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Fluffy Flashback from Commander Coo-Coo Bananas

Quote of the Day-From Homer Simpson, talking to Bart after he got into trouble at school: We're going to send you to another school! And if you get kicked out of that school, you're going straight into the Army, where you'll be sent to America's latest military quagmire. Where will it be? North Korea? Iran? Anything possible with Commander Coo-Coo Bananas in charge! Even Homer knows, Dubya....

Dear readers, obviously Prissy did not get to participate in the Feb 2004 Russert/Bush "Meet the Press". It is a "flashback" worth looking at again-especially knowing what we know today...Here is the original link:

Just because Prissy wasn't there, won't stop her from putting in her "two cents" worth.....All bolds by Prissy, as she cannot resist....

RUSSERT: The night you took the country to war, March 17th, you said this: "Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised."

BUSH: Right.

RUSSERT: That apparently is not the case.

BUSH: Correct.

PRISSY: Alrighty, then.....


BUSH: It's essential that I explain this properly to the parents of those who lost their lives. Saddam Hussein was dangerous, and I'm not gonna leave him in power and trust a madman. He's a dangerous man. He had the ability to make weapons at the very minimum. For the parents of the soldiers who have fallen who are listening, David Kay, the weapons inspector, came back and said, "In many ways Iraq was more dangerous than we thought." We are in a war against these terrorists who will bring great harm to America, and I've asked these young ones to sacrifice for that. A free Iraq will change the world. It's historic times. A free Iraq will make it easier for other children in our own country to grow up in a safer world because in the Middle East is where you find the hatred and violence that enables the enemy to recruit its killers.

PRISSY: You are taking out of context what David Kay actually said, as usual- twisting it to justify your war. Did you bother to read your own recent CIA reports which prove you have not only made Iraq less safe from terrorism, but in fact inflamed terror the world over with your war? As far as the middle East having the monopoly on hatred and don't get out much, do you, Dubya?

RUSSERT: The Boston Globe and the Associated Press have gone through some of their records and said there's no evidence that you reported to duty in Alabama during the summer and fall of 1972.

BUSH: Yeah, they're just wrong. There may be no evidence, but I did report; otherwise, I wouldn't have been honorably discharged. In other words, you don't just say "I did something" without there being verification. Military doesn't work that way. I got an honorable discharge, and I did show up in Alabama.

RUSSERT: You were allowed to leave eight months before your term expired. Was there a reason?

BUSH: Right. Well, I was going to Harvard Business School and worked it out with the military.

PRISSY: NOTE to military personnel reading this: Get your applications in to business school, should YOU need an early and honorable discharge from the military. Who knew we could "work it out" with the military? Why, Prissy had no idea the military was so flexible with their contracts.....Bless their hearts. Write Prissy if they dare tell you "NO"....Prissy thinks you are just as good as Dubya, if not better....

Bush lies like a rug, as Granny says.....

RUSSERT: Were you favor of the war in Vietnam?

BUSH: I supported my government. I did. And would have gone had my unit been called up, by the way.

PRISSY: However, Guard units flying obsolete planes, let alone a rich brat with connections did not go to Vietnam-everybody knows that. So how easy it is to say "I would have gone"- thirty years after the fact.

You know Dubya, Prissy would not hold this against you if you had not started the same kind of war you had no intention of fighting yourself...Your mother was never a blue star mother.

Despite what the Blue Star Organization of Ohio claims-that is a lie, because you were never on active duty in a war zone. Gold and Blue Star Organizations are supposedly non-partisan and they do not wish for anyone to confuse them with Cindy Sheehans' Gold Star Families for Peace.

No danger confusing the two... these "regular" Blue and Gold Star families are willing to support Dubya to the point of their children dying and being maimed in the sands of Iraq for his "cause" . Cindy and many other military families do not. NeoRepublicans should be ashamed to even look at those families, knowing what you have done to their loved ones, taking advantage of their lack of education regarding the build up to this war and their patriotism....Shame, however, as Granny says, requires a conscious...

Sorry ladies, Prissy thinks you are grossly misinformed-which is just the way Dubya likes it....It is not your fault if you are not online to get real news... Welcome...this side is not elitist. So let's do lunch and she will give you the real story...Prissy does it in PowerPoint for your viewing pleasure....

RUSSERT: But you didn't volunteer or enlist to go.

PRISSY: Of course this fly boy did not volunteer for anything, except a beer run... (See previous post)

BUSH: No, I didn't. You're right. I served. I flew fighters and enjoyed it, and we provided a service to our country. In those days we had what was called "Air Defense Command," and it was part of the air defense command system. The thing about the Vietnam War that troubles me as I look back was it was a political war. We had politicians making military decisions, and it is lessons that any president must learn, and that is to the set the goal and the objective and allow the military to come up with the plans to achieve that objective. And those are essential lessons to be learned from the Vietnam War.

