Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Prissy and Betty put on the Rubber Gloves and Waders to Dissect the Bush Speech....Hot Links

By Prissy Patriot and Betty Buccaneer

Just a few of the disturbing quotes from Mr. Bush's speech

Our mission in Iraq is clear. We are hunting down the terrorists. We are helping Iraqis build a free nation that is an ally in the war on terror. We are advancing freedom in the broader Middle East. We are removing a source of violence and instability and laying the foundation of peace for our children and our grandchildren.

Quite frankly, Prissy has heard more than enough of this nonsense.

What he meant:

We took Iraq for various reasons, we as businessmen think they were good reasons. America needs future oil reserves and guess who's got 'em? Plus, we thought this was going to be a cake walk, so what if it wasn't. If we have to turn those people and their infrastructure into dust to give them Bush Democracy, so be it. The American military can do it and will do it upon my orders- I AM their Commander-in-Chief. It doesn't make a shits bit of difference to me if soldiers die-what do they think they signed up for? (Why did you enlist, W? -PP)

We make every effort so that you the American people don't have to disturb your lives for this war at all....we keep the dead out of the news as much as the press will allow...which is alot if they're corporate. (he winks)

Peace, I believe is through strength-but not the kind of pussyfooting means Jesus talked about. I'm talkin' boot stomping, city crushing brute force to bring these people the Democracy they crave. The wonderful soldiers and their families, who so willing give their loved ones lives for my cause-why can't the rest of you shut-up and act like the good Americans before us?

This photo op is going to be a great recruiting tool-but if not, there's always the draft. Sure the American people might not like it-but they should know by know I don't give a damn about the ones who refused to vote for me-even if it is more than half the country.

(FACT-The only ones he will allow into his vetted audience can practically recite the Bush "talking points" ...........even if they don't believe them-PP)

What he said:

And we know that this great ideal of human freedom is entrusted to us in a special way, and that the ideal of liberty is worth defending.

What he meant:

AMERICANS and ONLY Americans are entitled God's special blessing -see-we are the other "chosen ones" in my mind-what that means, see, is when I say a war's gotta happen, it WILL happen and our position is always just and righteous. Because we are America-see, that makes it OK because we say we value freedom here, and some liberty.

I say I believe in Jesus and in your mind that should mean I am a good Christian-because I am a man and I said that outloud.

Just like the negative American people who are against their own President, the Iraqis will see this President always gets his way-if I need to change some laws to keep your kind quiet, I will, and (he's laughing now) do it under the guise (now slapping his knee) to secure freedom and liberty for the American people. (stops laughing, now squinting his eyes) I'm hear to tell you, this President isn't afraid to do that.

Saving his best for the last:

It was worth it.

Prissy and Betty must wait another day to let our dear readers know what he meant. We fear the keyboard may refuse to behave in a ladylike manner until then......

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Dave said...

An American after my own heart, and indeed in agreement with the vast majority of the British people!


The Prissy Patriot said...

Thank God for your press and those of other fine countries-Prissy would have been lost with you!


Ranando said...

Great read and your right on the mark.


The Prissy Patriot said...

Ranando, Thank you very much, your kind comments are appreciated!

Regards, Prissy