Sunday, September 10, 2006

Why Johnny Comes Marching Home, Angry

Dearest Readers, Some excellent news on the Ohio voter fraud case. Lawyers Bob Fatrakis, Harvey Wasserman and Cliff Arneback are making much progress with their solid legal case, which uncovered massive, widespread fraud in Ohio's 2004 election-which always favored Team Bush, interestingly enough...

How many types of treason can one cabal commit?

These patriots will be presenting on this issue during Camp Democracy on the National Mall in Washington,D.C. Sept 14 and/or 15th.

Prissy would give better details, except last night when she heard it it was late-and all of us on Dubya's case are running on five years of tired!

Make no mistake, there is no stopping the political tsunami the GOP has coming in their direction. And rightfully so- although most Dems should not hold themselves up as examples of the irreproachable.

Congressman and Senators, it is time to pick up the white flag and wave it at the people you pretend to a whopping majority finally have your number.

Reminder- Prissy will be blogging from Camp Democracy mid week.

Hot Links

CNN Money Does God want you to be rich?

Of the four biggest megachurches in the country, three -- Joel Osteen's Lakewood in Houston; T.D. Jakes' Potter's House in south Dallas; and Creflo Dollar's World Changers in Atlanta -- are Prosperity or Prosperity Lite pulpits (although Jakes' ministry has many more facets).

While they don't exclusively teach that God's riches want to be in believers' wallets, it is a key part of their doctrine.

And propelled by Osteen's 4 million-selling book, Your Best Life Now, the belief has swept beyond its Pentecostal base into more buttoned-down evangelical churches, and even into congregations in the more liberal Mainline. It is taught in hundreds of non-Pentecostal Bible studies. One Pennsylvania Lutheran pastor even made it the basis for a sermon series for Lent, when Christians usually meditate on why Jesus was having His Worst Life Then.

The movement's renaissance has infuriated a number of prominent pastors, theologians and commentators. Fellow megapastor Rick Warren, whose book The Purpose Driven Life has outsold Osteen's by a ratio of 7 to 1, finds the very basis of Prosperity laughable. "This idea that God wants everybody to be wealthy?" he snorts. "There is a word for that: baloney. It's creating a false idol. You don't measure your self-worth by your net worth. I can show you millions of faithful followers of Christ who live in poverty. Why isn't everyone in the church a millionaire?"

Sunday note to neorepublicans: "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God" (Matt. 19:24).

Washington Times Bush slams court threat to wiretaps

But the president said a federal court in Michigan has jeopardized a key tool, the terrorist surveillance program, which allows the government to listen to phone calls between the U.S. and overseas without a warrant. Mr. Bush said he expects the ruling to be overturned, but wants action from Congress to protect the program.

"A series of protracted legal challenges would put a heavy burden on this critical and vital program," the president said. "The surest way to keep the program is to get explicit approval from the United States Congress."

But during a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting yesterday, Democrats blocked consideration of such a bill. Sen. Russ Feingold, Wisconsin Democrat, likened the bill to a "rubber stamp" by authorizing almost everything the administration requested.

"The president has basically said: I'll agree to let a court decide if I'm breaking the law if you pass a law first that says I'm not breaking the law," Mr. Feingold said.

Alas, Mr. Feingold and Judge are lawyers, Dubya is not. He's just a wanna be, yet Dubya keeps telling us he the the right (and the intellect?) to interpret laws...

USA Today Gore says he hasn't ruled out second White House run

Gore spoke to reporters in Sydney, where he was promoting the local premiere of his documentary on global warming.

"I haven't completely ruled out running for president again in the future but I don't expect to," Gore said before the Sunday night premiere of An Inconvenient Truth.

"I offer the explanation not as an effort to be coy or clever. It's just the internal shifting of gears after being in politics almost 30 years. I hate to grind the gears," he added.

Gore, who lost the presidency to President Bush in 2000 in disputed circumstances, said there was no doubt the impact of global warming would be best addressed through the power of the presidency, but making a documentary was second best.

"Disputed circumstances" is Dubya's federal election modus operandi...

MSNBC via Newsweek. Thank you to the Stryker Brigade wife for passing this along Straight to the Heart Battle Cries: For U.S. troops and their wives and children, the Iraq war's invisible costs just keep on piling up.

Sept. 18, 2006 issue - Toward the end of July, Capt. Brad Velotta began daydreaming a lot. He thought about making the summer's last run of salmon in Alaska's Russian River, where bears lumber down from the woods and chase fishermen out of the water. He thought about getting a kitten for his 3-year-old daughter, Sophia. Most of all, Velotta hoped to see his 83-year-old grandmother Mary one last time before she died of cancer. "She thought she could hold on," says Velotta's father, Albert, at the family home in Alexandria, La. Her grandson was supposed to leave Iraq on Aug. 2. "She thought it would only be a few weeks more."

But it wasn't. On July 26, Velotta learned that he and his unit, the 172nd Stryker Brigade, were going not home but to the core of Iraq's sectarian blood feud: Baghdad. After a solid year of battling the insurgency, from Mosul to Tall Afar to the westernmost reaches of Al Anbar province, the 172nd has been extended until after Thanksgiving—if not later. Velotta, 29, Blackhawk Company commander in the 172nd's 4-23 infantry battalion, gave a tough talk to his squad leaders: "I know it f---ing sucks. But you don't have the option to not be motivated. You don't have the privilege to be worn out. This is Baghdad. This is graduate-level s--t."

Warning from military families everywhere to GOP and their enablers:We should openly begin to use this term-neorepublicans thought nothing of it when Bill Clinton was impeached for his tryst in the Oval office... Though it would take a lawyer to explain how that was treason.

