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Right Wing, Red Neck, White Collar Gets Pushy With Prissy- Veterans Special Today

Bush salutes liberals and others who dissent....while wrapping himself in the flag....

Prissy's friends and family warn her...."Now Prissy, you must be careful- the elephant becomes very angry when mortally wounded." Now dear readers, you know Prissy isn't one to go around looking for trouble, as troubles are what she wishes to soothe.

So she was somewhat surprised yesterday in a parking lot, by someone appearing to portray himself as a Veteran.

A well-dressed man was getting into his car, parked right next to Prissy. Prissy noticed his "Vietnam Veteran" license plates and Marine stickers right away. He noticed the badge Prissy wore which is like this:

He said "I do not appreciate your peace sign." Prissy said "Oh? Well, I appreciate your service. Thank you." He said, "Well it sure doesn't look that way-liberals are NOT going to take over this country." Prissy said, "As the daughter of a Marine, sir, my family supports my right to freedom of speech. I currently have a relative doing service in Iraq. And I am not a liberal."(Although Prissy thinks they are very nice people-much nicer than Bushies)He said, "I see there is going to be a civil war in this country." Prissy said "Perhaps you are right and it's too bad if it will come down to that." He left. Then it dawned on Prissy that this "Vietnam" veteran was no older than she.....which means it would have been impossible to be in the first grade and the front lines at the same time....Hmm.

The Ken Melhman look alike best steer clear of where Prissy resides, as she lives in the last incorporated city in America which still allows free speech. The local police are not too hip about harassing people about being anti-anything-they try to stay out of politics. Besides, these middle class cops have buddies who have left behind their families, when they were called up to Iraq with their reserve units. So who do you think must make up for the loss of these reservists on the police force? Not to mention, God knows Prissy goes nowhere unequipped.....

Hot Links UPDATE

This is the best site for Veterans news on the web- Veterans Against the Iraq War Vietnam Veterans Against the War Citizen Soldier Veterans for Peace-Veterans Working Together for Peace & Justice Through Non-violence. Wage Peace! G.I. Rights Hotline-A network of nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations who provide information to servicemembers about military discharges, grievance and complaint procedures, and other civil rights. Call the Hotline at: (800) 394-9544 UK- Military Families Unite Against War

Oh this;_ylt=AlrBDcTKcctw5KK_oZkZpiYGw_IE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3OXIzMDMzBHNlYwM3MDM- DeLay, Successor Blunt Swapped Donations-Yahoo News

Excerpt: Tom DeLay deliberately raised more money than he needed to throw parties at the 2000 presidential convention, then diverted some of the excess to longtime ally Roy Blunt through a series of donations that benefited both men's causes.

Another excellent example under the heading "misuse of power"....

This is from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous-Prissy will say this is written by someone with many political accomplishments- some of which we are all aware of. Thank you for sending this to Prissy.

Background article:


As many of you know, we Democrats are getting ready for the '06 campaigns, but we have a few '05 campaigns to think about right now. One of these campaigns is the New York City mayoral race between millionaire and FORMER DEMOCRAT (until he ran) Michael Bloomberg and Freddy Ferrer, a nice and decent man around whom the party has unified in New York.

But there's always a catch. Enter Steven Rattner and the people like him.

Rattner, like Bloomberg, is also a millionaire. He's donated a lot of money to Democrats over the years, but suddenly he's decided to support Bloomberg in the race. An article in the New York Observer seems to say this is big news. Surely, it means Freddy Ferrer is faltering, the article alludes to.

So why is my blood boiling? If I've said it once, I'll say it a million times. Elections should never be coronations. Last time I checked, it's the voters that decide these things -- not how much money you have.

Now look, I don't have a problem with millionaires or their donations so long as the cause is right. What bothers me so much is this mindset that has spread in Washington and into our local races. It's the mindset that says: follow the money, not the voters.

Here's what we desperately need in this country: candidates who are good and smart enough to remember we're the real power brokers, and when our blood boils they had better listen up!

Well, Freddy Ferrer is listening. Now he needs our help.

It's a bad thing if Bloomberg wins -- bad for New York and bad for our party. He's cut funding for critical programs in New York while spending gobs of his personal fortune to gain support from folks. Ferrer has come so close to him in the polls because he's reached out and spoken up. Party labels aside, I know who I'd support judging just by how they run their campaigns.

And when Bloomberg was challenged to come to Harlem for a debate, Bloomberg declined --- through his spokesperson, of course! This guy is out of touch, friends.

So here's what we know. Bloomberg is a bad thing for New York. Freddy Ferrer is trying hard to win -- and win the right way. And things stink to high heaven if Rattner, the millionaire back-and-forth donor, represents the front lines of our party. He's doesn't.

We do.

A spokesperson for the Ferrer campaign said this:

"The Democratic Party is more united around Freddy Ferrer than the party has been around a candidate for more than a decade‹we can¹t speak for the people who Steve Rattner talks to at cocktail parties, but Democrats from Hillary Clinton to Eliot Spitzer to John Kerry know that Freddy Ferrer¹s fight ... is compelling to those of us who believe in equality and prosperity for all, not just for some millionaires."

But I'll leave you instead with a quote from Mr. Rattner:

"I think slavery has been abolished in this country and I'm free to make a decision [on whom to support] on a case-by-case basis."

If Rattner thinks slavery was the last and only issue good Democrats care about, then he needs to find whatever subway route that ships him back to reality.

It's time to stand up for Freddy Ferrer [].

Pass this story along, please.

Dear Readers, You must look at this very short cartoon of team Bush boys troubles...

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