Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Prissy's Hissy and The War on Terror Unspun

Take a look at what the rest of the world is saying about Iraq and America. At one time, America was a country who encouraged different viewpoints in the hopes that thinking about issues and debating them, we could come to some kind of middle ground of understanding. Something we could all reasonably live with.

Unfortunately, all I have seen since Bush took office is division running strong. I implore you to examine the facts-that is, statements and evidence -not opinions of persons now scrambling to justify sending Americans to die in a desert land as occupiers.

We are not liberators in Iraq, unfortunately. The Coalition Provisional Authority's own poll found out 98 percent of Iraqis view Americans as occupiers. That poll was taken while Paul Bremer was still there-before it really hit the fan. To educate yourselves on what that means to live in an occupied country-read John Steinbeck (1942) classic The Moon is Down . Its 100 pages. As Granny says, "Walk a mile in another's shoes, then see what you think".

Prissy's Points to Ponder:

1) We have a Commander-in-Chief who claims we must "stay the course" yet had no plan for post war phase, along with little cultural understanding of Iraqi people-and no exit strategy. There is no exit strategy. However, we do not own it, do we? It is not our country; it belongs to the Iraqi people, as Bush is so fond of saying.

2) Get your news from more than one source-you might find out, by looking at things through the eyes of a non-American-that most people want the same things the world over. It certainly opened Prissy's eyes. Be aware that things like finding clean water each day to give your kids is a real problem in some countries-so thank your lucky stars it isn't foremost in your daily chores.

3) Stop giving up your liberties to gain a false sense of safety. If you want to feel safe, learn how to handle a weapon (Prissy recommends Glock) or take a class in self-defense. For God's sake, don't expect our elected officials to protect us. (See the second page the unclassified Aug 6 Presidential Briefing-looks to Prissy like ADD got the best of them and somebody forgot to read that second page) Of course, a police state is the best way to prevent crime, but it is not what America is about. Give up your liberties and the terrorists have won. I hate to think a day can come when the United States of America is no longer the freest country in the world.

4) Push your representatives and Senators for a complete and immediate withdraw of Coalition forces. As an Iraqi/American told me, "I agree that you push for a withdraw in your presentation. The American presence is a big part of the security problem in Iraq-I know, because I have family all over Iraq. Look; it's going to be hell either way, but I believe the hell will last less long, with the Americans gone. The Iraqi people can and will find their own way."

The War on Terror

http://www.jihadunspun.com This is war uncensored, from an Arab perspective. If you want to know why they really hate us, this is the site for you. I promise they don't "hate us for our freedom". They will tell you plenty of other reasons, not for the squeamish. Read about suicide bombers, why they do it.

http://www.accessmiddleeast.org News from Israel and the Middle East

http://www.fas.org Federation Of American Scientists . Take a look at what a bomb would do to your city on the bomb blast calculator. A good reason to address and attack the roots of terrorism, not its methods. Terrorism is a "poor man's" weapon of war , used to bleed a larger or more powerful Army.

http://www.americanfreepress.net/ Claims to be America's last real newspaper-check out the War on Terror

http://www.arabview.com/ One more view of the Middle East

http://www.iraqdaily.com/ Daily news from Iraq and its ugly....

Other sites of interest

http://tvnewslies.org This goes over the news and gives you the low down on propaganda coming from the msm

http://www.intel-dump.com/ "For military analysis, stop by Intel Dump"-Time

http://www.currentconcerns.ch/ A swiss alternative news site-recommended by a reader-Thanks!

The Prissy Patriot appreciates sites readers think may be of interest to others!

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