Wednesday, July 27, 2005

25 Things You Need to Know About Your President and His Men

But today Prissy only has time for ten! Prissy will be working on anti-war,pro-troop activities until Sunday!

I'm with Dubya on this one...some things are hard! Today, when Prissy sat down to make the list, it just went on and on....Note: This is not a smear list, this is a fact list. Prissy is against smear. Humor and Satire is not smear, it is fun and it keeps us all mentally healthy. Prissy gives you news, humor and the facts.

It has come to Prissy's attention some Washington Post readers are not interested in humor, news or the facts. And some are very interested. To them, Welcome. But if one doesn't like it, Click Away. It will not hurt Prissy's feelings if you are not open to facts and new news sources, she actually expects it.

Some are bound to be upset because finally, the Post is starting to tell the truth again. And you know, the anti-Bush policy people far outweigh the supporters-at least in July 2005. That is not the perception one may receive from the MSM.

Friends, They shall all know soon enough. Prissy feels they are trying to prepare the public with some facts, so it will not come as such a surprise when it all goes tumbling down... (not to worry, there are still many legitimate folks in our government)

Here we go:

1. It is not a secret that Mr. Bush is a recovering alcoholic. As a person who admits (and here Prissy will be generous)that he "drank hard" for twenty or so years, it would be difficult to believe there are not some cognitive impairment or problems involved with judgment and perception skill. Thus the extremely poor planning skills exhibited in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Physically fit is not cognitively fit. This is common in long-term alcoholics. From Uncle Sam himself

2. Good enough for him, but you do your duty soldier...The records show that Bush performed 25 days of weekend and active duty between May 27, 1972, and May 26, 1973. The minimum annual requirement for National Guard service in 1972 was one weekend a month -- 24 days -- and 15 days of active duty -- the same basic requirement that exists today, Lieutenant Colonel Coennie Woods of the National Guard Bureau said in an interview. George W Bush did not fulfill the basic requirements according to this statement. Prissy reminds you that Dan Rather was burnt not because of false statements, but because of falsified documents.

Let us not forget the Why Dubya is a chickenhawk excerpt:

George W. Bush is a chickenhawk. He is A) famous and B) supports the war efforts but C) did not really serve in the military. He was shoehorned into the Texas Air National Guard to dodge the draft. He served only three years of a six-year commitment, then went AWOL, essentially deserting. Now he has sent thousands of troops overseas to die for Big Oil, which is likely the greatest sin this country has ever produced.

3. The previous posts sign referring to Dick Cheney's five deferments from Vietnam is no joke. Cheney, when asked about them boasted, "he had other priorities". Priorities such as getting his wife pregnant to escape another era's corporate sponsored war without end....

4. Then there is Douglas Feith who has been accused of mishandling classified information. Gen. Tommy Franks in Bob Woodward's Plan of Attack, in which Franks calls Feith "the f**king stupidest guy on the face of the earth."

Now, now, General..not so fast; with these spoiled boys that honor could be quite a contest... and this excerpt from Source Watch

Douglas Feith, along with Richard Perle and other noted neo-cons, called for the removal of Saddam Hussein in a 1996 round table report A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm. [1] ( The removal was considered a means for foiling Syria's regional ambitions.

This report was prepared more that five years before the attack on the World Trade Center. The report describes regime change in Iraq as an important Israeli strategic objective.


20 November 2002 Flashback WAR, WHATEVER Bush aide: Inspections or not, we'll attack Iraq Exclusive By Paul Gilfeather, Whitehall Editor GEORGE Bush's top security adviser last night admitted the US would attack Iraq even if UN inspectors fail to find weapons.

Dr Richard Perle stunned MPs (and Prissy) by insisting a "clean bill of health" from UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix would not halt America's war machine.

Did not see this war planner quoted anywhere in American news, during that time, did you. Shame on the MSM. Excerpt from Wikipedia:

When discussing his new book "Battle Ready" co-authored with retired general Anthony Zinni, author Tom Clancy stated that he almost came to blows with Perle. According to Clancy: "He was saying how (Secretary of State) Colin Powell was being a wuss because he was overly concerned with the lives of the troops," Clancy said. "And I said, 'Look ..., he's supposed to think that way!' And Perle didn't agree with me on that. People like that worry me." (Dubuque Telegraph Herald, June 13, 2004. Associated Press)

Indeed, Mr. Clancy- those without conscience who are making decisions which have consequences all over the entire world should frighten us all....

More from Mr.Grinch , Tuesday, May 24, 2005 Perle Calls for Invasion of Iran-Prissy says only if you go in first.... 6.

John Bolton. He is an angry, vicious provocateur who has no boundaries of civility whatsoever...Dubya wants him for US Ambassador to the United Nations...this proves he too has a circuitry wiring problem inside..look for his picture and watch Mr.Bolton speak to the other UN members, he nearly froths at the mouth in his is an embarrasing moment to be an American in that room..Dubya, bully that he is, wants to ram through Boltons' appointment. He cares not what you or I think...

Very diplomatic, Mr. Bolton. An ex claimed he used to go to Plato's Retreat...a sex club in the 70's. Strangers had sex with one another on wrestling mats. Yuk.

