Monday, August 01, 2005

News Overlooked by Main Stream Media...Prissy Questions Their Support of Troops

Besides politicians who sat on their hands in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq, the other culprit of the current doom was none other than the United States main stream media.

All the big ones couldn't wait for the war to begin...excitement, patriotism, embedded reporters (Rummy's idea to better choreograph his propaganda-once again, reality got in the way) and since there weren't going to be many casualties. (This is what Bush told Rev Pat Roberts when he told Bush to prepare the American people for casualties-Bush denies the conversation ever took place. Roberts stands by his claim that it did. Someone is lying... The President or the Preacher?)

The media and the US could collectively cry over each and every soldiers death, and they were sure had all died for a good cause....Oh my, how times have changed. The embedded reporters? All gone, oh, it is far too dangerous for that sort of thing these days....reporters can hardly report at all, no one wants to leave the hotel room, which also may be mortared.

Because the main stream media has covered nearly 2,000 deaths; rarely does a soldier get much now except a name mentioned or rolled across the screen at the end of some news program. The civilian deaths are rarely mentioned in detail.

Instead of being a champion of the American free press, the MSM were the champions of corporate America. Ah, but they wanted to be patriots, Prissy, you say, they were only promoting America's strength after the cruel blow of 9-11...

So they became stenographers for the White House, the Pentagon and corporate America....look at all the advantages for them. Present the public with the problem , while giving it the solution. How Machiavellian of them... It was the perfect set up and for this the public owes them a penalty.....we can stop buying from them-as that is the only language they understand.

Did they fail to recognize or did they purposely conceal their ruse? When media, government and corporations are all singing in unison, they smother Democracy....was that part of the plan? Only they know for sure.....

Overlooked News

July 19, 2005 - What's a life worth ? From My Iraqi Soldier Intelligence and Policy Formulation, Implementation and Linkage: A Personal Perspective Remarks by Raymond Close 13th Arab-U.S. Policymakers Conference Washington, DC (Apparently no one listens to experts anymore...this article puts many issues we face into always lands on Dubya's lap) Pentagon Talks of Large Troop Draw Down in Iraq...Prissy implores the use of common sense..stop killing our soldiers without cause...Can't you plan anything?? Take them all out at once, overrun is a major concern...and Rummy you know it....I promise the Iraqi people will help them pack....Hmmm....Surely this wouldn't be a publicity stunt for upcoming election? No, Republicans would never use soldiers for their own political purposes..... "Don't count on early Withdrawal from Iraq "(You see, what did Prissy tell you....lives lost do not concern these politicians at all) Why the Saudi envoy really went home By John R Bradley "Information from Occupied Iraq" Iraqi women and the right to self-determination The Australian ABC....Leaked emails claim Guantanamo trials rigged...Rigging claims: The emails were written three months before Guantanamo detainee David Hicks was charged. Read Constant's take on what may be going on behind the scenes...It gives one some hope. Thank you Constant. Cheney Wants Iran Attacked with Nukes....the old boy needs retire very soon... Remember the mess cited below: Insurgency in Fallujah expected to worsen: US commander......NO kidding-PP

Excerpt: I am optimistic that Fallujah will be safe completely soon and we are not going out till that job is done," Gurganus added. Prissy wants to know....since you have few bullets left will you just point and say "BANG" ? They always manage to get one on the news who still drinks the kook-aid.....


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The Prissy Patriot said...


Prissy is so flattered, thank you very much!

And Prissy is still in learning mode....



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