Thursday, June 30, 2005

John Edwards Visits Columbus.......Hot Links

Senator John Edwards brought the some respite from the the thunderstorms and driving rains here in Columbus....Sounds like he's earned his nickname as the former sunny, energetic Senator from North Carolina.

The speakers were thought provoking and informative, especially the young mother who spoke about what it was like living on minimum wage. The minimum wage in Ohio is $5.15 per hour and has not changed in 15 years. The minimum wage in Ohio is lower than the minimum wage in the Virgin Islands. Prissy says get used to it, because if we pick more of the same leadership that we currently have in charge of this country minimum wage jobs could become the few jobs that won't be shipped overseas.

However, Prissy feels Senator Edwards is one of the few politicians in this country who is willing to honestly assess the precarious situation this country is truly in. More importantly, he is actively seeking and working on some solutions.

Prissy feels because he makes himself accessible to people, he is more aware and would certainly have the good sense to see changing course was necessary if the present one was failing. (Prissy sees the Bush administration and Congress consistently unable and unwilling to adapt, improvise and overcome!)

But not because of our so called patriotic corporations- only because someone in Nepal cannot serve those failure fries to someone in D.C.

As for all the rest of us? Well, perhaps you are aware that the jobs are continuing to stream out of this country at a rapid rate. Cheaper labor is elsewhere, don't you know. Americans want too much money for their labor, these corporations tell us.

No. Americans- like other people , find it unacceptable to work 60-80 hours per week -just to make the rent in a bad neighborhood. Prissy would like to know who they expect to mind the children-the ones already here in this "culture of life"...or shall we let them be our future juvenile delinquents- pay it now or pay it later. Granny is correct to state this to be penny wise and pound foolish.

Prissy laughs with mirth at the corporation short sighted greed. Keep shipping out American jobs, keep shipping in cheap goods-and let's not forget the illegal aliens willing to work for nothing. (Ohio has lost over 250,000 decent wage manufactoring jobs in the last four years)

After all, they certainly won't complain as much as those lazy American workers who have the nerve to expect a living wage for their labors.

Legal workers are very inconvenient about expecting companies to follow health and safety rules, too. Naturally, employees who can be threatened with deportation are certainly more cooperative-they don't apply for Workers Comp when they get hurt on the job. They are willing to as work hard as most Americans and complaints amongst illegal employees are of course, non-existent. Lest anyone forget, the original premise of having trade unions was to prevent workers from continued exploitment.

Some companies will whine and say to Prissy, "we can't make it here, the wages are just to high to pay out." Gee, one wouldn't think that would be much problem, considering the tax breaks and off shore accounts of many of these corporations. Horrors, then they may not get their outlandish bonuses for selling out America.

After all, if America gets too ghetto for them, their homes abroad will due just fine. They are not patriots, they simply love unbridled American Capitalism...

Especially now that their fine leader has removed so many "obstacles" (a.k.a. laws and environmental regulations) for doing business. What good will the money be when we can not breath the air-air quality is bad in Ohio-we have days we're advised not to let children play outside. What will this be like in twenty years?

Prissy would like the greedy CEO's to answer this question....If they manage to run all the decent paying jobs out of America, giving them to countries where they can exploit people for 10 cents per hour and work them like animals, while at the same time eliminating the middle class in the United tell Prissy......

Whom do they suppose will be left to buy their goods? Hot Links Take a break from war news-humor-take a look at the Washingtonians still playing as the Titanic continues to take on water....,1518,362854,00.html Read the Germans take on George Bush's Waiting Game in Iraq For Government employees- National Security Whistleblowers Coalition - another Deepthroat coming our way? Prissy is here to tell you if you should but don't blow the whistle, "The British are coming!" and hopefully this time it will be to save America.....UK's MI5 and MI6 intelligence agencies are roiling and boiling.....the truth is sure to follow. "Did Bush Sign His Own Impeachment Warrant?" Brings up interesting legal issues


Anonymous said...

True, but if environmental regs are not being resigned by the executive on the Federal level, then perhaps some of these governors that have large factories in their states should take some responsibility for a change and enforce regs on them. This should be possible considering we have a Republican as the head of the executive branch of the Federal gov't, right, smaller federal gov't and more states running themselves. We need to become informed not only on politics but also on the golden rails of the gov't, money. We need to learn about what we're buying, and learn about the stores we're shopping at.

The Prissy Patriot said...

That is a good idea- one person told me if the American public went on strike-stopped buying ANYTHING for just one Saturday, it would send a very strong message. Prissy would certainly support such an idea. Thanks for your input, PP