Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Bush Platform.....How Much More Will Americans Take?

The above photo was taken before the last election, but some things with team Bush remain consistent....

Prissy is still getting reports of folks whom would rather eat cow patties than admit they were wrong about team Bush. Let them blather on while the rest work to save endangered American freedom and liberty. They will soon have the status of poor soul who preaches each day to no one in particular, at the corner of Broad and High Street in Columbus....

The mainstream media, Democrats and especially power drunk Republicans will also be taken to task for the sins of omission and neglect of American Democracy. They have all noticed we quit buying their yellow journalism-they have the numbers to prove it. And they still wonder why...they think maybe the news isn't "entertaining enough".... Prissy cannot imagine what it would be like to purposefully fail to tell people the truth because of "investments". Even if those purposeful failures cost people their lives, like the war based on lies.

(Above photo from D.C. Protest) To know what they know and remain silent is unconscionable. i.e. Judith Miller. Speculation? Perhaps, but there is no question she shilled for the WMD theory. Thousands of deaths later, Prissy in no way holds Millers' action of doing time to "protect her source" in high esteem. If she is protecting a criminal who is in part responsible for this war, do the world a favor and retire that pen....Miller and Novak, along with their shilling for corporate government would not be missed.

For Ohioans interested in Honest Elections for this state-


Prosecutor Thought Libby Deliberately Failed To Intervene On Reporter's Behalf-

Washington Post-Test Results Cited in Delay of Mall Alert CDC Explains Why Local Officials Weren't Told for Days About Bacterium Detection

The Department of Homeland Security delayed in alerting the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the same reason, said Richard Besser, who directs the CDC's coordinating office for terrorism preparedness and emergency response. More than half a dozen sensors showed the presence of tularemia bacteria the morning after thousands of people gathered on the Mall for a book festival and antiwar rally, yet the CDC was not contacted for at least 72 hours.

DHS had no comment for this WP article. Need any more reasons not to trust this group? Yet another "coincidence" under the house of Dubya.....

Constant's Pations-(Why Dubya and Republicans have no defense for all the "coincidences") Invective is no defense-

Excerpt-What to do . . . if caught not cleaning up your room?

Plead ignorance about mom's rules:

"She never said anything before . . . "

* * *

The same thing is going on with the war crimes: The RNC leadership is pleading ignorance about existing statutes.

Kevin Drum of the WA MO wants specific rules on how to treat prisoners.

News flash: The rules already exist.

Constant- Thankfully, America's very own version of a human Lieutenant Commander Data...

From Jane's- Cash couriers' role in terrorist funding

Excerpt: One area of concern in terms of unsupervised cash flows exiting a country is that of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government has instituted a clear legislative response to the problem, including prohibiting cash disbursements from charitable accounts, banning cash contributions in mosques and the wholesale removal of cash collection boxes for charities in the main shopping malls. In late 2003, an estimated 40,000 of such cash boxes were removed from public places in the Kingdom.

And what have the neoRepublicans, so bent on "terrifying with terrorism" and "killing terrorism at it's root by taking their funding" done? Nothing. Lame Democrats and Tame Republicans; No Leaders in Congress Against This War-Center for Defense Information.

Excerpt: The bipartisan timidity was heartily encouraged by President Bush, who promised to veto any bill with amendments that impeded his war policy, including - apparently - the freedom to abuse enemy prisoners. It seems that the senators of both parties believe a toothless bill enacted into law is a better signal to voters that Congress is doing its work than a controversial bill that embodies what they claim are their convictions.

This sad tale does end with a ray of hope. Majority Leader Frist aborted further consideration of the defense bill, saying the Senate might resume on it this fall. The lame performance of the Senate's ostensible Democratic leaders and self-styled maverick Republicans could, in theory, sublimate to a real debate on the war complete with legislative action. Indeed, Democrat Robert Feingold, Wisc., has recently advocated US withdrawal from Iraq by December 2006, and Republican Chuck Hagel, Neb., has sharpened his rhetoric critical of Vice President Richard Cheney's vision of more lights in the tunnel. Neither, however, has said he intends to convert his words into legislative action, let alone cooperate with the other for a bipartisan effort.

Prissy must remind these willful politicians the people have said NO to war and bring our troops to do this and your job is up for grabs. It may be anyway....

2,000 Reasons to end this war and Honor the fallen-a great flash film... Sent to Prissy by a Coastie Mom-Remember, the U.S. Coast Guard is also in Basra.....

And Two More...sent to Prissy by one of our soldiers in Iraq. Funny.

And hooray! He shall save the day....Iraq War Veteran Major Paul Hackett is running against Mike DeWine in the Senate!

Excerpt: Spokesman David Woodruff, who served as Hackett's campaign manager in his special election campaign for the 2nd District House seat against Jean Schmidt, confirmed Hackett's run Monday evening. Hackett had spent the last month hinting at a run against Ohio's senior senator, who is in his second six-year term.

This guy thinks women with AIDS and lot's of babies in Africa, shouldn't have access to birth control to protect themselves from AIDS or from too many babies. How does this even begin to make sense? Versus...

This Progressive, realistic, patriot?

Major Hackett is a common sense choice. If we have good voting machines, Prissy predicts an easy win for him.

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