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Way to Go, Ohio....

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Something is amiss in Ohio.....again. "The Cincinnati Enquire Analysis: Closeness of race a surprise". Few expected Hackett's performance in GOP-heavy area. Prissy wants you to know that oddly enough, he lost by the same percentage that Kerry did, in Ohio 2004 about 1 1/2 %... (Prissy takes that back, the newer numbers show 3%-Unlike MSM-Prissy does corrections)

Update: Healthy skepticism of the numbers : Too Close for Comfort

His Republican opponent barely overtook Hackett, in this heavily Republican district; 64% voted for Bush in 2004. Obviously not happy with the Republican party, Hackett struck a cord with the people. Watch out this fall Republicans....the next races won't be such close calls if the indictments begin coming down ....

Prissy suspects Missing In Action soldier Keith Maupin's parents had some pull on this issue. It would be a terrible spot for them to be in, they probably cannot make heads nor tails of what is really going on with the strong emotions they must be feeling. Perhaps they are afraid what would happen if they did not side with the president and his policies. It is too bad they are experiencing this because military families who side with Bush unknowingly have their patriotism misused, as well as their loved ones lives when they allow the administration to hide behind soldiers families for support of his war.

All the while, telling the rest of us "If these families are willing to give their kids lives, what is wrong with you?" We are not dazzled by your title; that is why, Mr. President. Unfortunately, a letter or phone call is enough for some parents to be taken in. Prissy wishes to gently remind them.....Here in America, we are all created equally-sacrifice must also be equal and worthy. This war is unequal and unworthy of our soldiers, and least of all to the people of Iraq.

If Bush cared about our soldiers, he would have listened to military experts before he sent them into Iraq. There was no urgent need to pound Iraq. Allow Prissy to remind you that she is part of a military family. Her own young relative has but one life and Prissy is fighting for it. She does not appreciate the misuse of our military and our young people and will continue to use this forum to argue that case.

Prissy cares and wants them home now. The logistics of the situation in Iraq call for an immediate pull out as well, not just Prissy's heart...

Prissy's has great sympathy for the families of any MIA's. With the President and his men fighting for the right to torture others instead of adhering to our long held belief that the United States of America does not torture or incarcerate persons indefinitely without charge or trial, this does not bode well for any American captured by an enemy. Republican John McCain knows this, as a former POW in Vietnam for nearly 6 years, McCain looked reasonably healthy and fit upon his release. He isn't rolling over for Dubya on the anti-torture act either. Prissy will send him PrissyBalls to help....

Do you know why McCain lived to tell the tale?? Because the enemy had an Admirals' son and the Geneva Convention to contend with. Prissy will be saying an extra prayer for MIA's. Bush has made it more dangerous than ever for Americans to be anywhere in the world. (Don't argue with Prissy on this, she will send you the articles and links to back this statement-or do you say Phishaw Prissy, on the CIA, DIA and others who do know more than you and I?)

The people in charge are too short sighted to see this. Is it because they view the world only in the context of considering the next 20 or so years of their own lifespan? If so, aren't they selfish indeed.....

Will you have to explain in 20 years to your children why you sat watching reality TV while you gave away their constitutional rights as an American? Prissy hopes not. If you have never protested anything in your life, now is the time. Make phone calls, write letters and plan to attend the major protest September 24th in Washington DC. Protest whatever Bush policy upsets you, maybe they all do? :-)

Bring your children, let them see Democracy in action. No one will be there to cause trouble, only to let our political leaders know that We the People have had enough....And it is their job to listen and act on OUR behalf and interests, not their own. Attention politicians; Don't think for a minute the American people won't put you out....Who do you think put you in? (And if you cheat, we shall catch you)

Speaking of cheaters, liars and thugs.....Constant has some educated guesses about what will go down with the Fitzgerald investigation of the Plame Spy Outing. Prissy likes Constant's guessing, as Constant has a very high degree of accuracy in his analysis...keep your fingers crossed that the Constitution prevails... An exciting excerpt:

The indictments include to 9-11 government coverups and inaction. Many civilians are the subject of the indictment.

The indictments relate to civilian involvement and advice to the President in re war crimes in Iraq. The indictments not only mentions the civilian and military leadership, but the President more than once.

The Grand Jury has had access to unimaginable NSA intercepts of civilian and contractor involvement and obstruction and funding flows.

The evidence can be traced to Guantanamo. White House and DoD JCS have been linked to the obstruction. Subsequent cover-up actions and falsified evidence proved ineffectual.

