Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Prissy Patriot Exclusive! Hot Links

Photo from September 24, 2005-March on Washington, D.C.

Dear Readers,

We have a special treat today. Prissy knows of this really neat poem. In fact, it is so good, people have mistaken it for Shakespeare. It was actually written by another anonymous blogger, Constant. Barbara Streisand read it at the Democratic National Convention.

Here is Constant's Poem:

Beware The Leader

Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind.

And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry.

Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded with patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader, and gladly so.

How do I know? For this is what I have done.

And I am Caesar.

When Constant wrote this, he was thinking of what Caesar might say if he were alive today to witness the mess neocons were making of our country....

It is brilliant, as is Constant. Prissy doesn't say that about just anyone.

You see, the very first time Prissy read Constant, she realized what she "thought" was going on behind closed doors in government was indeed going on.....he confirmed her suspicions. Only it was even a little worse than Prissy had imagined. Prissy usually sees the glass half-full....

Prissy has said "do not disregard a piece of the puzzle until you are sure it will not fit." Constant's pieces always fit.

Ms Streisand said this on her website about Constant's poem:

This passage, which is widely circulated on the internet as an excerpt from William Shakespeare "Julius Caesar" is, in fact, an anonymous composition, not Shakespeare at all.

"The authorship of this is important. But it doesn't detract from the fact that the words themselves are powerful and true and beautifully written. Whoever wrote this is damn talented and should be writing their own play."- BARBRA STREISAND

This was Constant's reply to the misunderstanding about his poem.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005 Barbara Streisand: Thank you for your kind remarks

Ms Streisand,

I'm writing this to you because, after these many years, my efforts to remain anonymous have failed.

I had hoped to champion the cause of liberty. I apologize that I was not aware that you had read my comments before the DNC.

I had hoped to remain anonymous, but someone found me.

I had faxed your PR-department a copy of a link outlining briefly who I was.

However, given the imminent disclosure of my real identity, I wanted to take the time to let you know that I have been through much turmoil over what has happened.

I originally posted the comments anonymously on the WNYC bulletin board, not thinking anything of them.

Then a few months later, you were reading my quote.

I didn't want to come forward because I thought the words spoke more on their own.

Given how events have turned out, I feel as though I have no choice to apologize for remaining silent. I didn't think that it was appropriate for me to claim credit.

After Matt Drudge posted the link to your site and caused a stir, I really didn't know what to do or say.

* * * Or 2005!

I simply wrote the quote from the heart. But someone has changed my words. I never added the "Shakespeare" to it.

My thought was that the words were from Caesar, as if he were speaking today. I thought that the world might understand the risks lying ahead about the Bush Administration if they were laid out in terms that were clear, but "from another era" so that people would be less "outraged" at what I was saying.

Sadly, my efforts to build a bridge between the RNC and DNC backfired, and I have a large swarm of people in the DNC who are outraged at this blog and consider it the work of someone who is wasting their time.

* * *

I am reporting to you that my continued efforts to speak without identifying myself have failed; and that my quote which you were kind enough to recite, had a far larger impact than I could possibly imagine.

I have been writing this blog over the past year so that you might take the time, if you so choose, to compare my comments to the syntax in the quote. I trust that professional linguists will confirm that my writing style here matches the style in the quote.

I have not decided whether I want to wait until I am identified by name, or whether to come forward now.

I am also aware of the Threat Response Unit and Threat Management Unit [TMU] briefings from the Los Angeles County; that was another reason I didn't want to approach you in writing. I was convinced that any effort to contact you would be rebuffed.

I am sorry that I did not have the courage to come forward when I first learned of what happened. I have been very upset at the direction of the country -- it is against everything Ihave been taught.

All I can say, by way of "thank you for inspiring me to write," is to dedicate what I have written in this blog to the Constitution and to you. Again, thank you for reading my comments before the DNC. I am truly sorry for all the heartache I have caused.

