Friday, June 24, 2005

Iraq: The Time is Now

Prissy has been hard at work, seeing what the world is saying about the situation in Iraq. It shows no signs of getting better, but plenty argue with evidence to prove that things are getting worse.

The people of Iraq have gone from 2nd world living conditions to 3rd world. Disease is a continuing threat to the population, especially the little ones. Most people would become very emotional, helplessly watching their children become sick. They know there is precious little a parent can do about the situation- except worry and pray.

The Iraqis are getting angry, this Democracy they were promised seems to have them by the throat-they just want the occupiers to leave-NOW.

A New Side Note: Prissy sees the Prime Minister of Iraq is following suit with the President of the US by ignoring the will of the people. And telling tales it cannot prove in order to provide justification for the true lack of action or progress. Are we to tell them this too, is Democracy? Check the last Wolf Blitzer/CNN Quick poll asking we should pull out of Iraq? 100% said YES. Conceding to the enemy? Or to the will of the Iraqi people?

The Coalition knows their services are not wanted-they can't even feel at ease among the population willing to work with them. The Coalition knows these are Iraqis who chose a paycheck over a gun, but probably not by much. They are rapidly tiring of the hand that feeds. Morale is low everywhere, the people, the troops.

Prissy wondered if a ceasefire/withdrawal situation would work-like an OK-OK, we are leaving. Prissy was told by boots on the ground that it is already beyond that...More like a sneak out by the plane load each night... Until we are all gone. So will the White House say the rose petals strewn in the street may never come? No. The White House, continuing to defy reality, paints a happy picture. Prissy feels this nonsense must stop this instant!

Prissy is amused that the so-called wizard behind the curtain has finally stepped out into the camera. Just so you all know who really won the election and runs the show....Prissy sees that as a last ditch effort to salvage the situation.

Those sort always forget and/or disregard a huge part of the equation while they were planning to create your reality. It is the same factor the Communists could never overcome either....The human factor is always the variable, the unpredictable part of any equation. In this case, it wasn't the behavior of the jihadists or Al-Qaida that was unpredictable....It was that of the American People. We love our Constitution and we know what you have done with it. The jig is up.... Bring them home, NOW

News About Iraq- Info Prissy Thinks You Should Be Aware Of,2763,1513418,00.html The UK Guardian -Not A Rosy Picture in Iraq, according to General The UK Independent- Rumsfeld claims Iraq is not a quagmire - apparently he doesn't even watch FOX news (UK) Financial Times-Republicans join critics of war in Iraq Focus News- Bulgarian newsite-Read "Japan Suspends Mission in Iraq" Inter Press Service News Agency- Good site Read "U.S. Moral Authority in ”Free Fall”, Senators Warn" Whistleblower Sibel Edmounds site-read about what she says about 911 and Iraq- Remember the old reporter line "tell the truth, then run like hell" Original article from Der Speigel titled "This War Came From A ThinkTank" Original Mother Jones Article-The Thirty-Year Itch-By Robert Dreyfuss Original from - great political sight- "Hell-Bent for War"

Several retired American military officers have written (and usually been published in the asiatimes) on why this war is wrong and an immediate withdrawl of our troops is the answer.

Besides all the available it a gift. Prissy has spent years working with male youth. As a result, Prissy knows all about boys and knows when they tell lies....Big boys, little boys, what have you. Prissy just knows!


Uncle Sammy said...

I couldn't agree more ! Or could I?

The Prissy Patriot said...

Thank you so much, Uncle Sammy-PP