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Note To MSM: The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

Al Gore spoke about how Hurricane Katrina for a short while, "woke up" the MSM and how alas, they have gone right back to disreporting the news. Why, you may ask? Prissy thinks they do not wish to work, having gotten used to being stenographers for the White House. Much easier to use their stuff instead of writing ones own.

Prissy will admit that one of them said, "It is easier. Rocking the boat and insisting on printing the truth may leave you looking for a new job." who will take responsibility for this? Calling all real reporters and journalists...please pick up your pens.

And their Editors? Well, Prissy hopes they refer to themselves as neoRepublicans, as they are not Americans for the common good of Democracy. The ones who stubbornly cling to the ways of team Bush are an embarrassment to the American way of life. The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness is what they seek to banish.

Fortunately- and surely our global neighbors will attest to this...the American spirit is bold and free. Team Bush have given the neighbors the impression that bold and free really means arrogant and oppressive. International neighbors, Prissy's Granny says Dubya and his kind are just "showing their rear-ends" and are no more representative of the American people than was Mussolini of Italians...

They want all the power and none of the fall out that comes with absolute power. Team Bush could learn something from the highly controversial leader Ferdinand Edralin Marcos who once said...

"Leadership is the other side of the coin of loneliness, and he who is a leader must always act alone. And in acting alone, accept everything alone."

Hot Links

Prissy has said many a prayer for the earthquake victims in Asia-she cannot help but think this is more proof humankind has enough to deal without making useless wars. It is clear "acts of God" and natural disasters can cause plenty of misery. MSM says more than 20,000 dead possible. For up-to-date information Reuters- AlertNet-Alerting humanitarians to emergencies New Criminologist-A CJ Journal from the UK- You won't see this anywhere in this country-except on Prissy!

President Bush…perjury and corruption charges looming? From Sept 25,2005 Excerpt: But will Bush go down? Greg Szymanski

Although the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago is staying silent, it is well known that Fitzgerald is digging deep into an assortment of serious improprieties among many Bush administration figures, based, in part, on subpoenaed testimony provided by former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

According to whistleblower Tom Heneghen, who recently reported on, Powell testified before the citizen grand jury that Bush had taken the United States to war based on lies, which is a capital crime involving treason under the U.S. Code. “Regarding the Powell testimony, there is no comment,” said Sanborn.

However, sources close to the federal grade jury probe also allegedly told Heneghen a host of administration figures under Bush were indicted, including Vice President Richard Cheney, Chief of Staff Andrew Card, Cheney Chief of Staff I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, former Attorney General John Ashcroft, imprisoned New York Times reporter Judith Miller and former Cheney advisor Mary Matalin.

Heneghen, unavailable for comment, also allegedly told sources White House advisor Karl Rove was indicted for perjury in a major document shredding operation cover-up.

In recent weeks, there has been much controversy over Fitzgerald’s wide-reaching probe, which is extending far beyond the Bush administration to include what some have called “a wholesale cleansing” of a crime laden White House and Congress.

Fitzgerald’s investigation is said to be also centered on members of the 9-11 Commission, members on both sides of the aisle in the House and Senate and also select high-powered members of the media.

Whatreallyhappened claims this is bunk-but he has been wrong before-who hasn't? All Prissy can say is that the pieces of the puzzle sure seem to be fitting quite nicely....what do you think?

Yes Magazine Operation Homecoming: How to End the Iraq War

Excerpt: Ending the U.S. occupation of Iraq is the only way to move closer to peace and reconstruction. U.S. and coalition troops are both the cause of and the magnet for the violence in Iraq, not its solution. A goal that would help both the troops currently in Iraq and the Iraqi people would be to bring the troops home by January 2006. Setting a date will transform the dynamics in Iraq. Iraqis will start to realize that they are in control, not the U.S., and this will give them hope that they will be an independent nation with the responsibility to create their nation on their own terms.

If our military took the reigns and made the plans to do this, who could object? The persons who gave them possible illegal orders? Good luck-the people and in fact the world would be on your side... Tell your JAG's to do the research, if they have not already! To heck with him, Prissy says start packing, she will be waiting with the others for your well deserved homecoming parade...with signs and editorials in every newspaper saying "we thank our military for their service and shall never place them in harms way on a politicians frightening whim, EVER again."

Congress must get their PrissyBalls and take the war powers act from this president and his men. To allow this kind of power to be concentrated into one branch of government is foolish. To think this power will not be abused again is magical and childlike thinking.... Washington D.C Sept.24-2005.Yes, even the Grannies are raging at Dubya-See what one Grandpa (a Vietnam Vet) had to say in previous post...Prissy laughs with mirth if these politicians think they will win....protests ended Vietnam. That was well BEFORE the Moms, Dads, Grannies and Grandpa's decided they could surely protest better than the kids-although the kids do great protests too. Politicians must remember it is the families of these kids who pay taxes AND vote....the people will win. Here in America, they are supposed to. Al Gore Addresses We Media- (A good read)They always said Al was stiff-Prissy thinks they were wrong...he loves America with a passion. He is even-tempered and my goodness; I think we have seen enough of ill-tempered men....

