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"Just Say No" to King George........Hot Links

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Dear Readers,

Prissy wants to make sure EVERYONE knows about the protest that will be taking place to end the war on Iraq September 24, 2005, in Washington, D.C. For Prissy's global readers, it would be WONDERFUL if they could begin their own vigils to support Cindy Sheehan and our quest to demand an end to the war. (Please send Prissy pictures, so she can post them!)

Ohio Peacemakers: This post goes to anyone who has expressed interest in the DC Action on September 24, 2005. Please forward as you deem appropriate and productive.A 9-24-05 transportation check-in meeting will happen on Sunday, tomorrow,August 14, 2005, in Columbus, Ohio. August 14, 2005 (Sunday)15th and N. High Street (Main Entrance of the Ohio State University)5:00 p.m.

The Sunday Night Human Billboards Action: End the War!, Troops HomeNow!, Defend Civil Rights and Liberties!,5:50 p.m. check-in 6:15 p.m. Go out and make peace.We will have updates on transportation and organizing resources available from Columbus, Ohio to DC on September 24, 2005.

To Date: Three (3) buses are reserved for September 24-25, 2005.Deposit of $600 is due on Monday (8-15-05) for three (3) buses, anyone got that for a donation? Help sponsor transportation of Ohio-based people to DC for the major action(s).Send Checks to Community Organizing Center, 1192 1/2 Neil Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43201, Attn: Yoshie Furuhashi.

There is talk of Columbus, Ohio folks staying to be part of the September 26,2005 actions. Housing would then become an issue, so a housing committee would need to be formed. Has anyone found any DC housing resources, yet? Pass that on if you could!

Note: Stickers and buttons can be purchased at:

Hot Links Is Bush Out of Control? Oh what Prissy wouldn't give to see one, just one tantrum on national television. She has seen this types tirades before...and was not pretty.....

An Excerpt:

Buy beleaguered, overworked White House aides enough drinks and they tell a sordid tale of an administration under siege, beset by bitter staff infighting and led by a man whose mood swings suggest paranoia bordering on schizophrenia. They describe a President whose public persona masks an angry, obscenity-spouting man who berates staff, unleashes tirades against those who disagree with him and ends meetings in the Oval Office with "get out of here!" Bush slaps down top general after he calls for troops to be pulled out of Iraq Commander Coo-Coo Bananas slapped down Gen Casey? CCB must have forgot what he said before....

The thing about the Vietnam War that troubles me as I look back was it was a political war. We had politicians making military decisions, and it is lessons that any president must learn, and that is to the set the goal and the objective and allow the military to come up with the plans to achieve that objective. And those are essential lessons to be learned from the Vietnam War.

A lesson YOU never learned, Dubya. But your Daddy did. Why for the sake of America, didn't he tell you over and over why HE did not go into Iraq. It's in his book....Referring to why he did not go into Baghdad in his book-"there was no viable exit strategy." Prissy has yet to hear ONE "conservative" pundit address this..... Online Journal-The unholy trinity of electronic snooping: Bolton, Negroponte and Hayden by Wayne Madsen

An interesting excerpt:

The three key participants who have emerged as orchestrating the misuse of NSA and other U.S. intelligence resources to conduct surveillance of those who opposed neoconservative plans to invade Iraq and ratchet up tensions with North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, the Palestinian Authority headed by the late Yasir Arafat, and the former government of Haiti are Bolton; NSA's director and the new Deputy Director for National Intelligence General Michael V. Hayden; and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and Iraq and current National Intelligence Director John Negroponte. Hayden served alongside Condoleezza Rice in the National Security Council under President George H. W. Bush.

Law Abiding Ohio Resident And Korean War Veteran Has Authorities Illegally Swarm On His Property Just Hours After He Called President Bush A Liar On A Local AM Radio Station-Greg Szymanski August 13 2005- Is this acceptable to you America? Prissy would like to know.....Who are these "law enforcement" officers willing to break down our Constitutional rights? And WHY? How positively un-American....and scary.

MSM, The public is onto you, better start telling the truth before you lose them all....a reader letter to Vanity Fair.

Re: 'Vanity Fair' Rips Media 'Conspiracy' in Covering Up Role in Plame Scandal

As you know, some of the better Web sites call these types of "reporters" what they are: stenographers. And the TV faces don't even begin with the label of reporter. Maybe prostitutes, for the worst of them, would be a better name, Lewis Chapp N.J.

Speaking of Presstitutes, here's a pal of Dubya's, we didn't hear nearly enough about......A RAW Story excerpt:

It is now widely known that James D. Guckert, a(gay-PP) Republican activist, gained repeated access to the White House press briefing room and presidential press conferences from January of 2003 to January of 2005. He was allowed to work under the assumed name of “Jeff Gannon

Oh Dear!- How on earth did this happen, with all the supposed "security" in place? Read more....I thought the NeoRepublicans were against the gay lifestyle, since it "inteferes" with their own heterosexual marriages, they say. See picture below:

Take the GW Bush loyalty quiz....You can probably guess how Prissy

Prissy should have linked this yesterday...a must read. Long overdue, MSM....

New York Times Editor declares "The War is Over"......touche'

Prissy, Cindy and many others, including military brass have been saying this for quite some time now....Glad to see the MSM finally catching up with the bloggers...Prissy should not have to do their jobs for them. But if that is what it takes to get out the truth, Prissy shall rise to the occasion.

Good has come out of this, dear readers. Prissy has had the privilege to correspond with good people all over the world. We have many things in common, despite our geographical locations. We all love Democracy and hate corrupt politicians, hear that Dubya?

The Prissy Patriot will return later this week, depending on Dell. Dell needs to do a better job on the hardware this time or Prissy won't be so pleasant about it ....Please read The Best of Prissy in the archives for intelligence, military and new main stream media sites.....NEXT WEEK, Prissy reports LIVE from Crawford, Texas...Dear Readers, the news we shall tell...

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