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Bush/Cheney/Others to be Indicted...

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The picture Prissy used here is obviously not credible, as they would never all be put into the same cell in a real jail......

If you listened to the radio show a reader posted to Prissy yesterday, what a treat to hear investigative reporter Tom Flocco talk about the coming indictments. If they keep the archived shows online the site This is a Cincinnati, Ohio station, Prissy is proud to report. It was the Sunday evening program 10 EST.


And there's more analysis! An excerpt from Citizen Spook:

Monday, August 08, 2005

TREASONGATE: The US Attorney General's Office AND President Bush Have NO LEGAL AUTHORITY To Remove Patrick Fitzgerald As Special Counsel The Attorney General, Acting Attorney General or any other officer of the Department of Justice has NO LEGAL AUTHORITY to remove Special Counsel Fitzgerald from the Treasongate investigation or prosecution-- AND -- President Bush does NOT have the legal authority to fire Patrick Fitzgerald in his capacity as "Special Counsel"

Note from Prissy: Citizen Spook is a Blogosphere attorney licensed to practice in the federal courts of the USA. Spook cites material very well.

Prominent Chicago Judicial Watch SHERMAN H. SKOLNICK Dog Claims U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens In Chicago To Mediate Resolution Concerning Grand Jury Indictments Against Bush And Other High-Level Officials. Prissy has found him incredibly credible...

Also on Arctic Beacon- Journalist Tom Flocco Stands By His Story That Bush And Others Indicted But Retracts Story About Potential Firing Of Chicago Special Prosecutor Investigave reporter released story about the firing of U.S. Federal Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald by mistake over on line mix up with web master. August 8, 2005 -By Greg Szymanski

Mr. Flocco has his reputation on the line with this story, and said he wouldn't put it out there if his sources were not pristine. After listening to his remarks, and putting Prissy's education to work, checking for inaccuracies, inconsistencies in his statements . He is telling what he knows to be true, is Prissy's conclusion.

If nothing happens, Prissy will be applying for her college tuition money back, because that would mean the American criminal justice system is not even real....

According to Flocco, the information he received was from three highly reliable sources. His sources were legal reporter Sherman H. Skolnick, American intelligence agents and the other was witness who gave testimony. Flocco also noted it appears the five or six grand juries involved are looking to "clean house" and do a complete mop down in American politics. They are thoroughly disgusted by just how far the corruption has spread....

Part of an article left on Prissy by Sherman (read the rest under yesterday's comments by readers) As Granny says, "Truth is always stranger than fiction". Thank you to Sherman for his post, an excerpt:

History repeats. Yet, some in the younger generations do not have the time or patience to look back.

In the fall of 1973, a Special Prosecutor, on the track of the Watergate Affair, had compiled witnesses and evidence, which some contend was leading to the prosecution of President Richard M. Nixon for various Federal Criminal offenses.

Nixon had two options:

(A) He could have his attorneys put together a lawyer-like defense, based supposedly on the law and the facts. [As a stooge and scapegoat for the ultra-rich, he might do that. His bosses, the Ruling Elite, however, rely instead on the Big Fix, blackmail, terror, bribery, political murder.]

(B) Whatever presidential power Nixon supposed he had, he might use to "chop off the heads" of the prosecutorial team---all of them.

The result was called "The Saturday Night Massacre". After August, 1974, when Nixon resigned facing Impeachment, some smaller newspapers carried the statement of the Foreman of a Federal Grand Jury. The Grand Jury, he said, had voted True Bills, Federal Criminal Indictments, against Nixon. But, the Justice Department warned the Foreman and the Grand Jurors, that if the indictment was released, they would be greatly harmed and the federal authorities would not protect them, according to the Foreman.

Connecting the dots might show what choices the Occupant and Resident of the White House, George W. Bush, has, if at all.

Watergate is history. If the lessons of history are not learned (and you know Dubya didn't learn anything in school) fools are doomed to repeat them. These fools thought they could out trick "Tricky Dick" Nixon.....and not get caught.

Flocco tells us one jury he is aware of is referred to as a "runaway jury" other words, they don't wait for the prosecutors cues on questions, they have their OWN for the witnesses....would it surprise you to know this particular jury is alleged by Flocco to be comprised of mostly smart women? Oh me, Oh my......Prissy's Papa Americana always said there is nothing worse than being questioned by a group of smart women-in his case numerous Aunts-to him, that was as far as torture should ever go...

Hot Links-Dedicated to Troops and Other People Hurt by the NeoCons May God grant them peace.....

