Saturday, August 27, 2005

Tall Tales by MSM...Prissy Gives You The Real Scoop About Crawford, Texas

Dearest Readers,

OH My. Prissy hardly knows where to begin, except to tell you that what is going on in Crawford Texas, is a Declaration of We the People. We know the occupation of Iraq must come to a reasonable end and be quick about it.

But back to Crawford, the dear folks of Texas do indeed have a heart as big as the state itself. Dubya may want to remember he is only a Conneticut Cowboy and perhaps he should not "Mess with Texas".

Prissy is grateful to have experienced true "Southern Hospitality" and declares it is alive and well in this country. Despite the leaders and mainstream media attempts to dismiss, spin and smear Cindy Sheehan; what's going on in Texas is not simply "one grieving Mother's view". Their attacks will backfire on them, as is already happening. The people of the United States (yes, folks from all fifty states had arrived) have spoken...

Politicians listen up....Oh how they wish it was so simple to dig their way out of this mess, you have enraged the mainstream-the ones who think, anyway. The rest will follow, as they always do.

The organizations there were many. Veterans for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War,, Code Pink as well as United For Peace and Justice. How awful for Chickenhawks these good folks are demanding accountability that we do not get from our representatives.

Cindy Sheehan has been held by some press as a kook should she stand alone (she doesn't) or a "dupe" if she stands with others. Prissy has met Cindy on a personal level during her Texas adventure and is here to report this lady is no kook, nor anyone's dupe. She is informed and she is onto them. She is not backing down until the truths are revealed. She is not a politician, she is mother and a brave patriot, seeking truthful answers based upon the new information in her possession.

It is easy to see where her soldier son got his sense of duty to country and need to protect and defend Democracy and injustice. She is a brave woman and a truthful one. She is asking truth of those responsible for this war. She has every right to it and we all deserve some straight answers.

Thankfully, Cindy is far from alone in her quest. There was a former colonel and United States Ambassador to Afghanistan who resigned in protest to the Iraq war. She knew what the experts were really saying and how the power lock had the politicians disregard solid anything....

Prissy left the laptop at home, thinking she would use a library. No, even the sweltering heat of 103 degrees, no one really wants to leave Camp Casey. Camp Casey has wi-fi! Prissy should have brought the laptop!

The donations of money, food, time, labor, professional skills, ect given to this effort have been the best of America. Some of the porta potties were donated by a Japanese Peace organization. They didn't smell bad, even if the awful heat. There was also Dr. Marie, checking to advise folks to drink fluids, especially older folks and the young children. Everyone who has the truth wants to help, and that is wonderful.

The ways of Dubya and cronies have most Americans and our global neighbors concerned. We can blame the media and politicians for all of the misinformation they expect reasonable people to believe about this war.

Talk about a surreal experience. After spending many hours at Camp Casey under the wonderful tent, visiting with so many concerned citizens and taking it all in. The next morning in her air conditioned room in Waco, Prissy scanned the local news, national news and local papers.

Tsk, Tsk my how they lie. The numbers of Duyba supporters is crazy. They reported 150 visitors at Fort Qualls, Prissy says only if you count the banners...she counted 8 at the evening high count and 3 to 1 for morning and afternoon visits. Camp Casey, on the other hand was full and growing. About 500 per day throughout the week, some folks coming in as others were going out. It was a delight to speak with so many intelligent and informed people.

Reporters from all over the world were there to witness this history taking place. A Japanese film maker is making a documentary of this American History, and gave us all the thumbs up for loving our country. Military Families Speak Out had a very active role as a family support unit, along with Cindy and Gold Star Families for Peace. The Gold Star Families have paid the ultimate price to find themselves in the position to be able to demand accountability for Iraq. We support them in their quest,as Prissy believes all military families deserve the answer first....

Prissy believes, gauging by the positive energy given off by the patriots at Camp Casey, this is indeed the beginning of the end of the reign of terror here in our beloved United States of America. Democracy shall prevail, though she has been tested severely.

This must never happen again and there are people who look to safeguard us from a war on false premise from ever being a part of American history again. Some learned nothing from the history of Vietnam. Or they learned they were special and that it is OK to use the military for business ventures as long as you don't disrupt the publics life with war.

Shame on the fat cats, as Granny says, putting their bank accounts before their country. Scoundrels, Prissy declares is well past the time to begin righting your horrible wrongs. How will you give back to the Gold Star mother Prissy met, who has lost her only child?

If someone's mother must shame you all into doing it, then so be it.....


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