Thursday, November 17, 2005

Prissy Picks on Dick, Hot Links

From MSNBC- Cheney called Democrats "opportunists" who were peddling "cynical and pernicious falsehoods" to gain political advantage while U.S. soldiers died in Iraq.

UPDATE: Looks like Prissy is almost done fighting the war!!! Senior Democrat and veteran calls for immediate Iraq pulloutRep. John "Jack" Murtha (D-PA), vice chairman of the Appropriations subcommittee on Defense and one of the Democrats' top advisers on military issues, called Thursday morning for United States to immediately begin withdrawing its troops from Iraq.

ROLL CALL reports Thursday that the 37-year military veteran "initially supported the U.S. involvement in the region, but upon returning from a trip to the area in August he signaled he may be having second thoughts."

The announcement is being made now in the Capitol.

Oh Come Now, you think Prissy and her readers are silly enough to believe such absurdities? There is a certain company, nearly run into the ground by our own Dick, due to asbestos lawsuits.

Not to worry, stock holders. As this company stock split several times very recently, thanks to all of it's unbid government contracts-in Iraq and New Orleans. Halliburton, which used to have subsidiaries in Iran-and maybe continues to have- yet they put on a pouty face when asked to come up with audit numbers. Taking advantage of taxpayer money in a time of war-how unAmerican can you get?

And protesting your dirty war, Dick? It is really just getting started-we are so much better organized now...the upper-middle class is waking up-they realized you are running out of soldiers.

They actually believed you when you said our troops would be greeted as liberators, and be home in a matter of months-maybe a year?

Oh but you have told one too many a tale... Their own precious, precious are now seen as being endangered.

Far more precious than working class kids, you see. So the war must end.

Alas Dick-they got your message about another 10-15 years in Iraq. As a result, they motivate all on their own against this war-they keep saying "How do we protest, Prissy?". It won't be difficult to connect them to "Friends of Military Families Speak Out". We appreciate they see the reality of the situation.

You see Dick-They wish to be our friends now, even if they voted for you how things can change in a year. Yes Dick, you had them going for a while. My goodness, what were they thinking...

Hot Links

This is a very interesting If Jesus Lived Today (He Probably Wouldn't Be a Christian)

He was called, "a glutton and a wine-bibber" and "a friend of publicans and sinners."

Did you know that Jesus' very first miracle was to make one hundred and eighty gallons of wine at a wedding party. Hardly the type of person you would want to found a religion upon!

Not only that, but He made it when everybody was already drunk. As if this were not bad enough, He also had a traveling entourage of women who followed Him around. I can just see Jesus being severely rebuked by Christians today for not "abstaining from the appearances of evil." On top of this, Jesus had long hair, a beard, and no job.

This sounds like the type of person most fundamentalists would write off as a "hopeless case." The charismatics and pentecostals wouldn't want Jesus either. They would dismiss Him right away because He didn't speak in tongues, which they claim is the evidence of being filled with the Spirit of God. They probably wouldn't be too thrilled with His dress code and friends either, like the prostitutes and the extortionists He seemed to be fond of hanging around with.

Those who claim you need to be baptized in order to be saved wouldn't accept Jesus. He wasn't baptized until He had already been a believer for thirty years! The liberals wouldn't want Jesus. His insistence upon being born again and repenting of sins would be a little too far to the right for most of them. Jesus wasn't the type of person to get involved in political causes either


Editor and Publisher 'NY Times' Wonders If Cheney Is Key Woodward Source- E&P Isn't Bold Enough to Question (OK, Prissy added that last part)

Woodward provided sworn testimony to the federal grand jury on Monday, but said the source that mentioned Valerie Plame's CIA job to him in mid-June 2003 had still not authorized him to disclose his or her name. This "set off a frantic new round of guessing about who that source might be and a wave of public denials by spokesmen for possible suspects," Purdum observes Military Families Speak Out of Ohio- Ohio Chapter of a national organization. For families of soldiers speaking out against the war in Iraq, while supporting the troops by arguing against their misuse. They are also taking sign-ups for "Friends of Military Families Speak Out" Tell them Prissy sent you.

Arctic Beacon

BYU Professor Has Plenty of Company in the Academic Community, Including 60 Faculty Members from Two Utah Universities who Concur a Controlled Demolition Most Likely Brought Down the WTC and Further Investigation Is Needed Professor Steven E. Jones is another in the long line of conservatives in the political and academic world joining the 9/11 truth movement and asking to open up further investigations on the true cause of 9/11. 13 Nov 2005-By Greg Szymanski

The BYU physics professor who believes the WTC collapsed from a controlled demolition isn'’t alone in the academic community, as a group of more than 60 colleagues from two universities also agreed with Professor Steven E. Jones' conclusions.

Jones told the Arctic Beacon Saturday in a telephone conversation from Provo, Utah, he first presented his explosive conclusions at Brigham Young University (BYU) on September 22, to 60 people from the BYU and Utah Valley State College faculties, including professors of Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Geology, Mathematics and Psychology.

After presently scientific arguments in favor of the controlled demolition theory, Jones said everyone in attendance from all backgrounds, conservative and liberal, were in total agreement further investigation was needed.

Alrighty, then...Let us ask ourselves; what do those experts really know that Dubya and Dick don't?

Prissy will give Dubya some unsolicited advice his lawyer won't and since it's free, take it for what it's worth. If you have any brains at all you should roll over on them...that's right. Go states evidence and spend your days wearing an ankle bracelet around the ranch.

Far better than pleading the fifth amendment...Some say that is what they are really doing when they exclaim- "I cannot comment on an ongoing investigation". Considering they used to comment on it all the time...