Saturday, June 11, 2005

Prissy Looks at the Patriot Act- Hot Links

Prissy dishes the dirt about the Ohio Bush/Gonzales Visit...Everything you should know about the Patriot Act-link at bottom

Prissy's friends attending the June 8 Columbus, Ohio protest against Bush, insist she tell the whole story- since MSM will not. This President and Attorney General really are begging for a safe audience these days. Just because they won't bite or shoot, doesn't mean they like you......

The police and troopers attending Bush's visit, who drove by the protest after the speech? Well, Mr. President and AG, it gives Prissy much satisfaction to say that most of them gave her the thumbs up and wave as they passed her and her sign - so your speech, Prissy thinks-didn't have much lasting power. Prissy very much appreciated this. Here in Ohio, the applause you gentlemen received for your speech, we simply call "good manners." Even Prissy would allow her picture to be taken with the two of you-for the sake of history and Prissy's collection.

So ones political advisors shouldn't get too excited, thinking you have the military and police on "your side". Prissy's crystal ball says more like 20-25% percent actually continue to support you. You see, the contempt for your policies and those who uphold them come straight from the middle class that gets hurt by them. The largest part of the middle class now see what's going on, thanks to higher education that you folks want to cut out for our own children. We have brains and are readily able to see through the propaganda.

We are secure in our patriotism and loyalty to America, so using it against us doesn't work. We are completely American and we love American Democracy. We do not usually vote against our own self interests nor those of our children and our senior citizens, making us all the more suspicious of the election results. (Diebold, need I say more?) We will sooner or later, put a stop to them all of the policies of an eventual tyranny because we love our country and our troops. Did I mention we are the majority?

And after all, when the Feds give law enforcement the shaft (Prissy has seen that the new Franklin Co, Ohio Homeland Defense budget was cut by $1Million) you can't REALLY expect them to love you.

The way our military was sent into Iraq-untrained, unequipped without an exit, is unforgivable, but should have been easily forseen, considering who the planners were. Certainly none of you has shown your supposed "good breeding and educations" on that trip abroad.

Another fact apparently overlooked is that many of our police officers and other emergency first responders are also military RESERVISTS. Just whom do you think is left to pick up the slack while their co-workers are fighting your war in Iraq? Do you think these people who weigh evidence every day are OK with seeing their friends die for this cause? Prissy saw it all in her crystal ball of common sense... so did military experts you sent to pasture.

The protest held many precious moments, like when Prissy's friend, Betty "Boom-boom" Buckaneer, yelled to the nice policeman (Prissy was trying to hush her to no avail) "Hey Officer! The President is here! I demand you arrest him, for he has committed crimes!" The Officer laughed and said they wouldn't let him near there.......

The police and military, whom Prissy knows in her heart of hearts love our Constitution far more than they love George Bush, should also know Prissy will stand and shout for them when they cannot. And Prissy is a better public speaker than the President. (Of course, so is Prissy's 4 year old niece)

One Bushie who loves his President regardless of horrific blunders and possible war crimes, sat stone faced, as a passenger in a car passing by Prissy at the protest. Luckily, the traffic was heavy and stone-faces car had to stop, just feet from where Prissy stood, with her sign in hand. The sign said "BRING OUR (MISUSED) TROOPS HOME NOW" with the Military Families Speak Out website address. Now one thing Prissy cannot stand is unkindness, a standard characteristic of Bushies. So she turned her sign over to stone face. Because the other side read "GIVE A DAMN" Even the driver of stone face's car laughed. So did the Vietnam veteran standing near Prissy, who held a large copy of the Constitution. HA

A side note: Has anyone noticed there hasn't been a "terror scare" since November 2004? Hmm...what another amazing coincidence. Prissy's Granny says "there is no such thing as coincidence theory."

Note to Joe Biden (which is it R or D these days?) You will be on Prissy's List next week , when she delves into the foolishness of know little, talk a lot politicians who claim we cannot leave Iraq. Prissy thinks the military knows a whole lot more about war than Biden and she will give you their view of how a pull out should occur.

Patriot Act News A MUST SEE -C-Span coverage of Patriot Act hearing This article tells about the mental state of the nations top decision maker. Prissy wonders "Is this contagious on a mass level?" This will tell you everything you need to know about the Patriot Act of 2001. Nobody will be able to snow you after you have read the links from this site

Scary Internet Rumors.....

Prissy has heard of a plan for the Bushies to shut down the internet for a couple of days, just to let us know they can.....she will continue to investigate this lead. Contact her if you have further information available.

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