Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Prissy Patriot Endorses Ted Strickland for the Next Governor of Ohio!!

Congressman Ted Strickland along with Vietnam veteran and former Senator Max Cleland today, at the Ohio State House Veterans Plaza, 12:30 P.M. Prissy had the pleasure of meeting them both. That is what she likes about her Democrat heroes -they are accessible to the people they represent.

These men give Prissy hope that good government is still possible, despite the mess the neoRepublicans have made. The issues Congressman Ted Strickland raised were the issues that concerns most Americans.

Iraq, jobs, education and healthcare for families are the main concerns faced by this country. Strickland has a track record of addressing such issues and getting something done to help people. He actually believes a public servant is just that....

Another public servant Prissy would like to mention also attendence was the 3rd term Democrat and Iraq War Veteran- New Middletown's John Boccieri (D)District 61. He too endorsed Congressman Strickland for Ohio's next governor.

In Ohio, our current governor is polling positive with a mere 15% of registered voters. Corruption is running rampant throughout the Republican party which leads to no voter confidence. Ted Strickland is a solid choice with a proven, dependable track record to lead Ohioans into a stable and secure future. He understands what the middle class needs are, he is aware a strong middle class is the backbone of American democracy and economy. He is even concerned about the voting process-he thinks Americans should be able to trust it!

The congressman has some interesting experiences, he is an ordained minister and has worked as a psychologist in the Ohio prison system, in addition to his long time comittment to public service. Prissy thinks Ohio will be lucky to get such a governor. Best of luck to Congressman Strickland. www.TedStrickland.com


cleveland.com/newsflash/cleveland/index.ssf?/base/news-19/112828014232112.xml&storylist=cleveland&thispage= Cleveland Rocks.... Poll: Taft approval rating reaches historic low

Excerpt: A database maintained by the University of Rochester, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and George Washington University lists 3,261 gubernatorial polls since 1958. Only three governors had an approval rating below 15 percent none in the past 15 years.

2.dccc.org/news/ney_golf/ From the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee-

An excerpt: With all of the different stories that Congressman Bob Ney is using to explain his lobbyist funded golf trip to Scotland, maybe its time he tried the truth," said Bill Burton, communications director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "People are sick of the backpedaling, the excuse-making and putting special interests ahead of Ohio families. With each new excuse from Congressman Ney, Ohio families have a new reason to look forward to November 2006."

And if this one isn't the icing on a neoRepublicans cake...


Governor Taft is vowing to remain in office even though he's now the first Ohio governor convicted of a crime.

Taft says he won't resign despite his conviction yesterday on charges that he failed to report numerous golf outings since taking office in 1999.

Prissy thinks neoRepublicans do as they please, not necessarily what is right....another 40 examples of this behavior.

citypages.com/databank/24/1182/article11417.asp From 2003- The Bush administration's Top 40 Lies about war and terrorism

Tell the neoRepbublicans and some Democrats to stop saying "they didn't know" about the false WMD claims....they should be explaining WHY they didn't know.

And this one at Kos really summed it all up.....

dailykos.com/storyonly/2005/10/4/9329/13361 KOS-Miers: Bush's Political CapitalOne Card is DECLINED

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