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Prissy's Propaganda Special

Today we will take a look at propaganda and its effects on people. When someone says, "Oh, that's just propaganda", you, dear readers will know for sure. Last spring Prissy took a college class on persuasion, including propaganda and the ethics involved in propaganda. Prissy Patriot readers will not "get fooled again"....

From Persuasion: Reception and Responsibility - Charles U. Larson(2004)

Originally the term propaganda was associated with the efforts of the Roman Catholic church to persuade people to accept the church's doctrine. Such efforts were institutionalized in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV when he created the Sacred Congregation for Propagating the Faith. The word propaganda soon came to designate not only institutions seeking to propagate a doctrine itself and the communication techniques employed......

Propaganda is a campaign of mass persuasion, an organized, continuous effort to persuade a mass audience, primarily using the mass media....Propaganda is the intentional use of suggestion

(Linking 911, the War in Iraq, bin Laden connection that could not be confirmed by intelligence sources- besides the White House and Tony Blair-Prissy's example), irrelevant emotional appeals

(Such as using the little girl in a commercial after she lost her mother in 911, for re-election-President "made that little girl feel safe"..Too bad it happened on Bush's lazy watch...See previous post-Page 2-Aug 6,2001 presidential Daily Briefing-PP),

and pseudoproof to circumvent rational decision-making processes (see Chase,1956; Wekmeister, 1957)

Again, 911 was used as a rational, along with the claim Iraq had WMD's, were part of the presidents request granted by Congress allowing for the Authorization to Use Military Force in Iraq..All the while, telling the public about the "Mushroom cloud" "45 minutes to attack Great Britain", you know the drill. Surely by now, we ALL know 911 had nothing to do with Saddam Hussein, even Dubya has publicly been forced to admit this.

Do they fancy themselves as "demagogues"? They are known for unethical use of propaganda. The definition of demagogue: Used to be known as a champion of the common person in ancient Greece. Not anymore..usually refers to a negative and unethical communicator.

More From the above mentioned text:

1. A demagogue wields popular or mass leadership over a number of people.

2. ..excerts primary influence through the medium of the spoken word-through public speaking-whether directly to an audience or by means of radio or television.

3. ..relies heavily on propaganda defined in the negative sense of intentional use of suggestion, irrelevant emotional appeals, and pseudoproof to circumvent rational decision-making process.

4. ...capitalizes on the availability of a major contemporary social issue or problem.

5. A demagogue is hypocritical; the social cause serves as a front or persuasive leverage point, but the actual primary motive is selfish interest and personal gain.

(bold by Prissy)

Infamous Example of Propaganda from Gulf War I (from Bush Sr.'s "Office of Special Plans"-only they got caught by the press and it was disbanded...again)

Infamous propaganda article: by United Press International: "Iraq fighters take Kuwaiti babies out of incubators, left to die on floor" Remember the first Gulf War? PR Sold the War in the Persian Gulf (That it had been propaganda was new news to Prissy,too)

There you have it, dear readers. You can see Dubya did learn something in college..or Rove did. Now you have a formula to read your news and to analyze what these politicians and so-called leaders are doing to We the are a certified propaganda identifier.

Live Vote- MSNBC- (More Proof This President Does Not Care About America-PP) Is it appropriate for President Bush to bypass the Senate and appoint John Bolton to be U.N. ambassador? * 76655 responses Yes 27% No 73% Not a scientifically valid survey

And More.... (MSNBC- August 5, 2005) Live Vote

Do you support President Bush's handling of Iraq? *61977 responses Yes 14% No 83% Not sure 2%

Dubya, they do not like the way you do business...How many times must Prissy tell you this? Reid was right, you are a loser...a sore loser, at that. We don't like the war, Dubya does, so he continues to say the people are too dumb to make these kinds of decisions.

