Saturday, August 27, 2005

Pictures From Camp Casey I and II and Camp W too

IM4W- Ain't it great? All of pro-war signs were sponsored by a group called , and MoveAmericaFoward, supported by an advertising firm that did the shameful Swiftboat smear ads on Kerry. How dare they call themselves soldiers..... Note: much of Camp Casey supplies were donated by individuals.

This says it all....

Memorial at Camp Casey I

Front of the Peace House in Crawford Texas.

Camp Dubya in Crawford, they refer to this as Fort Qualls, after another fallen soldier. There was rarely more than 2 people here-the other sides version of the Peace House. Folks, there is no support to continue this war. Fort Qualls lack of visitors compared to the booming business of the Peace House, says it all.

Outdoor eating area at the Peace House, which is the first stopping point in Crawford. Visitors can park and ride to Camp Casey I or II by shuttles in 12 passenger vans, donated by car rental companies and local cititzens. This made for less numbers of cars on Crawfords back roads. These folks think of everything...even sunscreen, bug spray and handwashing stations. Plenty of ice cold bottled water, too. Now that's how to run a protest.... Camp Casey II-IVAW

Camp Bush- Large crowd-NOT- sorry for the blur, these folks are considered dangerous. Dubya has encouraged that violence solves problems. Peace lovers do not encourage violence as a solution. Memorial at Camp Casey I

Inside the big tent at Camp Casey II

Marker at Camp Casey I -Each was labeled by religion. Muslim (Moon) Jew (Star) Cross (Christian or not?)

Cars for a country mile at Camp Casey....and more the other direction. One Crawford Carryout sporting Dubya and the First Lady's picture told folks who stopped by for Camp Casey directions they "didn't know nothin' about it". This didn't stop them from taking our dirty "liberal" money while shopping there, Prissy notes....

Nice lady posing for Prissy at the Peace House.

Outside the big tent-one of many signs

Banner inside huge tent


Ranando said...

Great job Prissy, I love it.

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The Prissy Patriot said...

Thank you Ranando!

It was an experience Prissy is glad to share.

The people WILL prevail....