Saturday, October 29, 2005

We've Only Just Begun...

(Children in Iraq-notice the old weaponry parts and trash around their little feet-rarely is trash picked-up due to security )

Patrick Fitzgerald told us yesterday that the United States is a nation of laws. He also said if he had failed to bring forth an indictment in light of the conduct clearly documented, he would have had to overlook the law. A former federal prosecutor interviewed on CNN, who has reviewed the indictment, said the case and evidence cited is very strong. He feels Libby will plead, no trial by jury. Prissy concurs, as it would be to Libby's benefit not to have Dick and others testify. Only God knows how many of them would be clinging to the fifth amendment... this would be ones of those times they, too, love the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Fitzgerald is not done with this lot. He also told us that he has only one motivation and it is not political-he is simply following the law. They will be barking up the wrong tree if they look for other motives. The truth is their greatest enemy...Unlike the Bushies, Fitzgerald can easily hold up his own record as a Chicago prosecutor for proof. If neocons cite their own record of truth telling, it would be a dismal failure-one lie on top of another.

Don't think for a minute this is over, if Fitzgerald is who he says he is-and I believe he is. If he follows the law, there is surely many more to follow. It is not gullible to believe the United States will follow its own laws and punish those who planned an illegal war. It is foolish to think it can end any other way.

Because if it would- the grand experiment of this free country and this government has been a farce, as well as its laws. Prissy would then insist Mr. Fitzgerald "throw his badge away" as it would be rendered meaningless. He indicted Libby because to do otherwise would have been sheer neglect of his duty. Remember, Libby is one of many indicted who have proved strong connections to this administration and the hazardous planning of the war in Iraq.

Once Fitzgerald is done indicting neocons, Prissy hopes the next president taps him for the next department of Justice Attorney General. His "fairness factor" puts Anthony Gonzales and John Ashcroft to SHAME...

Prissy will return later...she is protesting the Democratic National committee today along with their $1,000 plate luncheon. Prissy's sign? "RNC=DNC-Eliminating Iraq and Middle America, One Family at a Time..." and the other "Support Our Troops, Value Their Lives". Iraqis and our soldiers know Prissy does...The DNC/RNC needs to be reminded who they really work for. Prissy and other military families will continue to defend our defenders until those in power listen and then act accordingly.

Dear Readers, Seen a great sign or bumper sticker? Let us know. Thanks, Prissy and Betty.

Pictures from Iraq, from one of our soldiers. Thank you to the sergeant who took the photos. (Convoy in Iraq-yes that is the Bud logo )