7. Elliott Abrams (b. January 24, 1948), a lawyer, is a member of the administration of President George W. Bush, During Bush's first term in office, he was appointed the post of Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director on the National Security Council for Near East and North African Affairs. At the start of the president's second term (February, 2005), Abrams was promoted to be his deputy national security adviser, responsible for advancing Bush's strategy of advancing democracy abroad. A leading neoconservative, Abrams' appointment by the White House on December 2, 2002 was considered highly controversial due to his involvement in the Iran-Contra Affair, over which he subsequently pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of unlawfully withholding information from Congress.

In 1997, Abrams published a book, Faith or Fear, which warned American Jews that assimilating within the secular U.S. culture posed the danger of a gradual loss of Jewish identity. (Wikipedia) He has no shame for stirring up rancor in the name of God. Prissy's Jewish friends don't think very highly of this guy's attitude, despite his loud mouth which would like to claim he speaks for all...

Note to Abrams, Jewish folks born in America are Americans.. Iran-Contra affair involvement? And his pentance is mere pittance in accordanc to his deeds....

8.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Stephen A. Cambone (born 1951) is the United States Under-Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, a post created in March 2003, and of which he was the first occupant. He is said to be very close to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and, as the Pentagon's top man in intelligence matters, has been directly involved in the organization of the military intelligence-gathering program that allegedly led to the prisoner abuses in the Abu Ghraib Prison in Baghdad, Iraq. He first came to the attention of the public at large during the testimony of Major General Antonio Taguba before the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee, where he contradicted the General's statements about the impropriety of putting military guards under the command of intelligence personnel and interrogators.

9.Larry Franklin (Scary Larry) is said to have passed on a classified Presidential Directive, and possibly other sensitive documents pertaining to US deliberations on foreign policy regarding Iran, to a pro-Israel lobbying group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), who in turn allegedly provided the information to Israel. FBI sources have indicated that the year-long investigation was actively underway when the CBS News story broke.

According to FBI surveillance tapes, Franklin relayed top secret information to Steve Rosen, AIPAC's then policy director, and Keith Weissman, a senior Iran analyst with AIPAC, while at at the Tivoli Restaurant in Arlington, Virginia. On 27 August, the FBI raided the office of AIPAC director of foreign policy issues Steve Rosen, copying his PC's hard drive.

According to the New York Times, Franklin was one of two U.S. officials that held meetings with Iranian dissidents, including arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar, a key figure in the Iran-Contra scandal. (Wikipedia)

See about Larry's arrest in previous post.

10. Porter Goss

New CIA Director, Porter Goss, sent a memo to agency employees telling them their job was to "support the administration and its policies."

"As agency employees we do not identify with, support or champion opposition to the administration or its policies," Goss said in the memorandum, which came after several top officers resigned. (bold by Prissy) Even Republicans criticized that choice of words, saying it was crucial for the CIA to retain its objectivity and ability to "speak truth to power." Democrats, noting that Goss until recently was a highly partisan Republican member of the House of Representatives, saw it as part of a disturbing pattern. Alrighty, then...

What is wrong with these guys? Why do they love money more than they love their country? Not one of them is "needy" except spiritually perhaps.... And those who speak out against these policies are not patriots? Your circular logic , gentlemen (and I use the term loosely) is failing to convince....What will you do when the blinders fall from those who used to support you? Do you think they will feel "had"? Remember it has been your policies which told them, violence does not beget violence...and forgotten tyranny begets rebellion.

They will all stand in unison on Dubya's policies, which defy common sense... Now you see why, with these characters in charge go around "creating" wars and reality they believe will coincide with the war...but alas, thousands and thousands of dead later, it did not. Prissy's 4 year-old niece believes with her whole little heart in Santa, but we all know Santa does not actually exist...

Prissy thinks should all of these men ever be held accountable for their actions, they should be fined to pay for this war from their own personal accounts. Then sentenced to a mandatory $7.00 per hour job with no health benefits....forever. If Pete Rose can be banned from baseball for life for betting, surely these draconian cretins should be banned from politics for life. Tell Prissy what you think....


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it Prissy, gotta love the link about the drink...from Uncle Sam even!

AZ Belle said...

Hey! Just recently discovered your blog! Way to go!

But regarding Bush being a recovering alcoholic, I respectively disagree.

True, Bush no longer drinks (so we're told), but he's no more in recovery than the man in the moon!

I am married to a recovering alcoholic. My husband regularly goes to AA meetings. After 18+ years.

Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards is a recovering alcoholic. While she was gov, she regularly went to AA meetings.

Want my unsolicited opinion? Bush is what is known as a "dry drunk" -- quit drinking (entirely *different* than being in recovery!) but he continues to exhibit personality traits of an active drunk.

I'm sure there is probably more info on dry drunks on the govt. info page if you're interested.

The Prissy Patriot said...

Good point...Prissy just really didn't want to call the President a "dry drunk" (I doubt he'd cooperate with a doc diagnosis-he'd just sue me)......and good for your hubby.

In all seriousness, I am always glad to hear when someone overcomes a problem.

I'm guessing he was smarter than W to begin does say not ALL have long term cognitive problems, just most-so I'm glad your guy lucked out on that too.

And probably your guy wasn't mixing alcohol with "other things"...oh if only Prissy could find good documentation for that one.

Thanks for reading!

Ranando said...


Right on, how about he's taking another vacation. 50 in 5 years.

The Ranando report

Ranando said...

Great read!

Life_time_Learner said...

Like the blog

The Prissy Patriot said...

Ranando and Lf time,

Thank you, I like Ranado Report too!