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Dinosaurs Please Go Home...Traitors, Confess and Go Straight to Jail

Oddly enough, Prissy gets hacked when she prints pictures and such that a Bush supporter would not care for. Another "coincidence" like so many we've had under the House of Dubya/Rove- for sure...No matter-Prissy will print them again for your enjoyment. Do they think Prissy should support traitors?

It is one thing to pretend you're a rock star singing Tom Cruise style- quite another to feen competence in running a country. Dubya and his friends should have stuck to "partying." Let's face it, it is the only suitable occupation for the likes of George W. Bush. He was good at it and pleasant to be around according to most people who knew him then...They should have let him be, instead of making him something he was not...

Poor Dubya...and as Granny says, "Birds of the same feather, stick together". Dubya has a long sordid track record of making poor choices-but neoRepublicans will continue to stand by their man all the way to jail...that's fine by Prissy. She loves to watch a good trial... (Hear that, Bill Clinton?)

All about Karl...

Because he disclosed Plame's CIA identity to reporters, the Bush aide could lose his clearance. By By Jonathan Alter of Newsweek

Because Rove's apparent violation is covered by executive order, not legislated law, the issue of his security clearance is unlikely to wind up in criminal court. But he may face a civil suit from the Wilsons, who could seek damages because of the damage done to Plame's CIA career by the leak.

Having his security clearance yanked would not require Rove to resign as deputy chief of staff to President Bush. But it would prevent him from taking part in policymaking that relates to national-security issues, which would mean a much-reduced role in the Bush White House. Some Democrats have asked the president to apologize for the Plame leak case - an unlikely event. But asking him to enforce executive orders could be a more legitimate line of inquiry. At a minimum, President Bush should be asked whether he believes this executive order applies to everyone in the White House - even Karl Rove.

Flashback: Karl Rove Death Watch, Part 4-What did Hadley tell Rove? By Timothy Noah- Monday, July 18, 2005

John Solomon of the Associated Press reported this weekend that Karl Rove sent an e-mail about his phone conversation with Time's Matt CooperĂ‚—the conversation in which Rove informed Cooper that the wife of administration critic Joe Wilson worked for the Central Intelligence Agency to Stephen Hadley, who was then deputy national security adviser (and is now national security adviser). "I didn't take the bait," Rove wrote Hadley, apparently meaning that, in speaking to Cooper, he didn't try to refute the substance of Wilson's assertion that the president spoke falsely in his 2003 State of the Union address when he said that Iraq had sought to purchase yellowcake uranium from Niger before the war. Instead, Rove told Cooper that Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, a CIA employee, had authorized the trip. Washington Post-Rove's Future Role Is Debated-White House May Seek Fresh Start In Wake of Leak By Jim VandeHei and Carol D. Leonnig- November 3, 2005

Top White House aides are privately discussing the future of Karl Rove, with some expressing doubt that President Bush can move beyond the damaging CIA leak case as long as his closest political strategist remains in the administration.

If Rove stays, which colleagues say remains his intention, he may at a minimum have to issue a formal apology for misleading colleagues and the public about his role in conversations that led to the unmasking of CIA operative Valerie Plame, according to senior Republican sources familiar with White House deliberations.

Prissy feels for Rove's insecure upbringing and his mother's tragic death-but that gives him no excuse to hurt America with his dirty brand of noeRepublican facsist politics... Flashback from the New Yorker-Issue of 2003-05-12-THE CONTROLLER

Karl Rove is working to get George Bush reelected, but he has bigger plans. by NICHOLAS LEMANN

In our last interview, I tried out on Rove a scenario I called "“the death of the Democratic Party."

The Party has three key funding sources: trial lawyers, Jews, and labor unions. One could systematically disable all three, by passing tort-reform legislation that would cut off the trial lawyersĂ‚’ incomes, by tilting pro-Israel in Middle East policy and thus changing the loyalties of big Jewish contributors, and by trying to shrink the part of the labor force which belongs to the newer, and more Democratic, public-employee unions. And then there are three fundamental services that the Democratic Party is offering to voters: Social Security, Medicare, and public education.

Each of these could be peeled away, too: Social Security and Medicare by giving people benefits in the form of individual accounts that they invested in the stock market, and public education by trumping the Democrats on the issue of standards. The Bush Administration has pursued every item on that list. Rove didn't offer any specific objection but, rather, a general caveat that the project might be too ambitious.

"Well, I think it's a plausible explanation," he said. "“I don't think you ever kill any political party. Political parties kill themselves, or are killed, not by the other political party but by their failure to adapt to new circumstances. But do you weaken a political party, either by turning what they see as assets into liabilities, and/or by taking issues they consider to be theirs, and raiding them?"”

The thought brought to his round, unlined, guileless face a boyish look of pure delight. "“Absolutely!"

Indeed, from the mouth of corruption itself "political parties kill themselves"...

And One more about Karl...from Wikipedia

The College Republicans convention at the Lake of the Ozarks resort in Missouri in the summer of 1973 was contentious. Rove's opponent was Robert Edgeworth (the other major candidate, Terry Dolan, dropped out, supporting Edgeworth). A number of states had sent two competing delegates, because Rove and his supporters had made credentials challenges at state and regional conventions. For example, after the Midwest regional convention, Rove forces had produced a version of the Midwestern College Republicans' constitution which differed significantly from the constitution that the Edgeworth forces were using, in order to justify the unseating of the Edgeworth delegates on procedural grounds.

In the end, there were two votes, conducted by two convention chairs, and two winners--Rove and Edgeworth, each of whom delivered an acceptance speech. After the convention, both Edgeworth and Rove appealed to Republican National Committee Chairman George H.W. Bush, each contending that he was the new College Republican chairman.

While resolution was pending, Dolan went (anonymously) to the Washington Post with recordings of several training seminars for young Republicans where Rove discussed campaign techniques that included rooting through opponents' garbage cans and other forms of espionage, and stories of derring-do such as the incident at the Dixon headquarters. On August 10, 1973, in the midst of the Watergate scandal, the Post broke the story in an article titled "Republican Party Probes Official as Teacher of Tricks."

At Bush's request, Rove was questioned by an FBI agent. As part of the investigation, Lee Atwater signed an affidavit, dated August 13, 1973, stating that he had heard a "20 minute anecdote similar to the one described in the Washington Post" in July 1972, but that "it was a funny story during a coffee break."

Watergate veteran John Dean has been quoted as saying that "Based on my review of the files, it appears the Watergate prosecutors were interested in Rove's activities in 1972, but because they had bigger fish to fry they did not aggressively investigate him."

Note from Prissy: (italics refuse to turn off)

In other words, Rove is doing what he has always done-dealing dirty politics like a Vegas casino operator deals blackjack.

Remember Karl, Prissy's forensic professor used always used to say, "There is no such thing as the perfect crime. We have all known from about age four on, that your fingerprints will trace you to the scene of a crime. Yet daily, we catch criminals who leave their fingerprints behind..."

And Karl, Prissy is here to tell you, your fingerprints are all over this one...

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