Excerpt:In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, there was - at least for a short time - a quality of vividness and clarity of focus in our public discourse that reminded some Americans - including some journalists - that vividness and clarity used to be more common in the way we talk with one another about the problems and choices that we face. But then, like a passing summer storm, the moment faded.

In fact there was a time when America's public discourse was consistently much more vivid, focused and clear. Our Founders, probably the most literate generation in all of history, used words with astonishing precision and believed in the Rule of Reason.

Their faith in the viability of Representative Democracy rested on their trust in the wisdom of a well-informed citizenry. But they placed particular emphasis on insuring that the public could be well- informed. And they took great care to protect the openness of the marketplace of ideas in order to ensure the free-flow of knowledge.;_ylt=Al0u4eBK_B3ExgCv.wYgqdiMwfIE;_ylu=X3oDMTA4NGRzMjRtBHNlYwMxNjk5 Bush's pick for Justice Dept. job withdraws name -WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Timothy Flanigan, who faced more questions from Senate Democrats about his links with indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, has withdrawn his nomination for the Justice Department's No. 2 job... bold by Prissy.;_ylt=AtocRIeQdBXegCcPkaGvg68uQE4F;_ylu=X3oDMTA3NW1oMDRpBHNlYwM3NTc- Psychic seeks $25 million reward for Saddam

A Brazilian psychic is said to have told the American government where to find Saddam in his hiding hole...that conflicts with the story the Marine who said the whole thing was staged...So why didn't they ask the psychic where to find bin Laden? HA-If only this could all be a bad joke...

And one more reason Dubya's stinginess should make you mad enough to write to your representatives....Prissy would like to note there was more than just one country involved in this horrible natural disaster.;_ylt=Ap37XZGtr0yz4g8E.Bu9rjKs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3OXIzMDMzBHNlYwM3MDM

Bush: U.S. Sends Assistance to Pakistan The Sick Chickens & The Great Bottle Hunt-From the Truth Seeker-Excerpt -(Prissy makes no claim of accuracy, but it certainly is interesting reading-Prissy gives them an 60-80% on previous accuracy. Please do check out the links for more information about "bird flu"- for your protection. Prissy cares!)

Sometimes things are too crass to ignore, like a dead cat in your well. I have noticed that whenever the Bush people find themselves in a mess, they screech about “terrorism” and invoke National Security as if were a laxative. Bush is now slipping badly in the real polls; his ramrod, DeLay, has been nutted and Fat Karl the Eunuch is next on the line. If both go, Bush will be like a hand puppet without the hand and as a consequence, the White House has dragged out the terrorism attack props again. Only this time, very few people with the exception of Wolf Blitzer and Mayor Bloomberg of New York City are going along with the faked “subway bombings” that Bush was bleating about.

Just before he hit on that shopworn and phoney ploy, Bush was going on about the terrible dangers facing us from Avian Flu. Yes, there is avian flu in Asia and yes, it is remotely possible it might just jump into the human population and cause havoc.

Those who are interested in reading facts and not the pap cooked up in Rove’s office might want to check these links out: The Police State Is Closer Than You Think-by Paul Craig Roberts former Asst. to Treasury in Reagan Administration -Excerpt:

President Bush claims the power to set aside habeas corpus and to dispense with warrants for arrest and with procedures that guarantee court appearance and trial without undue delay. Today in the US, the executive branch claims the power to arrest a citizen on its own initiative and hold the citizen indefinitely. Thus, Americans are no longer protected from arbitrary arrest and indefinite detention. Toledo(Ohio)Blade Noe transferred coin cash before giving to politicians Records show deposits into personal business account

Excerpt: Columbus, OH-A Blade examination of the accounting records from Mr. Noe’s $50 million rare-coin venture shows a pattern of large sums of money moving from the coin funds to his personal business, Vintage Coins and Collectibles, in the days and weeks before the coin dealer and his wife, Bernadette, made contributions to Republican candidates ranging from President Bush to U.S. Sen. George Voinovich and Gov. Bob Taft down to Lucas County Auditor Larry Kaczala.

Mr. Noe typically listed the payments from the coin funds to Vintage Coins as "profit distributions" or "coin purchases."

But both of those explanations have been assailed as fraudulent by Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro, who has branded Mr.

Noe a thief and accused the former Toledo-area coin dealer of running a Ponzi scheme and making questionable coin trades with the state fund.

Ohio politicians, please stop telling people we are a "red state" Prissy is no "Commie"...

Super-duper and full of it too....(talk about magical and childlike thinking) "We're no longer a superpower. We're a super-duper power." –Tom DeLay, explaining why America must topple Saddam Hussein in 2002 interview with Fox News

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