Thursday, June 23, 2005

Prissy's Picks of the Day

A Note from Prissy

Prissy proudly announces that "high speed, indeed" runs in the family. Her 20 year-old relative, the Reservist currently serving in Baghdad, Iraq has earned the title "Soldier of the Month". Prissy honors the service of our military and other honorable public servants of the American people. It is in their honor that Prissy argues against their misuse.

For Friday...Perspectives- A Look at Why We Should Pull Out of Iraq

Political News and Fact Sites Take a look at ALL of the (so far) released Downing Street Memo's. Prissy predicts these will launch the administration and those who back them into a "free-fall". Up to the minute political news with reader input-one of Prissy's favorites,1595,266,00.html German/English newspaper International Labor Communications Association-Bringing together media and labor Iraq News Network this site is in German or English This is Media Patrol- for transparency in media" The newspaper for and about the Hill Robert Fisk is a journalist for the British newspaper The Independent Check out the archives of the former Global-Intel . Prissy makes no claims about the accuracy of this site.

Disclaimer: The Prissy Patriot is for educational and research purposes only. Prissy makes no claim to have any knowledge of any information not available in the public domain. She's just very good analyzing what is available.

For those of you interested in the future of America's Constitution and tips on what you, an intelligent citizen can do to save it- please continue to check out Prissy and this site:


hdtv nut said...

Thanks for the links, you have a nice blog. I found you at I'm glad you're from Ohio and I hope your views are rubbing off on other people there since it's such a crucial state. If Jeb Bush ever runs for president we will need Ohio bad since he's from Florida.

The Prissy Patriot said...

Thank you and welcome-the very thought of JB anywhere near another public office gives Prissy the vapors..I'll bet FL law enforcement is having them too! PP