If so many people had not been killed by the actions of war, that would be a joke.....Prissy has heard it said that better men died in Vietnam. Dubya should certainly have the decency to show some humility for the soldiers who went because they had no rich daddy to get them out of that senseless war....

Oh, but there is more...RUSSERT: But your base conservatives, and listen to Rush Limbaugh, the Heritage Foundation, CATO Institute, they're all saying you are the biggest spender in American history.

BUSH: Well, they're wrong.

PRISSY: No Dubya. For once in his life, Rush "Pills" Limbaugh and the conservative think tanks are telling the truth. You are wrong-again.

BUSH: If you look at the appropriations bills that were passed under my watch, in the last year of President Clinton, discretionary spending was up 15 percent, and ours have steadily declined. And the other thing that I think it's important for people who watch the expenditures side of the equation is to understand we are at war, Tim, and any time you commit your troops into harm's way, they must have the best equipment, the best training, and the best possible pay. That's where we owe it to their loved ones.

PRISSY: Clinton left you with a surplus, more even than your Daddy left to him...Didn't take you long to spend this country into the red.. Dubya is telling "stories" again, Mr. Russert...Get him!

RUSSERT: That's a very important point. Every president since the Civil War who has gone to war has raised taxes, not cut them.

BUSH: Yeah.

PRISSY: "Yeah"? Yeah and they didn't spend like drunken sailors on leave, did they Mr. Russert? Dubya cares not if your grandchildren or great-grandchildren are still paying for his war. He will be dead and gone, so he thinks history isn't something he need concern himself with.

Dubya, silly, silly man....It is your heirs who will be forced to live with the legacy you leave behind. Prissy is so glad her own Papa Americana will leave no such albatross around the neck of his loved ones...she will be able to hold her head high. Your loved ones will carry your shame, forever.....

RUSSERT: Raised to pay for it. Why not say, I will not cut taxes any more until we have balanced the budget? If our situation is so precious and delicate because of the war, why do you keep cutting taxes and draining money from the treasury?

BUSH: Well, because I believe that the best way to stimulate economic growth is to let people keep more of their own money. And I believe that if you raise taxes as the economy is beginning to recover from really tough times, you will slow down economic growth. You will make it harder. See, I'm more worried about the fellow looking for the job. That's what I'm worried about. I want people working. I want people to find work. And so, when we stimulate the economy, it's more likely that person is going to find work. And the best way to stimulate the economy is not to raise taxes but to hold the low taxes down.

RUSSERT: Are you prepared to lose?

BUSH: No, I'm not going to lose.

PRISSY: That's right, and "win" you did. Diebold president said he was "prepared to deliver" the Ohio Presidential election to Bush. No kidding, Prissy just cannot believe you said it outloud...But cheaters never win....In the long term.

RUSSERT: If you did, what would you do?

BUSH: Well, I don't plan on losing. I have got a vision for what I want to do for the country. See, I know exactly where I want to lead. I want to lead us, I want to lead this world toward more peace and freedom. I want to lead this great country to work with others to change the world in positive ways, particularly as we fight the war on terror, and we got changing times here in America, too.

Oh Dubya, what can Prissy say? You are one of those people who cannot change their mind, because they cannot analyze new information and incorporate it into the "plan" to change course. This is one reason you are not suitable to be president. One of many.

Hear that O'Rielly, Hannity, Queenie Drudge, "Pills" Limbaugh and the rest of you blow-hards who could not hold a real job? Prissy does not consider spewing hatred to be a "real job". It is destructive to this country, not constructive...

These right wing nasties are having a field day abusing with their tirades upon a grieving, yet highly productive Mother. How dare they criticize her for hiring a publicist-she is getting 3-5 phone calls a minute....The world is interested in ending this war, as is most of America. She has every right to hire a little peace for herself-giving her time to regroup, rest and grieve privately with her God.

These men have no right to lay one ounce of criticism upon this Mother. The world and most Americans know Cindy is doing the right thing. She is forcing this country and this president to focus on the fact there must be an end to this war. Not years from now, but right now. NeoRepublicans are rapidly losing support. Get used to it, Bushies.....Your war is OVER. Read the Frank Rich column in the NYT today? "The War is Over"

More about Cindy....

As you may know, Prissy will be reporting from Crawford a little later in August. Prissy urges you to go, if you can. If you cannot, please try to send a small donation so that others may attend. It is a hardship, but a necessary one. See previous article for how to contact Cindy and friends.

Cindy may be a grieving mother, but she is indeed clear minded enough to refuse to accept the untruths which are responsible for her son's death. Cindy would prefer to face those truths now, rather than later. Simply put, she could not be fooled, grieving or not. Support for Cindy is only gaining in numbers, not falling or fading away like the Bush administration had hoped. Bush and Congress would be the ones with the falling support problem....It is dropping as we speak.

As far as the small number of counter protester, expect them to "flip" to the other side once Prissy shows them the facts, in PowerPoint. No electricity needed, Prissy loves Dell-most of the time.

