Monday, June 06, 2005

Today's Hot Links - Comments from Prissy

It should not come as such a shock to those of you without family in the military, that some of us patriotic military Americans are angry and sickened by no end seen in the war on Iraq.

If I cataloged every misspoken phrase, each misjudgment, misstrategy and mistake, it is not hard to conclude the Bush Administration has made one misstep after another, with the end result pain and suffering by thousands and thousands of families.

Nearly 1700 dead soldiers - families of over 17,000 soldiers taking care of permanently injured and maimed previously healthy young people, more than 100,000 dead Iraqi civilians (think babies and children drinking sewer water) beheaded contractors and I think you get the picture.

Prissy can tell you things are not getting better; they are in fact, getting worse by the day. Perhaps Prissy has better "connections" than CNNNBCABCCBS ? I suppose it would be difficult to tell the news when it isn't safe to leave protected areas.

Just who is better off for this war and how exactly are they better off? Give us actual specifics and stop insulting me with the platitudes. Getting a straight answer from a politician (especially Republicans) these days is next to impossible. "We are bringing freedom and democracy to the Iraqi people." How is that? By bombing them and their infrastructure, no jobs, sick children and zero safety .(and you know who, that's right, the American taxpayers are footing the bill)

This madness is like a dog whistle only they can hear. The civilians who mostly planned this war are making money hand over fist, while soldier's families are applying for food stamps.

If one presses them on evidence-based facts, one is simply told, "Gee, I hope you don't feel that way." Pardon me? This is what Bush told a "town hall meeting" questioner, asking about the Patriot Act and said he felt it was trampling on our rights to privacy. The facts will be acknowledged but not addressed in any specific detail. In fact, few Senators, few reporters fail to press hard for real answers.

Are any of them aware an American can be stripped of their citizenship by direction of the President? (thank the Patriot Act)

Gauging by the way this Administration has handled "non-citizens" in America and abroad - how safe is this kind of power in the hands of the President and his men?

Does everyone you work with have a high level of integrity? (If the answer is yes, please contact the Priss right away-preferably from your company email account)

Then there is the issue of Social Security, still another plan for the nation with the details being kept in the dark. What will happen to Social Security disability? What happens to Social Security for widows and their children? None of them approaches the subject, no one asks the questions. This is not the American way.

We are a nation of "Why's". This time few asked why and now we are fighting a war with no exit strategy. It is absurd that a patriot like Bush Sr. appears to have no recall of stating in his book that the reason he did not choose to go into Baghdad is because the was "no viable exit strategy". How bad must Iraq be before the situation is properly addressed?

While the war was in the sights of the administration, why did Americans who questioned the need for Iraq's invasion have their loyalty to America questioned?

Dissent is why we have the Declaration of Independence! We wanted to live free! Our country's founding members did not want a government who could freely search and seize its patrons. Nor impede their right to freedom of speech. Prissy once had a Professor who said "should you take away my Bill of Rights say- the 4th Amendment, the 6th, the 8th Amendment and so on, as long as I have the 1st Amendment- I will get them all back."

Our politicians no longer represent the spirit of freedom in America. Power is their goal, not the good of the people or even the good of the country.

Yet they continue to have the audacity to call those in dissent unpatriotic. Don't get Prissy started on the Presstitute in the White House Press pool. These are the same people who also claim to have the moral high ground. Good one.

As they used to say when Prissy was in school, "It's opposite day."

Hot Links for today:

General News Wire Services One way to bypass the usual networks- this is mostly where they get it, anyway Ditto

www.knightridder The second largest news service in the US Free international newspaper translater News for the newsmakers

Intelligence News Sites Council on Foreign Relations - Their objective is to provide the public with a means to collaborate on investigations at the grassroots level The Vietnam Project at Texas Tech University-see the Oral History Project Economic Policy Institute for working people - Economics, intelligence and war-most defintely a connection

Military News Read "Know your rights" Example- You have the legal right under the Uniform Code of Military Justice to attend protests and other political events provided that you are not in uniform.

You also have the right to publish your own publication as long as the work occurs off-base, on your own time, and with your own money and equipment. (DoD Directive 1325.6 Section 3.5.4) The Chickenhawk data base is priceless Veterans and Military Families for Progress Gold Star Families for Peace- co-founded by Cindy Sheehan, whose 22 year old son Kasey- was KIA wearing a bulletproof vest, a leftover from Vietnam.

A flack jacket older than the kid wearing it? Not according to repeatedly discredited Secretary of Defense.

"And I would -- without getting into the details, just simply say to the parents of the young people that are over there fighting for this country, that -- that they are, walking away, the best trained and the best equipped army on the face of the earth. They have what they need. They're well led. And this outcome is assured. "( April 1, 2003-DOD newsbriefing by Rumsfield and General Myers)

Have you two no shame ?

For tomorrow.....take a look inside the mind of a terrorist. News uncensored from Iraq and the real outlook of Muslims about the war in Iraq. Not for the faint of heart....

FYI The display of the Gold star is the traditional sign of a family member killed in war. The Blue star is the symbol that a close family member is serving in a warzone. This is indeed news to some who don't come from military families. Welcome!

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