Bush does not have it in him to admit he is deadly wrong. The American people will force him by their Democratic will to remove our troops from Iraq and bring them home. Look Mr. Bush, no one who matters favors your war...we say it again; Bring them home, NOW..... Sept 24th,2005, we will tell you to your face. Then, on lobby day, our "representatives" will hear the people speak. You will listen when everyday people come out to protest what you have done to America....

Dubya is living proof that an undisciplined rich brat does what an undisciplined rich brat wants to do....and damn the consequences. Revere the older Bushes, if you like, but Prissy thinks little of the "values" they raised their children with. Well, Prissy finds them lacking....Financial success does not equal "good person". What can one expect from a mother, when asked about this war, exclaimed on national television she "did not have time to worry her beautiful mind about things like body bags." Talk about insensitive.....some mothers worry about nothing else, thanks to the irrational actions taken by your son, Mrs. Bush. Prissy can assure you the world would be told, should she be a presidents' mother one day, "I am so sorry, my son is not well, and he will no longer be running the country. I cannot stand by idle, as an American in good conscience, while he destroys the world".

One would think because Dubya is so eager sending youth off to war, he would get his own involved in some way. Jenna and Barbara Jr., (also known as Gin and Tonic in some circles) should certainly be doing something to support other young people whom their own father has sent into hell.....Elvis (someone with actual talent) went to war, why can't they? It's not like they would be expected to patrol the streets of Baghdad.....Did anyone even tell them a war is going on?

Perhaps they don't really want to help him....Prissy, unlike the MSM, will point out that growing up with an alcoholic father like Dubya could not have been the bed of roses the press glosses over, when referring to Dubya's "hard drinkin" days....Ever known anyone whose parent was a drunk? Prissy did, their young lives were chaos, money or not...parents arguing, his late nights, ect. Yes, they even exist in America's finest suburbs,however, their neighbors rarely call Children's Services.....

Prissy sees it all the time in her "real" line of work..believe it or not, the higher income women need more help getting out sometimes than the lower income ones. He has control of it all plus his "standing" in the community, you see.....Lower income women are often more aware of available community resources....That's why Prissy sees through Dubya's kind- although working in the prison system was helpful too. They all had similar qualities.

Prissy says no more Vulcans planning wars or family dynasty's in charge of American Democracy...All in favor say "Aye" Prissy knows if any good ones are still left in politics, they must be tired of this too....

Prissy's Hot Links for Today

Novak suspended for on air temper tantrum- Prissy says it's about time. Novak isn't even that good, not to mention he's an old meanie.... An excerpt from Yahoo News: A CNN spokeswoman, Edie Emery, called Novak's behavior "inexcusable and unacceptable." Novak has apologized to CNN, and CNN apologizes to viewers, she said. "We've asked Mr. Novak to take some time off," she said.

It's nearly all here...what they knew and when it. More proof this administration lied this country into a war. Let Prissy remind you that is illegal, even under US one is talking International Criminal Court..We can handle this at home, with charges, a trial and everything, just like back in the day.... Cited with other MSM articles. August 3, 2004 They Knew-…Despite the whitewash, we now know that the Bush administration was warned before the war that its Iraq claims were weak -By David Sirota and Christy Harvey The(TX) Lonestar Iconoclast Online-Former Ambassador Urges U.S. Officials To Leak More Memos An excerpt:

AUSTIN - The former ambassador to Afghanistan, Ann Wright, called on U.S. federal employees to leak more secret memos on the lead-up to the war in Iraq like Downing Street memos uncovered by the British press this last May. "It seems like the British government is leaking like a sieve. We need to get our own U.S. government colleagues to be leaking like a sieve, said Wright, who gave up her career in the foreign service because she disagreed with the U.S. invasion of Iraq. "We need more document's; certainly not documents that are really going to jeopardize the security of the United States, but documents that show the sequence of events within our own government."

Wright said that many federal employees disagree with the policies of the current administration but stay involved for a host of reasons, one of which more often than not is that they have mouths to feed. A closer look of the major U.S. newspapers, however, shows that those discouraged officials inside the government are sending signals of hope to the American people, she said.