Malaysia SunPresbyterian Church publishes 9/11 conspiracy theory

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)'s publishing arm has released a book that says President Bush organized New York's Sept. 11 attacks.

The decision by the 160-year-old Westminster John Knox Press, the trade and academic publishing imprint of the Presbyterian Publishing Corp., to attribute the attacks on the World Trade Center brings into the U.S. religious mainstream a conspiracy theory long held by the world's jihadists.

In 'Christian Faith and the Truth behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action,' author David Ray Griffin calls the United States the world's 'chief embodiment of demonic power, says he initially scoffed at 9/11 conspiracy theories.

But after investigating he concluded that the Twin Towers were brought down by controlled demolition, military personnel were given stand-down orders not to intercept hijacked flights and the 9/11 Commission, ostensibly created to uncover the truth behind the events of 9/11, 'simply ignored evidence' that the administration was involved in the attacks.

Oh boy Time, Prissy is rolling her eyes over this one... Why The 9/11 Conspiracies Won't Go Away Turns out, we need grand theories to make sense of grand events, or the world just seems too random By LEV GROSSMAN

Once again a journalist drops the ball. He should have consulted the Germans, the Spanish. They have some great documentaries, based on scientific evidence. Germans, what would they know about engineering, aye Lev? And besides,

Another neocon case from Forbes Henry Kissinger On Sept. 11, 2001

The neoconservative agenda has not died since, and some of its essential elements remain important. We are still living the effects of Sept. 11 and will continue to be in the midterm time range. We are still seeing its effects, both on America and on global geopolitics.

Terror is …

The use of force by a non-state body that is designed to bring about change by force and is designed to bring great fear to the general public. I reject claims that Israel, for example, is using terrorism against Lebanon. It is reacting to terrorism. A country can fight without committing terrorist acts--otherwise, almost all military acts committed by a state could be considered to be terrorist acts.

Well, that may be this ole boys definition, but he's not in the field now, is he? The isolated bubble of Kissinger's wealthy world would never allow him to admit the dire conditions his policies and those of others like him, which have wrecked havoc in every place they have touched.

Terror "ism" according to the law enforcement definition is: The F.B.I. defines terrorism as "the unlawful use of force against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population or any segment thereof, in the furtherance of political or social objectives".

BTW, one does not need to be Jewish to be a neocon, Cheney and Bush Sr. aren't. Its the ideology that counts-that and the cash...

Newsbusters Chris Matthews to NewsBusters: Plame Story Too Complicated to Cover Now

When asked why he didn't talk more about Armitage 'being the leaker'

Matthews-A: Well, the story's just gotten so complicated. I mean, it's just such a mess. Because what if it's true that Armitage was the source, but those other guys [presumably Rove and Scooter Libby], also were leakers, what then?

Q: Isn't that a question worth exploring on your show?

Matthews-A: It could be but the problem is that Dick Cheney has so many apologists it's ridiculous. So many journalists like Bob Woodward will say or do anything just to get access to him. And then all the people in the administration too.

Q: I don't see why this is stopping you from mentioning the story at all. The viewers at least need some sort of closure don't they?

Matthews-A: Hey listen I need to get out of here. I have to get back home.

And there you have it-why the media can't handle the truth of PlameGate...they'd rather wait and shock the public with indictments instead. Makes it too hard to do anything else, considering they are just as deep in the mud as the cabal. They have certainly done their share of mudslinging.

Prissy has it on good authority the media intends to start telling the truth, at least for the local affiliates. Seems some have a conscience after all.

TPM Cafe The Lies of George Bush Exposed by Larry Johnson

8. Postwar findings support the 2002 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) assessment that Iraq had missiles which exceeded United Nations (UN) range limits. The findings do not support the assessment that Iraq likely retained a covert force of SCUD variant short range ballistic missiles (SRBMS).

9. Postwar findings do not support the 2002 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) assessments that Iraq had a developmental program for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) "probably intended to deliver biological agents: or that an effort to procure U.S. mapping software "strongly suggests that Iraq is investigating the use of these UAVs for missions targeting the United States." Postwar findings support the view of the Air Force, joined by DIA and the Army, in an NIE published in January 2003, that Iraq's UAVs were primarily intended for reconnaissance.

It is important that the average American understand the meaning of intelligence judgments in an NIE. If the community agrees on an issue it is very important. If there is no agreement, then other agencies dissent and present their views. If you are a policymaker or legislator the presence of dissent is the ultimate FLASHING YELLOW LIGHT.

Dearest Readers, Larry is so correct it hurts. For the full senate intel Phase II report on pre-war see below. Criminal charges should quickly follow. Hint, hint Fitz!

Prissy is here not to tell you the date of those charges, but that they will arrive. Fitz always gets them in the end. Ask IL Governor Ryan and the Gambino mobsters.

Have the chilled champaign on hand, the whole world will breath a sigh of relief when justice comes calling to the cabal.

Quotes of the Day

A good home must be made, not bought.--Joyce Maynard, "Domestic Affairs"

If the truth doesn't save us, what does that say about us?--Lois McMaster Bujold, Diplomatic Immunity, 2002

C'Mon JAG's..tell them that war is illegal and you won't play by his rule-because the real guidelines were already written- and must be followed. Prissy knows you can do it if you stand together. Guard your honor. Let your reputation fall where it will. And outlive the bastards.--Lois McMaster Bujold, "A Civil Campaign", 1999

He who loves the world as his body may be entrusted with the empire.--Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu

Evil deeds do not prosper; the slow man catches up with the swift.--Homer (800 BC - 700 BC), The Odyssey