Saturday, June 25, 2005

Prissy Guest Columnist- Betty Buccaneer- The Slog Of War...Coming up

For Tomorrow...Prissy Takes a Look at US What other countries are saying about the US and our Democracy The Slog of War (Final Draft) by Betty Buccaneer

It's June 25, 2005, and so far this month, 70 American Soldiers have lost their life. Mainstream Media (serving its own billion-dollar interest) have rendered the life of a soldier insignificant. Oh they might receive a brief, honorable mention at the end of some news broadcast. Sure! Your local news may cover the death of a hometown hero returning from war. But for the most part, the plight of the American Soldier remains out of sight, and, out of mind. And for those who brought us this war, that suits them just find. After all, what is the soldier to them except a shield to cover their cowardice and reckless policies? When the incompetence of the Bush Administration is questioned, the soldier is held up as a bright, red, stop sign- cautioning those to look no further. And of course, that is exactly what most Americans do.

In the early days, Vietnam was referred to as a "Conflict". But it was a conflict that cost 58, 148 American lives, and deprived 4 million Vietnamese of theirs. Now the word Theatre is frequently used to describe the Iraq War. But there is no exit from this Theatre. The main character is the Soldier and the villain is Death. Imagine what it takes to play this part. The reason for your deployment is suspect. Death pursues you at every turn. The equipment that is to protect you is inferior. Your fellow soldiers are dying all around you. If you make it home, there are no jobs; and for some, there are no homes. The Veteran's benefits have been slashed. If you should pay the ultimate price, they'll conceal your coffin.

Now imagine if you will, the life of an Iraqi. They're attending Theatre too. It's a show they never asked to star in. Think about 28,000 of some of the most lethal weaponry known dropped on your country. Never mind the 227,000 dropped in 1991. Envision tanks rolling down your suburban street. Perhaps soldiers will kick your door in, and drag Mom and Dad out. Maybe you will have to pick your children's remains from the rubble. How about a glass of sewer water to go with the fish you caught from the river. You know that river, the one with all the corpses.

We've seen this drama before, haven't we? It's called "Daja Vu". How did we get bamboozled this time? Well, the same way we always do. Indeed, Mainstream Media complicity complicit in every death and lie resulting from Bush Administration. But the blame for it- remains our own. Apparently, we love those insipid tales our leaders tell us about our place in the world. Never mind the death and destruction they may cause. It makes us feel safe, right? However, the cost for this false sense of security is high. Our so-called super power status is crumbling.

We are involved in two wars, and there are rumors of more. Our National debt is 7, 818, 665,486,643.00. And if that isn't enough, the world has turned its back on us.

It's time to stop the fiddling America. Don't go to the circus, and stop eating the bread. The survival of our nation is at hand. That distorted, narrow-minded, racist view of the world of ours- has got to go. Therefore, becoming an informed populace is imperative. It is the only avenue to honest and intelligent leadership. Furthermore, we remove from our airwaves the corrupt and irresponsible reporting of mainstream media. They have betrayed the public trust by perpetuating the incompetence of the Bush Administration We must do these things for the future America. We owe to ourselves. We owe it to the world, And certainly, we owe it to our military.

Perhaps author William J. Lederer said it best. In his 1961 book titled National of Sheep, his words are just as accurate today as they were then: The destruction of a mighty nation may be approaching because the activities of one person. He has encouraged leaders to tranquilize the populace with half-truths. He has lured the press into inattention and assisted the people in duping themselves. He has persuaded his fellow citizen's to concentrate on life's comic strips and mindless entertainments to avoid the bruises of reality. The culprit is the person whose eyes scan these words, and whose hands-at this moment-hold this book. The country is the United States of America.

A Note From Prissy: Betty comes from a long line of military, government and banking industry employees. Betty retired from banking- she testified on behalf on banks financial matters. In spite of health problems, she is an active patriotic American who loves the Constitution and Democracy. Betty has an elderly aunt in D.C. who still works every day in the Library of Congress and is an avid patriot. Prissy says- Can you say role model?

Prissy welcomes guest columnists, please be advised Prissy believes in free speech-polite free speech, whether she agrees with it or not.

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