Monday, June 27, 2005

Prissy's Picks of the Day....And Guess Who's Coming to Town?

Prissy is pleased to announce that Senator John Edwards will be coming to Columbus this week!

Join Senator Edwards in Columbus next week for a rally to raise the minimum wage. THURSDAY, JUNE 30th -3:00 PM Coalition to Raise the Ohio Minimum Wage event -King Arts Complex 867 Mt. Vernon Avenue Columbus, OH (doors open at 2:15 p.m.)

Prissy is a fan of America, but not of politicians, per say....but the Senator is a different story. Prissy likes the Senator for sound reasons-intelligence, common sense and he is in touch with the heart of America. He actually believes if you and I do well, that is good for the whole country, and so it is. That spirit is what has always been what is great about America. It didn't matter if you were born dirt poor, you still had a decent shot at a decent life if one worked hard enough. Not anymore, one can work three jobs in America today and still not have enough to meet basic living expenses-and have no health coverage to boot, as Granny says.

Other reasons Prissy thinks the Senator will make a fine President are many-but this is the main one....John Edwards is a classic- middle- class- boy- done- good. He is a genuine person, he has been through trials in his own family-loss, illness-he understands sometimes people are just unlucky. He has true compassion for Americans who are struggling-as we all should. Growing up in a family of four children, his father was a textile mill worker-textile management was Edwards college undergraduate major before law school. His mother was a homemaker.

His parents provided everything Edwards and his siblings needed to grow up to be stable and contributing adults, even though undoubtedly young John did not have everything his young heart desired. Nor was he given the knowledge at birth, that his life held for him nothing but good things -without his need to labor for them.

Prissy thinks all children should on occasion yearn for something, why else should they aspire at anything to better themselves? We all know spoiled children-Granny says "not even Grandparents like brats". Horrors to the kind of adults they go on to become, those who are born into a life set before them on a silver platter.

They are aware from an early age that regardless of how badly they behave there are no consequences. And look out when reality intrudes on a vision of what they want. They are used to getting what they want and woe to those who stand in their way. Chaos, devastation and destruction are sure to follow. These children are known for foot stomping, toy throwing tantrums and bad tempers. You see, the rules never apply to them.

Sometimes, unfortunately, they even go on to become President.

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