Constant, unlike any neoRepublican, any harm was not intentional...your reasoning quite rational for not taking credit right away. Prissy knew it was your style!! (But please tell Prissy if you decide to come forward, as she is wondering how close her profile of you fits-Indeed curious)

Prissy read your poem to Granny, who has studied such things. She said "I can see why they would think it was Shakespeare-it's that good. And it's true. That is exactly what was done." She is pleased to hear Bush and Cheney are considering resigning...

Besides the neocons and their supporters,she blames the media. She mentioned how Americans were uniformed by the media in WWII about the Japanese Concentration Camps here on American soil. Good point, as the media has failed American democracy,yet again...

Constant has written about Prissy Patriot too:

Prissy Patriot: Thank you for your kind remarks Thank you for your kind remarks, I thought I would post my thoughts here so that others could read them.

Prissy thanks you for your works.

Read the

Hot Links and more OpEd News-Non-partisan poll says 50% of Americans want Bush removed from office if it is proved he lied about his justification to invade Iraq.

Oh Readers, it is really getting good.....We the people shall prevail. Indeed, this is America....

Democrat- Top Ten Reasons to Impeach Bush,1,1538690.story?coll=la-story-footer&track=morenews LA Times-Airman fill Gaps (on the ground) in Wartime.

Is there anyone the neocons have not misused to their pleasure? Seized Letter Outlines Al Qaeda Goals in Iraq-Excerpt original in Washington Post

(Washington Post) - Al Qaeda's top deputy urged the leader of his Iraq branch in July to prepare for the inevitable U.S. withdrawal by carrying out political as well as military actions, and he lectured him that he risked being shunned by an Islamic world angered over his gruesome and not "palatable" killings of fellow Muslims, according to an intercepted letter released yesterday by the U.S. government.

Prissy is suspicious about this letter that was "seized". The timing seems very close to this plan below.... From Stragtegic Studies Institute of the US Army War College- Precedents, Variables, and Options in Planning a U.S. Military Disengagement Strategy from Iraq by Dr. W. Andrew Terrill, Dr. Conrad C. Crane Publication Date:October 2005

Finally-a rational disengagement plan-more than one plan, really-though not soon enough for Prissy...Prissy is running this as a "neocon" special....although it is certainly no "get out of jail free" card for them. Al-Jazeera (Unlike Fox, they have a code of Ethics listed on their site) Saddam trial judges 'specially trained'

The Iraqi judges who will try Saddam Hussein and seven members of his deposed government next Wednesday in Baghdad have received special training from US, British and Australian experts that included a mock trial in London.

Yet this jurisprudence is based on French and Egyptian models. Alrighty....Nor does this article mention that the plan was to toss out the rest of the cases he is charged with and simply execute him. (see yesterday's post)

And one more.... Blog Active- Gay website-Has a "who's who" of gay politicians- middle of the page. Lot's of Republicans...Self-loathing ones, apparently.

These neoRepublicans go with the same premise as Ohio's Kenneth Blackwell (R), known as "uncle Tom" to the African-American population that he personally disenfranchised in the November 2004 Vote....he had the nerve to send Prissy a canned email with "how well the Ohio vote" had gone...and now he thinks he has a chance to be another corrupt Ohio Republican governor. Good one Kenny. You always know how to make Prissy laugh at your unending absurdities....

Prissy's Quotes of the Day:

This Harriet Miers pick for the Supreme Court is turning out to be the most controversial pick involving the Supreme Court since...George Bush. " --David Letterman

"While trying to defend his nomination of Harriet Miers, President admitted he and Miers had never discussed abortion. Said Bush, 'Luckily it turned out to be a false alarm.'" --Amy Poehler, Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update"

"No, it's a real mystery, no one knows how he got into the White House, no one knows how he managed to stay in there so long ... oh, no, wait, that's George Bush, I got confused." --David Letterman

"Now here's some sad information coming out of Washington. According to reports, President Bush may be drinking again. And I thought, 'Well, why not? He's got everybody else drinking.'" --David Letterman

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