Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Things You Can Do, Pass It On....For One

Let's all gather round and think of chants to say in Washington D.C. Betty and I are making posters with pictures of pitch forks and torches. Just like in the days of old when the people had to go and give their government a reminder of who their "elected" officials really work for. As you know, Prissy will be reporting from Crawford Texas, next week. You will know first hand just what is going on down there. Prissy will post pictures and even take "fact sheets" to hand to our counter-protesting "friends".

Prissy is sure, with facts in hand, many more will be changing their mind about this war. Many already have.George Walker Bush, We the People have spoken. Now you have a decision to make; do the will of the people or tell the world we no longer have a Democracy. You are ignoring the will of the people.

Gauging by the amount of mail Prissy is getting from her neoRepublican representatives (for a while, drunk on power, they did not bother to respond)they are finally aware, the writing is on the wall. These "nervous Nellies" are just moments from defecting, as they should be, if they want to keep their jobs....or perhaps they will win a spot on Prissy's "Banned from Politics for Life" list....

Dubya, we do not trust your "hard" decisions; EVERY ONE of them has been wrong. Tell us one thing about this war that has turned out to be truthful......

Hot Links for Today


Here is the place to find out who to write to. Only it's the GOP's site! I give the deviants credit, they are organized. We can use their stuff...for the greater good.

Speaking of out-of-date jerks, Dubya does it again. Folks, they are leaving us with quite a mess to clean up after they are kicked out... USA Today Roberts scoffed at equal-pay theory -In 1984 memo, he called idea ‘radical' "RADICAL?" The notion that women deserve equitible pay and/or rights is hardly radical...No wonder neoRepublican women hate sex ,except the unmarried "Tranny" Annie Coulter. Who wouldn't with these kinds of attitudes in their men? Granny, of all people, exclaims "Progressive Men Make Better Lovers"! usatoday.com/printedition/news/20050816/a_roberts16.art.htm

nhgazette.com/articles/ED_neal_boortz22.html New Hampshire Gazette-Yet another Chickenhawk friend of Dubya's disrespecting our Veterans-The Gazette let him have it for referring to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a "crutch"....Prissy can only hope God will change your heart-or give you the alternative-quickly...An excerpt, with the Gazette giving it back to this Chickenhawk:

“He jests at scars,” wrote Shakespeare, “that never felt a wound.” Neal Boortz, an Atlanta- based talk show host who refers to himself as “The High Priest of the Church of the Painful Truth,” may find his own scoffing about disabled veterans coming back to wound him. Anyone morbid enough to have kept up with the news these past few years—and impoverished enough not to be a major stakeholder in the Carlyle Group, or receiving deferred compensation from Halliburton—was treated to the sight of an administration furiously engaged in the construction of an entirely faith-based case for war.

Faith-based case for war....nicely said. The NH Gazette loves America and her Veterans!

mfso.org/ Prissy spoke with Nancy Lesson, one founder of Military Families Speak Out the other day. She said more there are now 2,500 families in membership and the organization is growing by about 20 families per day. A lot of folks had not heard of msfo, thanks to the MSM keeping it a "secret society"....One interesting fact-The Stars and Stripes ,a military newspaper advertises MSFO. Now THAT is what Prissy calls progress.....kudos to S&S.

peacefultomorrows.org/#threeyearslater 911 Families for Peaceful Tommorrows- is an organization founded by family members of those killed on September 11th who have united to turn our grief into action for peace....Guess who else stands with Cindy! More families informed enough to realize that they have been lied to......neoRepublicans, do tell Prissy...What makes you believe the American people cannot stop your war machine? We can, we must and we shall.....

From US Army War College publication: Law Vs. War: Competing Approaches to Fighting Terrorism. July 2005- An excerpt from Michael German's "Squaring the Error":

German was a Special Agent for the FBI. Taught counterterrorism and has infiltrated supremacist and militia groups, as an undercover investigator.

Osama bin Laden shortly after 9/11: "I tell you freedom and human rights in America are doomed. The U.S. Government will lead the American people-and the west in general-into an unbearable hell and a choking life.".....More

As former Weather Underground(terrorist org) member Brian Flanagan said in a recent documentary, "if you think that you have the moral high-ground....you can do some really dreadful things." That goes for both sides. Respect for the rule of law, international conventions and treaty obligations will not make us weaker, it will engender international cooperation and good will that make it impossible for extremist movements to prosper. I have heard commentators suggest that we are losing the propaganda battle in the Middle East, but that misses the point entirely. The term "propaganda" connontes a fabrication or a spinning of the facts to support one's position, and that is exactely what we must not do. In a battle for legitimacy, honesty and accountability are the most effective ammunition.

Terrorism will never go away, and free and open societies will always be especially vulnerable. But we do not win by becoming less free and less open. Ironically, al Qaeda does not have the power to destroy the United States of America. But we do.

There you have it, from a real expert in terrorism, not from a business man.

And One More....

larouchepub.com/other/2005/3232vs_cheney_war.html Executive Intelligence Review-Backlash Builds Against Cheney's `Guns of August' If this won't make you get out and protest, my fellow Americans, nothing will...because they are going to get us ALL killed.... A very scary excerpt from the dark underbelly of the neoRepublican party:

.....a Washington policy brawl has erupted into public view, over the Bush Administration's now-confirmed contingency plans to stage a pre-emptive military strike against Iran—possibly using nuclear weapons. The report that Vice President Dick Cheney had tasked the Strategic Command (STRATCOM) to develop military contingencies for a massive aerial bombardment campaign against Iran, in the event of a new 9/11 attack, was first revealed in The American Conservative magazine's Aug. 1 edition. The story highlighted the likely use of nuclear weapons, and the widespread military opposition to the pre-emptive nuclear war scheme.

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