Friday, August 12, 2005

Dubya, Why So Dumb? He Claims "Uh-uh, Ain't Gonna Be No Pull-Out"

Prissy loves those dear freeway blogger youths. She has seen one too many a youth who would much rather take spray paint and spray the name of some rock band or gang on the freeway overpass. The commitment and the creativity these young patriots have shown warms Prissy's heart...perhaps the next generation will be better than these living fossils currently attempting to kill off our youth. They just hate it, because you are good kids. Prissy would be proud to call you her own and she knows it is her duty and will fight to protect you all.

Killing off our youth is a sin, and Prissy means that. Fear not young people, Prissy and the others will get those bad men away from you....

I don't care what religion you are or if you are at all. I am positive this kind of war is one of the worst sins known to humankind.

Far more innocents are mutilated and lost in war, more than bad guys ever killed in any battle, anywhere....

Take heart, we all know where bad guys go when it's over-even when the "bad guys" are our own..... One day, they shall know nothing but fear, while the rest of us who are fighting now will remain free.

Somebody always has to start it....and Cindy is the mom who would be willing to go first. Probably the mom who was brave enough to go first, on the rope bridge and crossing the creek during a school field trip. Prissy will admit it, she usually waited to go second, especially if the mom were more experienced than she....

So yes, Prissy too will be reporting live from Crawford. Cindy went first, now it is Prissy and the other moms turns...and we shall go. But even the ones who cannot make it to the dust bowl of Crawford (where I hear most folks even there, are not W fans) will make sure we see him when he gets back to D.C....on September 24th, Bush has no idea what he is in for.....He thinks, neither do they...

We know you have a plan for dissent, just like you did for Iraq. Another plan that gives you and only you see, the problem is as much as your friends would like that to happen, it cannot. I doubt you are very familiar with American history or perhaps you would know the actions of women have changed the world many times.

Often, the change was begun by a lone women who knew truth and could take no more untruth. Which is why Cindy is being called the "Rosa Parks of the Iraq war". That is where you put Cindy, Dubya, so stop trying to make her look like the crazy one. I think we all know who the "crazies" are, don't we?

It is almost comical that Rush "Pills" Limbaugh and Queenie Drudge are picking on a PTA mom. Gee Rush, no wonder you cannot keep a lady very long. And of course Drudge should need no further explanation....

In fact Prissy wonders why they even let some of you anywhere near positions of police hiring, they try to weed those people out. Too bad you weren't tested like this, because Prissy is here to tell you, not so much as a cop job for you, honcho...

So- Are you going to take the fire hoses to PTA moms, Dubya? Women at least as respectable as the one you married , the one who gave birth to you and the ones you call your daughters? I can assure you we are ....and maybe then some.

You see, unlike them and because this is America, we tell you like it is. Even if you think you do not have to listen. I assure you indeed you do and will. You work for us, we do not work for you. You are a public servant. If you do not like this vocation, get another job....quickly.

We are trying to work with ya, Dubya. But you do not work or play well with others. Prissy bets your mom got dropped from "play dates" when you were a kid and not one told her it was because Dubya was a brat.....

It doesn't matter that 80% of Americans and 99% of the world are against your war. It matters little that even old time Veterans hate your war. It matters not that you failed to sacrifice so much as a "joint" for your country when it was your turn.....yet you were so eager to sacrifice today's youth.

Ones like Cindy's son, a former Eagle scout and alter boy.....good ones, who love their country, like the freeway bloggers and Prissy's own dear ones.... They have names for people like you......too many and too nasty for your ears, dear readers....

The vulcans know where Prissy stands now and so do you....see you in Crawford, Dubya....then I'll see you again in D.C. But you won't see Prissy,as there will be far too many people.....a whole sea of them. Young people, old people, middle-class people, well off folks and the poor ones too... we will ALL be there. We will tell you, as many times as it will take until you understand.....or we'll put you out of office. Bush lied to start this war, Bush continues lying to keep his war going.

We said bring them home NOW, Dubya; by God, we mean it.

To military families against the Crawford Protest....One mother said the protest makes her sick because Saddam was a bad and evil dictator who had to go. OK- whatever. Prissy says not as sick as you will be if your son doesn't come home....and sicker yet when the truth is known to all, just like Vietnam. Question: So what about the other 100 or so other inhumane and evil dictators ruling over oppressed peoples in this world? Answer: They didn't have oil, so their people were not worthy of being "saved"....

The hardcore Dubya fans are even turning against him, they know they have been lied to about the war. Nobody likes to be duped, especially if your loved one may lose their life over it. So what makes these mothers tick?

From The Denton Texas News- an excerpt about the Crawford Countdown

Davis said she has not heard of organized efforts to counter Sheehan's protest but that many military families wish it would end.

Davis acknowledged that she doesn't know how she would react if one of her sons died in Iraq. But she said she would still support the war because she believes Saddam Hussein was an inhumane dictator who posed a direct threat to the U.S.

My sons made me promise not to go off the deep end and protest if they got killed ... (because) they were doing what they wanted to do, Davis said. They volunteered, and they very much believe in their mission.

(Interview with Tim Russert was for real-the wording for the ads someone humorously "doctored"...Bush nearly lost it when Tim questioned him on the war, thus Bushs' answer. Russert answered the obviously enraged Bush with "Of course, Mr. President". Viewers could plainly see Russert was being professional, as always. Bush can be thankful for that)

And to the one whose sons "made her promise" not to go off the deep end if they don't come back...Is this mother, who supports this war and is willing to let her three sons die for it; does she know units are running out of ammunition or ARE out?Unfortunately for our troops, the other side seems to have plenty..... What is the payoff for these Spartan mothers who want their kids in this war? Very much believe in what mission? Staying alive without bullets in a war zone? Indeed, what a mission. So you do not have a problem with the president taking advantage of your sons patriotism and putting their lives on the line for lies?

Could the "payoff" could be the Government life insurance benefit? Dubya thinks everyone has their price (since he does) and a couple hundred thousand can shut some people up or even make them your best friend......Some will go on TV and tell the world how wonderful the war is and that the rest of us must learn to like it... Greed is the mantra of the NeoRepublican party.....Talk about sickening.....

The Prissy Patriot will return Sunday


Anonymous said...

Bring them home NOW

Thank you for standing up for military families.

No mother who knows the truth could stand by and do nothing.

See you in DC, W

Military Mom

Anonymous said...

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BlondebutBright said...

I like your name too, and think you've got a great thing going here. Keep it up, I'll be back!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the work you're doing and please know that you have lots of support!

Prissy Patriot said...

Thank you, your support means so much!

Getting the truth out is "hard", just ask Dubya....hee,hee.