Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Will Quick Wit Save Dick?

Dick telling Dubya not to worry, he set him up just right...

Or did Dick trip up and lie to Fitz? Will Fitz outwit the Dick? Prissy would bet her money on Fitz wit any day.

Dearest Readers did you see the Tim Russert interview the other day with Dick Cheney? Why the ole boy's forehead began to throb when Russert began to question Dick about "Fitzgerald's investigation"...

And that Dick, giving us all those Fifth Amendment type answers. Dick says he's going to be a witness...Dick is make believing that witnesses too sit next to the lawyers in court. Oh watch how they will cling to the Constitution for mercy when it all comes down.

Today is a short blog as Prissy is leaving AM for DC ;-)

Camp Democracy or Bust!

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NSA Bill Performs a Patriot Act

The committee also passed two other surveillance measures, including one from Senator Dianne Feinstein, one of the few senators to be briefed on the NSA program. Feinstein's bill, which Specter co-sponsored before submitting another bill, rebuffs the administration's legal arguments and all but declares the warrantless wiretapping illegal.

In contrast, Specter's bill concedes the government's right to wiretap Americans without warrants, and allows the U.S. Attorney General to authorize, on his own, dragnet surveillance of Americans so long as the stated purpose of the surveillance is to surveill suspected terrorists or spies.

Lisa Graves, senior legislative counsel for the ACLU, called the bill "stunning." "The administration has taken their illegal conduct in wiretapping Americans without court orders, in violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and the Constitution, and used it as springboard to not only get FISA changed to allow the Terrorist Surveillance Program, but to actually, going forward, not give protections to American's privacy rights," Graves said.

Jim Dempsey, the policy director for the more moderate Center for Democracy and Technology, described the bill's passage out of committee as "light years or miles beyond the Patriot Act.

CNN Johnny-come-late news Outed CIA agent Plame adds Armitage to lawsuit

Armitage's disclosure -- which he says was unintentional -- violated Plame's privacy and ruined her career, court papers said, but Armitage was not included in the conspiracy accusations being leveled against Cheney, Libby and Karl Rove, President Bush's top political adviser.

Plame says the trio blew Plame's cover in retaliation for Wilson speaking out against the war.

"The addition of Armitage as a defendant in no way reduces the culpability of the three original defendants," said Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a nonprofit watchdog group that is representing the couple.

Sloan echoed Plame's claim that the leak was meant as retribution and said, "This case was and remains about one issue -- the abuse of government power."

Reuters Multiple shootings still rare in gun-shy Canada

Cases of kids bringing weapons to schools are increasing, "there's no doubt about it," said Stu Auty, founding president of the Canadian Safe School Network, based in Toronto, noting that isolated incidents include stabbings and shootings.

"We have individual incidents where kids witness a stabbing or there's a gun incident in a school parking lot," said Auty, a former teacher and school administrator.

But use of automatic weapons, like those in the 1999 Columbine shooting in Colorado, is rare, he said.

"That just doesn't happen in this country," Auty said

Don't let Dubya know how they did it...foreign news sources were all we had left to tell the truth, besides "alternative media" throughout most of dubya's reign...The IndependentChinese censors tighten rules to stop foreigners spreading news

CENSORSHIP by China of information reaching its 1.3 billion people has gained momentum in the past year.

Last month officials said that they planned to allow only designated websites to broadcast videos online.

That rule expanded on the requirement on foreign internet service providers to monitor their sites to conform to local regulations. So the search engines of Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft filter content by blocking hundreds of keywords such as “Tiananmen Square”, “Falun Gong”, “democracy” and “Dalai Lama”.

Websites considered politically sensitive, including the BBC, are banned. Foreign newspapers are on sale only in international hotels and censors occasionally rip out offending pages from foreign news magazines.

New Zealand Scoop Four Iraq War Vets Detained at Pentagon 9/11/06

The veterans observed literature available in the Pentagon's chapel, which is at the site of the 9-11 plane crash. This literature, produced at tax-payer expense, included copies of the New Testament in camouflage covers.

They left behind flyers explaining the effects of depleted uranium. Some of the vets detained currently suffer from depleted uranium poisoning.

The four vets are Steve Mortillo of Pennington, N.J.; Joe Hatcher of San Diego, Calif.; Geoff Millard of Buffalo, N.Y.; and Toby Hartbarger of Indiana. Also detained was Gregory "Tristan" Watson of Chicago, Ill.

Retired Col. Ann Wright said, "Iraq vets who have suffered the effects of depleted uranium have every right to educate others about the terrible effects of this illegal substance used in weapons produced by the United States government."

This is for those veterans...

Free Internet Press Worried CIA Officers Buy Legal Insurance

The anxieties stem partly from public controversy about a system of secret CIA prisons in which detainees were subjected to harsh interrogation methods, including temperature extremes and simulated drowning. The White House contends the methods were legal, but some CIA officers have worried privately that they may have violated international law or domestic criminal statutes.

Since they did...

That John McCain, is he manic? ...NY Sun McCain Says Americans Are ‘Schizophrenic' on Iraq

Uph, no more time for John...

Quotes of the Day

We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.--Frank Tibolt, author

Do not trust all men, but trust men of worth; the former course is silly, the latter a mark of prudence.--Democritus (460 BC - 370 BC)

Mistrust the man who finds everything good, the man who finds everything evil and still more the man who is indifferent to everything.--Johann K. Lavater

Force without wisdom falls of its own weight.--Horace, Odes

Educate your children to self-control, to the habit of holding passion and prejudice and evil tendencies subject to an upright and reasoning will, and you have done much to abolish misery from their future and crimes from society.--Benjamin Franklin