Thursday, June 09, 2005

Prissy and Other Real Patriots Shame Bushies by the Busload

Although President Bush tried to fly in under the radar in Columbus, Prissy and dozens of other wonderful citizens braved the 90 degree temperatures with high sun and high humidity to let him know we care deeply about Democracy.

There were people from all walks of life and ages. Well behaved children, young folks, middle age folks and some old folks too. It was truly a lesson of Democracy in action, as most folks may have come with different agendas-Social Security, Tafts Coin Probe , the 2000 & 2004 Presidential Elections, Trade Unions against outsourcing, the war in Iraq, one main agenda was in common, they wanted the President and his men to know it. We don't like the way Mr. Bush does business with our country.

MSM was there, one local station did give the protesters fair time and it was grand. As for the rest, one mentioned that there were protesters and the other only talked about Bush's great plan for us to all submit to his surveillance. While Bush was citing the virtures of the Patriot Act, he went on to brag about how the Act was used to get a certifiably mentally ill man to admit he was guilty of planning a terrorist act.

The man actually heard "voices".It would have been interesting to see how any lawyer thought this ill man could pull off such a complicated crime. No need for a trial when the "suspect" confesses.

Anyway-the Patriot Act. No. It simply does away with too many checks and balances. We have a secret court F. I. S. A Court (Google FISA Court), that serves much the same purpose-only keeps the checks and balances.

In a parking lot -surveillance is good-on my neighborhood street light-no thanks. To think Prissy could be bent over in the flower bed with a camera trained on who knows what is well over the top.

Prissy cannot help put think that Mr. Bush will not get his way much longer... Over whelming security at an event stocked with (vetted, still!) Ohio State Highway Patrol Officers and yet the protesters were kept and moved far, far from the President's motorcade. This went only to prove this Presidents unpopularity with the American people.

The President surely isn't as popular as Prissy's message, as she cannot begin to count the thumbs-up and waves from police and troopers leaving the Presidents speech. Prissy will be the first say security for America should be a priority. But with the United States economy being drained by the ongoing war in Iraq, we have been drained of the resources to deal with Bush's endless War on Terror.

Open borders, open cockpits, open water and food sources- but that's for the rest of us. Because as you can see, the men with a mandate are taking all the security needed to protect their precious selves....While they order unarmoured mini-vans to transport American soldiers in Iraq. The Administrations buddy CEO's at GM aren't doing so well, you see. (I noticed that didn't stop them from laying off 25,000 employees)

Prissy must say our law enforcement officers were kind to protestors for the most part. The officers were intelligent enough to see this group was no threat to the President and more importantly, unlike our politicians in charge of us all, they recognized our rights.

Site for the day, more tomorrow. Mr Bush and Mr Gonzales give Prissy the vapors... Reality based newsite


Tim said...

I applaud you. Bows, too!

The Prissy Patriot said...

Thank you so much! PP

Sunshine Jim said...

eya PP

some of the folks on the MRR bloggie were discussing you and the folks that showed up for the protest and we just wanted to give you a word of appreciation and thanks!

best wishes and good fortune to ya!

Sunshine Jim