The evidence is not only from US sources but also from overseas.

(Overseas stored in Echelon- probably-PP)

Articles Of Interest


Federal Whistle Blower Claims Chicago Grand Jury Indicted Bush And Others For Perjury and Obstruction Of Justice; U.S. Attorney's Office Says 'No Comment,' Refusing To Confirm Or Deny Alleged Indictments Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation into the Valerie Plame-CIA leak has now spilled over into Bush administration lies involving 9/11 and the war in Iraq, according to sources close to the Chicago probe. August 2, 2005

Polish PM: Iraq Nation-Building 'Failed' TALLBERG, Sweden - Poland's prime minister said Monday that postwar nation-building efforts in Iraq have "failed totally," but expressed hope that the country's different religious groups can work together to build an independent nation. (Do you hear this, Dubya? It's time to leave the place we never should have been....Dubya has been down that road before-PP),3604,1090724,00.html (Neocons cannot understand this concept-they only do black and white thinking, therein lies their problem-PP)A war that can never be won "Terrorism is a technique, not an enemy state that can be defeated" Jonathan Steele Saturday November 22, 2003, The Guardian Veterans for CommonSense

An excerpt: In a surprisingly rosy cost estimate of something which can't be accurately estimated, the Congressional Budget Office Monday released an analysis of what Gulf War II might cost in real dollars paid by U.S. taxpayers. Only they left out the most important part: the casualties. Oregon Live-

Excerpt: SALEM, Ore. (AP) Gov. Ted Kulongoski threatened on Tuesday to sue the Department of Defense if the government transfers fighter planes and personnel from the Portland Air National Guard base.

In a letter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Kulongoski cited federal statutes he said required his consent for such a move. "I do not consent to deactivation, relocation or withdrawal of the 142nd Fighter Wing," he wrote.

Oh my, what next? Will the sane commanders in the field just start packing up their gear and bring our people home? The military knows it does not have to obey illegal orders. If a war is deemed illegal, well now, there wouldn't be any point in keeping it going when the orders were illegitimate in the first place, now would there? This is a troubling article, but contains a name Prissy thinks we shall be hearing more of, when the pot boils over... Grover Norquist.

This is why people still allow Dubya as a presence in the government: They listen to his propaganda. Why would Dubya do propaganda? For the same reasons shady governments and leaders have always used it-because it works.-PP

Excerpt:Mr. Bush can not only use taxpayer's money to set up Soviet-Style propaganda events, but he can have US citizens kicked out of these public meetings by strong-armed stooges impersonating Secret Service Agents. That, at least, was the conclusion last week by the US Justice Department Attorney who said there was not enough evidence to prosecute an unnamed man who kicked three people out of one of Mr. Bush's "town hall" meetings in Denver this past March. The White House, by the way, refuses to release the mystery thug's name.

And here in the good old USA no one seems to give a damn. Americans Are Warned About Overseas Travel The world loves an American....for lunch. Thanks again, Dubya, where would America be without you? CNN - Fourteen Marines killed in bombing-Twenty-one Marines killed in three days; U.S. journalist slain BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- A roadside bomb blast killed 14 Marines and a civilian interpreter Wednesday as they rode in a vehicle near Haditha, Iraq, U.S. military officials said.

Prissy says that is twenty-one more reasons these misleaders must answer for what they have done to our military.....

And One Top military QC condemns Guantanamo trials (See yesterday- Three Prosecutors Walk Out in Protest-that's a REALLY bad sign when even the Prosecutors think the tribunal justice system is rigged-Nice going Dubya and friends)

From Australian ABC: There has been condemnation from one of Australia's top military lawyers of the process set up by the United States to try detainees at Guantanamo Bay, including South Australian David Hicks.

Let us hope and pray, dear readers, that the truth will set the United States free from Dubya's reign. Prissy asks that you do your best to find out what the truth is and pass it on....

Bless them, they are TRYING to help!-PP

"People do not make wars, governments do - and no mother would ever willingly sacrifice her sons for territorial gain, for economic advantage, for ideology. A people free to choose will always choose peace." -Ronald Reagan, Moscow, May 31,1988

That is PEACE MAKERS, Dubya and He was not referring to the name of an old gun.....

This Friday, read "Prissy, What does Propaganda Look Like? Prissy is going to tell you all about it...Her dear readers shall never be fooled again...

For Sunday...Socialism for the Wealthy in America or; How Come They Get Everything When They've Already Gotten Everything?

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