Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Never Mess With an Angry Mother.....Especially When She is Justified

Cindy Sheehan has a few questions she wants answered from George W. Bush- and she intends to hang around until she gets them. The press asks questions; they don't get answers. Congress asks questions; Dubya just blows them off. So, who does Dubya answer to? His wife wanted a woman justice, so apparently he doesn't even answer to her.

Will Dubya ever face what he has done to soldiers and their families? Hard to call yourself the family values president when so many families have been destroyed by this war. Or will he continue to hide behind the military families who are still dazzled that "the president" wants to speak with know, the ones he uses for his photo ops. Cindy won't play photo op, Dubya is mad about that. It makes him look if he needed anyone to help.

Prissy would bet if she pinned Dubya down in a head lock, and refused to let him go until he would tell whom he answers to, he would say "nobody, me" in his Dubya slang... Prissy would say if you shall refuse to answer to the American people, you must still answer to God. The one you claim to worship. Prissy may be no angel, although she does try to be good; but she is glad she will not be going into judgment with your baggage.....

Another thing NeoRepublicans fail to recognize, usually because they get red in the face and start yelling liberal, traitor or what have you....anything to disarm and toss away the facts. This can even happen in families. There are many families who side with Bush, they cannot possibly be in possession of the facts which led to the war in Iraq. The mission was never clear, they muddied the water from the beginning, it's this, no, it's that...whatever.

The facts remain. Not one, not one reason has panned out that Dubya spoon fed the public for this war. He did not care the facts and evidence did not exist to support it, he simply cashed in on his popularity. When he cashed in those chips, he pulled out the rug from families all over the nation, he sent their loved ones into a war zone. Some are hurt, some are dead, some are fine physically, but will never be the same person again.

That is why Dubya cannot face Cindy; because the real answer would destroy every rational he ever gave for this war. So he has no answer for her or any of us. Bush took this country to war because he wanted to. Mothers and others will stop him from continuing this war....Dubya, we are going to keep beating upon your door, until you get our loved ones home.

What you've done to them is wrong, most mothers and military experts put it in language you might appreciate; We are mad as hell about your war, and we aren't going to take it anymore! We are coming to demand enough is enough, bring them all home NOW....

For Cindy and all the other Moms who are on their way to TX! Godspeed, ladies! Meet With Cindy, George- Write to give Cindy your support, it really means a lot, especially from other military families. RAW Story keeps tabs on Cindy and the reaction from the White House and politicians. Nice work, these intelligent young people are true patriots. Read their messages. Prissy approved!


Anonymous said...

Good article- May Cindy prevail

The world is on YOUR side!

Meghan said...

Amen sister