MSNBC Latest Poll-Should Cindy Sheehan accept Pres. Bush's response and go home? * 22481 responses



Hurry, somebody RUN and tell Dubya-MAJORITY RULES!!! And the outcome, this time is assured

Prissy thinks someone needs to make Dubya write this a thousand times for punishment number one....

George W. Bush is a public servant now. George W. Bush is a public servant now. George W. Bush is a public servant now. George W. Bush is a public servant now. George W. Bush is a public servant now. George W. Bush is a public servant now.

Hot Links O'Reilly: I Would Execute Everyone At Gitmo- Must see video. This is the moron who attacked a grieving, but truthful Mother...he also settled a sexual harassment claim (she claimed she had hard proof and was not backing down) Remember too, previous post three Prosecutors have walked out of the Gitmo "tribunals", stating it was "rigged" and they refused to participate in this kind of "justice".

They must have gone to school with Prissy.....A Hoo Raa to those who love the Constitution and have the PrissyBalls to tell the neocons, "NO, this goes against American principles and standards of justice". Decent people usually do refuse to participate in such "trials"....we should thank them for being Americans we can be proud of. Oh my, soon there will be more "fires" than all the neoheads together can put out...way to go Sibel. We all know a human being can only endure this kind of fight when they have solid grounds to do so, but that doesn't make it easy. Thank you, Sibel. Another overlooked important news story, by the MSM.

This will be published in the September 2005 issue of Vanity Fair Vanity Fair Interview with Sibel Edmonds AN INCONVENIENT PATRIOT By David Rose

An excerpt:

Love of country led Sibel Edmonds to become a translator for the F.B.I. following 9/11. But everything changed when she accused a colleague of covering up illicit activity involving Turkish nationals. Fired after sounding the alarm, she's now fighting for the ideals that made her an American, and threatening some very powerful people. Halliburton Sold Iranian Oil Company Key Nuclear Reactor Components, Sources Say. You don't say.....take a look at the previous post which talks about how the neocons keep creating these sorts of "opportunities" so later, they can then have the excuse to bomb whoever they sold to, for possessing such materials.....Geez, Dubya, you must think we are all dumb. Halliburton provided Iran with key nuclear reactor components Excerpt:

Halliburton, the scandal-plagued oil company, that Vice President Dick Cheney used to run, sold an Iranian company key components for a nuclear reactor, Halliburton sources revealed. Editor & Publisher- Pressure Mounts on Novak to Give Full Account of Plame Role. Uh, Yes....what's taken so long?

Prissy says "Oh you hear that low roar that seems to be getting closer and closer? That's because it is.....Note the them: Now is not the time to try any "funny stuff". The majority of Americans will know next, how ugly it would get. Papers Increasingly Note Antiwar Views in Covering Funerals of the Fallen. Prissy and readers shed tears with you, at the unfairness of it all.. Dubya does not yet understand that Crawford will be his last stand. A sad excerpt:

It concerns the funeral of Lance Cpl. Chase Johnson Comley. The story notes that in a departure from the norm in Kentucky -- one of the reddest of red states -- some of Comley's relatives, including a few sitting in the front pews, have spoken out strongly against the Bush administration and the war that took the 21-year-old Marine's life. Comley's grandmother, 80-year-old Geraldine Comley of Versailles, described herself as a former Republican stalwart who is "on a rampage" against the president and the war. "When someone gets up and says 'My son died for our freedom,' or I get a sympathy card that says that, I can hardly bear it," Geraldine Comley said. She added that she would like nothing better than to join Cindy Sheehan, who has been holding a protest outside President Bush's ranch in Texas.

Hey,Hey- Ho,Ho- Bush must let our soldiers go! HOME, that is.


Do you understand that if Cindy forces us to focus on what has been done to our military and bring our troops home, her son's death will not have been in vain? I thought you did....I believe our global friends already know, as they have often experienced the horrors of war up close and personal. That is why our war of choice appalled them so.,1564,1679774,00.html Schroder Against Military Option In Iran- German paper-(Dubya thinks Germany does not understand war or terrorism) Excerpt:

Schroder said any military option would be "extremely dangerous" German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder on Saturday pushed aside the option of using force to contain Iran and its uranium enrichment activities, saying that military options were worthless. "Let's leave military options aside, we have already seen that they don't amount to anything," Schroder said during an electoral meeting in the northern city of Hanover.

Indeed, nothing but death of innocents, destruction and traumatized citizens. Let's not forget the tab we also cannot afford. Prissy is going to insist upon two things when this is all said and done. Let's ban the NeoRepublicans responsible for this mess they put our country in. Ban them from American politics forever and fine them heavily for their war; to reimburse us taxpayers. Tell Prissy, do you think it's time?


Anonymous said...

That should be brought up at their trial!

Good job Prissy and thanks,

Sgt. Rock

Anonymous said...


One MOM making a REAL difference,

captainplanet said...

Hard to read through tears, Prissy.

I support what Cindy is doing.

The Prissy Patriot said...

Difficult to write through them too.



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