Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Liberty and Americans; Is Dubya Giving in to the Terrorists?


American civil liberties. That used to be something our country was "big", if one insists upon clinging to them, we are told we are endangering ourselves and others by not giving them up as necessary for "security". ( As per Dubya or DHS?)

When Prissy worked with juvenile girls, she did her share of strip searches..they weren't fun for anyone then, but these girls had been brought to a lock down facility by the police....which isn't quite the same as hopping a plane to go see Auntie M or the subway to work.... See article below: Are Subway Searches Legal?The rules for searching bags. Excerpt: Police officers began conducting random searches on New York City subways last week. Privacy advocates call the New York Police Department's new search policy unconstitutional the executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union says the group is "looking into litigation." Is baggage screening on the subway legal?

Say what you will, Prissy cannot get used to the idea that this is what has become of America and our civil liberties. We are not free from "search and seizure"......whether you think it may be unreasonable or not. To be expected to "show our papers" and consent to searches.....well, that just smacks of giving up our way of life for Dubya's highly ineffective, War On Terror.

Welcome WP Readers. Feel comfortable at Prissy's Place. She is a true Independent....A fiscally conservative, pro-choice, gun toting, American .

Prissy, as you may suspect from her college major , was not a huge fan of the American Civil Liberties Union......Well, haven't times changed. In years past, some of their previous cases were "out there"...but in the 80's and 90's Americans still had their rights, so I'm sure they were pressed for their existence for a while-which would explain some of the wacked out causes and cases they took on during that time.

Today we need them and other folks who are brave enough to say that without liberty we cease to be America. From Information Clearing House Truth And Freedom, Slip-Sliding Away"

Please tell Prissy you won't give in to terrorism by consenting Dubya's incessant Patriot Act.

If he truly loved American freedom, he wouldn't be so eager for you to submit yours. Dubya and friends do appear to be extremely hypocritical and eurocentristic in both foreign and domestic policy. Policy for YOU and the Others doesn't apply to them....neither do laws or ethics matter to them-look who they hire.

Those they hire seem to have loyalty problems...not to the President, mind you.....


...only to We the People...... AIPAC/Likudnik Larry Franklin Arrested for Espionage on Behalf of Israel. Excerpt:

The FBI arrested Pentagon Iranian analyst Larry Franklin on May 4 for illegally disclosing highly classified information about possible attacks on American forces in Iraq to Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Israel's principal lobby in the United States. Rosen was AIPA'Cs director of foreign policy issues and Weissman was its senior Middle East analyst until they were recently fired when the FBI investigation got too close for AIPAC's comfort. Franklin, 58, a reserve colonel in the Air Force, was released on $100,000 bond...

Franklin is far from being the only one of Dubya's crew who has a "problem" giving away classified information....but apparently they are too busy accusing people who didn't. (See Sundays' Post-Dodge Ball With Dubya; You're It) It really hurts when the stab in the back comes from a friend. Like Granny says, "With friends like that, who needs enemies?" Why didn't Israel turn him in right away?

HR in House of Dubya

Advance: Colleague of outed agent seeks to 'set the record straight' Haaretz-MK voices doubt immunity law applies to Omri Sharon case - A close ally who doesn't actually work in the White House... or does he? (See Franklin ) Ex-White House aide Fleischer eyed over potential role in CIA outing...Ari was an excellent liar, far better than ScottMcClellanlon- Ari's parents are long time Democrats...When his father was asked what he thought about Ari being Dubya's Press Secretary he said "At least he's not into drugs." Original from The Wall Street Journal. Because it is true news, WSJ wants you to pay to read.... Raw Story excerpt from WSJ:

In one of his most attention-grabbing reports, issued on Jan. 30, 2005, Mr. Bowen concluded that the American occupation authority failed to keep track of nearly $9 billion that it transferred to Iraqi government ministries, which lacked financial controls and internal safeguards to prevent abuse. One Iraqi ministry cited in the audit inflated its payroll to receive extra funds, claiming to employ 8,206 guards when it actually employed barely 600. The report sparked harsh responses from both Mr. Bremer, the former occupation chief, and the Pentagon. Mr. Bremer chided the auditor for expecting conventional levels of accountability, saying that "given the situation the CPA found in Iraq at liberation, this is an unrealistic standard.