Prissy and many others want you to know...NOW is the time. Please do the right thing for America! Call Prosecutor Fitzgerald's office and use the whistleblower protection sites listed in Prissy's previous posts. If you are a true patriot, it is your obligation. American history will favor you, not them.... The Washington Post-Vacationing Bush Poised to Set a Record With Long Sojourn at Ranch, President on His Way to Surpassing Reagan's Total (Is the Post saying he is the laziest president we have ever had?-PP) Information Clearing House- by Cindy Sheehan, co-founder of Gold Star Families for Cindy lost her son Casey, a young Marine, over a year ago in Iraq. Casey was against the political reasoning behind this war. Despite Pentagon lies about good equipment for the first troops into Iraq, he died wearing an old flak vest...a leftover from Vietnam... Dear Americans, Prissy asks, Where is your outrage?

An excerpt:

August is 3 days old and 22 soldiers and Marines have died in Iraq already.

14 more today. All are still "Pending Notification." 14 more mothers are going to collapse on the ground screaming, or put into shocked silence for the violence done to her and her son. 14 more fathers are going to lose the better part of their hearts. Dozens of spouses, siblings, children and friends are going to be put into a tailspin of grief.

These poor, unfortunate people don't even know yet. They don't know that their lives are going to be altered, devastated, ruined, and emptied...forever. We don't know the names of these children, or their parents, yet. But we know what the parent's names aren't:

George and Laura Bush

Dick and Mrs. Cheney

Don and Mrs. Rumsfeld

Alberto and Mrs Gonzales

Condileeza Rice and un-named partner

Any Senator and his/her partner

Any Congress member and his/her partner

Etc...and on and on.

These people will get a good night's sleep, secure it the fact that one of the 14 killed today and 7 killed yesterday are not any of their children. They don't have any and will never have any "skin in the game."

I can guarantee you that there are thousands of Marine families that are worried sick to the point of being physically ill right now.

It makes me physically ill to know that our young men and women have been sent to Iraq to die for lies and greed. It makes me physically ill to know that 21 moms don't even know what is going to hit them yet. It makes me physically ill to remember the day I got the news about Casey and how I screamed until I wished I would die, too.

US News and World Report-White House Watch: Bracing for new Rove attacks-Posted 8/4/05 By Paul Bedard

Prissy says the Rove situation is the tip of that iceburg..... Washington Post Americans Are Warned About Overseas Travel Crisis Papers- An Excerpt:

....during an interview with Esquire's Ron Suskind:

There is no precedent in any modern White House for what is going on in this one: a complete lack of a policy apparatus. What you've got is everything -- and I mean everything -- being run by the political arm. It's the reign of the Mayberry Machiavellis. ... When policy analysis is just backfill, to back up a political maneuver, you'll get a lot of ooops."

"An unamed 'current senior White House official' [said] pretty much the same thing: 'Many of us feel it's our duty -- our obligation as Americans -- to get the word out that, certainly in domestic policy, there has been almost no meaningful consideration of any real issues. It's just kids on Big Wheels, who talk politics and know nothing. It's depressing. DPC [Domestic Policy Council] meetings are a farce'. Indeed.....PP

So here we have military spokesmen saying the U.S. plans to start withdrawing a large number of troops by mid-2006. Does this mean the Iraq War will be coming to an end soon? As if. Remember: It's the politics, stupid.

Just the year should be the tip-off. Yes, that's right: There are midterm elections coming up in November of 2006, and Bush & Co. absolutely, positively must keep control of the House of Representatives, especially if impeachment hearings and possible prison sentences are to be avoided.

And One More... Bush dismisses al-Qaeda warning BBC

Pardon me, intelligence services? This is Prissy Patriot and I am calling to report the president not doing his job again.....

Prissy hopes you liked learning about propaganda...send me examples if you like! Prissy here, reporting what the main stream will not. It's a dirty job, but the least Prissy can do for her country and our troops....

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