us chasing more shadows like we are in Iraq and Afghanistan. More dialogue and genuine diplomacy, more investigation and less war is the answer.

Only fools do not understand the carrot always works better than the stick -the stick will serve as a temporary solution, at best. Terrorists think the G-8 was part of the problem, not the solution, Prissy says perhaps we should chew on that for a while, not readily dismiss that out of hand....are they claiming wealthy folks keep the rest down?

Prissy prays that should this turn out to be the work of Islamic jahadists, Bush and Blair take responsibility for their policies that jahadists use to justify their acts.

Bush and Blair think they can crush terrorism if they just apply enough force. I believe men who have the need to dominate others in order to prove themselves have difficulty understanding that force is not the answer to all problems...Prissy notes with proud glances that the military has already learned and is applying this lesson whenever possible.

Commanders on the ground have repeatedly said the situation calls for a "political solution and not a military one." They understand what they are fighting and that in order to win they must use another method besides force, because force is failing-killing yes, creating peace and Democracy, no. Attempting to fight this with force causes what one commander accurately described this as the "Pillsbury Doughboy" effect.

Yes- one may squeeze the little guy, but he always pops out from another angle. And so goes terrorists and terrorism, the poor man's warfare method of choice.

Gun powder and other explosive materials are cheap, so are nails, cans and other scrap used to make some very effective bombs. We are militarily fighting a losing battle. Mr. Bush says we are taking the war to them, so we will not be fighting it in the streets of America......But he didn't say London.

The perpetrators of terrorism must be stopped. The perpetrators of unfair foreign policies which incite hate and rage amongst our world neighbors must also be stopped, before the whole world is physically, evironmentally and economically unsafe.

Will they only stop when the world is uninhabitable to humans? What will you do to stop them?

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