Monday, June 13, 2005

Get A New Old Flag

Prissy will continue posts again on Thursday. One cute and nifty idea from an elderly neighbor of Prissy's ....GET A NEW OLD FLAG. Prissy has bought a new version of the original American Flag. Instead of our wonderful American Flag that is currently flown and now heartbreakingly, dripping with innocent blood-at times it is more than Prissy can now reminds her of young peoples funerals. So instead of our flag with all 50 states that Prissy and Mr. Patriot always flew proudly and well before September 11, 2001- the Patriot family have fallen back on an old faithful, purely American Flag. In fact, its the original 13 Stars and Stripes in a circle, the one flown when our America was full of promise . The dawn of a new day. Perhaps someday again, a new day will dawn in America and she will see how ugly war really is and what it does to the people directly involved-not the armchair warriors who would be the first to retch in disgust at the sights they would witness. Shame on them, in fact shaming them isn't enough, but Prissy knows that will be for a power far higher than any court in the land to decide... Prissy's wonderful new flag was of course, (and unlike all of the others in her local stores) MADE IN AMERICA-By the Elizabeth Ross Flag Company. Tell them Prissy sent you! Betty "Boom-Boom" Buckaneer is getting one - claiming she will fly no other until G. W. Bush and Company leave the White House! In Peace, Prissy


Anonymous said...

Prissy a link that carries the Elizabeth Ross flags is

Toad734 said...

Thats nice that most American flags aren't even made in the US yet they are trying to make it illegal to burn one.