Chicago Sun Times-Ohio Families Reeling After battalion Loses 21 in 6 Days

The blood is on the hands of those putting our soldiers in harms way. They will be held accountable for this, eventually. The families who continue to support this war, they continue to hide behind. Prissy feels deep sympathy for these families,as they could not possibly be armed with all the facts.....these soldiers died for their country, yet their country misused them, their families and their loyalty to America. Even if the families do not believe this today, they will in twenty years...look no further than Vietnam for a perfect example. Only this time it was even more purposeful and deliberately orchestrated for profit of a few, by a few. An excerpt:

Palmer said she and her husband, Paul Schroeder, last spoke with their son about a week ago. He said he was tired of flushing insurgents out of the same places, just to have them reappear with better weapons.

He said the closer they got to the time to come home, the less it was worth it, she said.

Yes, indeed...PP

Donald Morgan, 21, of Parma Heights, another Cleveland suburb, just finished a tour of duty and is planning to re-enlist. He had yet to serve in Iraq but said going was "not a problem."

"All Marines are brothers," he said, placing two flags amid flowers, crosses and stuffed animals at display outside battalion headquarters. "I only took a moment to reflect on it. We all have a job to do."

Prissy says this young man is a PTSD case in the making...he says he only "took a moment to reflect" on his fellow Marines deaths, at the same time saying going to Iraq was "not a problem" although he hasn't actually been there....Write Prissy when you get back, she will pray you can. She also bets a taste of real combat won't leave you yearning for more......Do you see what you've done, Dubya?

Remind Prissy to add this guy to the list of Dubya's appointees who must go when we clean house. This guy is no prosecutor, he is a politician. He claims the cops are giving the public too much information.....Prissy notes with much sarcasm- Oh my yes- police are known the world over for giving the public too much information.... Prosecutor won't take sheriff's cases after row over info release -By The Associated Press -08.06.05

An excerpt: PENSACOLA, Fla. The U.S. attorney for much of north Florida has stopped working on cases with the Escambia County Sheriff's Office because he says it releases too much information to the public and media.

The sheriff has made it clear that he cannot and does not intend to abide by the local court rules, Miller said. We have mutually decided that we cannot work together.

Chief Deputy Larry Smith said Miller has misinterpreted the court rule and that his disclosure limits would violate Florida's public-records laws.

Releasing such details violated the court rule and is punishable as criminal contempt, Miller wrote in a letter to McNesby. As a result, Miller refused to prosecute the suspects.

Miller's predecessor, Michael Patterson, said he saw nothing unusual about the information disclosed in that case.

The sheriff, as an elected law enforcement official, has an obligation to help protect the public safety by keeping the public informed about crime in the community, said Patterson, now in private practice. From- Time Bomb 2000

Citizen Spook has interviewed a representative of Randy Sanborn's office at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse in Chicago where the Fitzgerald investigation is headquartered. Randy Sanborn is the official spokesperson for the US Attorney's Office in the Northern District of Illinois. Sanborn is also the official spokesperson for Patrick Fitzgerald Citizen Spook...who lays it all out nicely, with United States Code and press citations

In Part 1 of this report, Citizen Spook analyzed 18 USC 793, the United States Code provision which provides the most direct route to convictions for Patrick Fitzgerald in the Treasongate/Valerie Plame affair.

In this follow up, we are going to discuss 18 USC 794 which deals directly with Treason and the death penalty. And One More...This is for two American Heroes, Mother and Son.....,1282,-5196039,00.html Mom of Slain GI Holds Vigil in Crawford- From the UK Guardian "I'm angry. I want the troops home", Cindy Sheehan, 48, of Vacaville, Calif., who staged a protest that she vowed on Sunday to continue until she can personally ask Bush:" Why did you kill my son? What did my son die for?"

NOTE to Dubya: As a Military Families Speak Out member, Prissy has heard first hand there is quite an entourage of reporters from all over the world stationed right along side Cindy in her quest.... Prissy will be down there to assist should you continue to hide from your responsibility. Maybe your own mother will come and talk with the military moms.....but then, she has never been a Blue or Gold star mom, now has she?

Dubya, send your drones out to talk again once Prissy gets that she may laugh at the absurdity of what they spew and ask if they truly believe that in their own minds. And if so, how do they continue to justify it when expert opinion continues to defy them, as does the reality on the ground.

Did these non-military business majors consider themselves experts on war? He who has eyes, let him see.

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