Mr. Bremer and the Pentagon shouldn't chide anyone, least of all, anyone actually doing the job they were commissioned to do.... Did Bremer get the Medal of Freedom because there were no "realistic" standards? This is the man who told the world things were progressing in Iraq....yes, progressively getting worse.... The FBI Agents Who Tried To Stop 911-Agents who try to do their job with integrity are punished...see previous post of Aug 6 2001 memo-the Presidents Daily Briefing.

And One More...this is BIG- The Post is telling the truth, again! "Prosecutor In CIA Leak Case Casting A Wide Net White House Effort To Discredit Critic Examined in Detail" Excerpt:

In a column published Oct. 1, 2003, Novak wrote that the CIA official he spoke to "asked me not to use her name, saying she probably never again will be given a foreign assignment but that exposure of her name might cause 'difficulties' if she travels abroad. He never suggested to me that Wilson's wife or anybody else would be endangered. If he had, I would not have used her name."

Prissy puts Novak in Dubya's HR, since that's where he obviously belongs.....Mr.Novak, if exposure of Ms. Plame's name would even possibly cause "difficulties" if she traveled abroad, why on God's earth would you use it? Unless you were out to harm, which is exactly what you did. Prissy and many others would like to see that you do not walk away without penalty...

The War on Terror Moussa: 'Comprehensive' approach needed... Secretary general of the Arab League talks about recent attacks

Moussa called the terrorists "criminals," and noted their ignorance, but said it's most important to concentrate on prevention. "We cannot defeat terrorism only through security measures. We have to have a political understanding of the seriousness of the situation, the causes behind that, the effects, the organizations. So, we must have a comprehensive approach," he said.

Prevention? WOW that's a new idea.....but that would require non-military engagement and for Dubya and friends, that just will not do. The March of the Orange Shirts-Uri Avnery. Excerpt:

How could a gang of thugs with an inhuman ideology take over a state that, in its time, was perhaps the most cultured country in the world? On the eve of the Eichmann trial, in 1960, I wrote a book on this, concluding with the question: Can it happen here? Today, there is no escape from the terrible answer: Yes, it can happen here. If we behave like the people of Weimar, we shall suffer the same fate as the people of Weimar.

This is the 345,091 reason GW Bush has got to go.....Prissy is waving Bye, Bye to the neocons...and may your kind never darken America and the worlds doorway again.... CNN-John Dean, a FindLaw columnist, is a former counsel to the president of the United States. Old article, but fresh again in light of what we now know as fact in 2005.....


Friday, June 6, 2003 Legal commentary from FindLaw's Writ LAW DICTIONARY (FindLaw) -- President George W. Bush has got a very serious problem. Before asking Congress for a joint resolution authorizing the use of U.S. military forces in Iraq, he made a number of unequivocal statements about the reason the United States needed to pursue the most radical actions any nation can undertake -- acts of war against another nation.

GW Bush must be impeached. He sent our country into an illegal war with disasterous consequences. The notion we must stay and finish the job is erroneous, misleading and much like the 911-Iraq connection and WMD's claims....George Bush and his "ways" have repeatedly proven false, deadly and costly. America, what are you waiting for? The casualty count is 1,783 ....The Iraqi people continue to ask us to leave...and the Afghanistanis too...Does Bush listen to anyone? Civil War Spectre Spurs New Iraq Exit Plans Slate- "Say G-WOT?Terror attacks, Taliban resurgence, suicide bombs—obviously, it's time to change the slogan." The UK Independent- Iraqi PM Asking for Pull-Out of US Troops. It isn't the first time the people asked, is it? House Demagoguery on IraqBy Ruth ConniffJuly 25, 2005 In a shameless swipe at their political opponents, House Republicans passed a resolution on July 21 that denounces those who dare to question the wisdom of an indefinite U.S. military presence in Iraq. "Calls for an early withdrawal embolden the terrorists," the bill states, adding that the U.S. must stay as long as it takes to achieve a free and secure Iraq. The Scotsman-Afghan anti-American protest -Excerpt: ABOUT 2,000 Afghans staged an anti-American protest outside the main US base in Afghanistan yesterday after the arrest of several villagers.

Prissy has a few words for Republican "representatives" and Democrats too who insist on not wanting to instill hope in the troops or anyone else.....You will be losing your jobs soon and our soldiers will be coming home. You have really made a mess for the your largest block of voters, the middle class... out you will go.... Prissy knows these things....

Tomorrow...At least twenty -five things you should know about this President and his men.

Friday...Democrats in Weak Places