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House of Dubya Slip Sliding Away Update

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The corporate cronies in media know the bloggers will continue to out them as they continue their spin of the truth.

Perhaps bloggers and larger media like RAW Story, TruthOut, MediaMatters and others will replace them in the end.

Any objections? Prissy didn't think so.

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From Prissy's Inbox from an investigator friend - wash your brain with this info September 11, 2001 Concise Timeline A sample:

America’s top military leaders drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in US cities to trick the public into supporting a war against Cuba in the early 1960s. Approved in writing by the Pentagon Joint Chiefs, Operation Northwoods even proposed blowing up a US ship and hijacking planes as a false pretext for war. [ABC News, 5/1/01, Pentagon Documents]

1996–2001: Federal authorities are aware for years before 9/11 that suspected terrorists with ties to Osama bin Laden are receiving flight training at schools in the US and abroad. One convicted terrorist confesses that his planned role in a terror attack was to crash a plane into CIA headquarters. [Washington Post, 9/23/01, CBS, 5/30/02, more]

1996–2001: On multiple occasions spies give detailed reports on bin Laden's location. Each time, the CIA director or top White House officials prevent bin Laden's elimination. [Los Angeles Times, 12/5/04, New York Times, 12/30/01, more]

2000–2001: 15 of the 19 hijackers fail to fill in visa documents properly in Saudi Arabia. Only six are interviewed. All 15 should have been denied entry to the US. [Washington Post, 10/22/02, ABC, 10/23/02] Two top Republican senators say if State Department personnel had merely followed the law, 9/11 would not have happened. [AP, 12/18/02, more]

Thwarting skyjackings from the ground Automated airplane landing systems could bring a hijacked airplane 'home' Oct 2, 2001

Technology now exists that could allow a ground crew to override and direct the flight path of a hijacked plane.

Following the Sept. 11 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center, President George W. Bush called for the creation of a system that would enable air traffic controllers on the ground to assume remote control of the aircraft and direct it to a safe landing at a nearby airport.

The military has employed this capability since the 1950s. Modifying and implementing the technology for use on passenger carrying aircraft in the United States would involve significant capital outlay, research and testing. But from an engineering standpoint, landing an aircraft automatically is a relatively simple matter.

“Autoland” systems have been in wide commercial use in different parts of the world since the 1980s. Auto landings are routinely performed thousands of times a day throughout the world.

And they didn't use this technology because? Or did they?

No tin foil hat required, but Prissy sure likes this one

Dissident Voice Stop Belittling the Theories About September 11 by Bill Christison

ONE: An airliner almost certainly did not hit The Pentagon. Hard physical evidence supports this conclusion; among other things, the hole in the Pentagon was considerably smaller than an airliner would create. The building was thus presumably hit by something smaller, possibly a missile, or a drone or, less possibly, a smaller manned aircraft. Absolutely no information is available on what happened to the original aircraft (American Airlines Flight 77), the crew, the “hijackers,” and the passengers. The “official story,” as it appeared in The 9/11 Commission Report simply says, “At 9:37:46, American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, traveling at approximately 530 miles per hour. All on board, as well as many civilians and military personnel in the building, were killed.” This allows readers to assume that pieces of the aircraft and some bodies of passengers were found in the rubble of the crash, but information so far released by the government does not show that such evidence was in fact found. The story put out by the Pentagon is that the plane and its passengers were incinerated; yet video footage of offices in the Pentagon situated at the edge of the hole clearly shows office furniture undamaged. The size of the hole in the Pentagon wall still remains as valid evidence and so far seems irrefutable.

TWO: The North and South Towers of the World Trade Center almost certainly did not collapse and fall to earth because hijacked aircraft hit them. A plane did not hit Building 7 of the Center, which also collapsed. All three were most probably destroyed by controlled demolition charges placed in the buildings before 9/11. A substantial volume of evidence shows that typical residues and byproducts from such demolition charges were present in the three buildings after they collapsed. The quality of the research done on this subject is quite impressive.

If the judgments made on Points ONE and TWO above are correct, they raise many “Who done it” questions and strongly suggest that some unnamed persons or groups either inside or with ties to the government were actively creating a “Pearl Harbor” event, most likely to gain public support for the aggressive foreign policies that followed -- policies that would, first, “transform” the entire Middle East, and second, expand U.S. global domination.

These first two points provide the strongest evidence available that the “official story” of 9/11 is not true. If the government could prove this evidence false, and its own story on these points correct, all the other data and speculation supporting the conspiracy theories would be undermined. It has provided no such proof and no answers to growing questions.

Bill Christison is a former senior official of the CIA. He was a National Intelligence Officer and the Director of the CIA's Office of Regional and Political Analysis before his retirement in 1979. Since then he has written numerous articles on U.S. foreign policies.

WaPo Ex-Governor Is Sentenced To Prison Ryan Plans to Appeal Corruption Conviction (16 counts-pp)

U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer rejected Ryan's request for leniency, saying that he violated the public trust through sweetheart deals and political favoritism. If Ryan thinks the allegations were "relatively minor or insignificant," Pallmeyer said, "I would suggest they are anything but."

And...The conviction of Ryan is the most dramatic success yet for U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald, imported from New York in 2001 to lead an anti-corruption drive that now stretches from Chicago to the state capitol in Springfield.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Collins -- alleging "a sense of entitlement, even arrogance," among corrupt Illinois officials -- urged Pallmeyer to challenge that culture by changing the cost-benefit calculus of would-be lawbreakers.

Among the dozens of practitioners and beneficiaries of official corruption recently found guilty are Mayor Richard M. Daley's patronage chief, Robert Sorich, and aides well known to the mayor. Many are now telling agents what they know as investigators dig deeper -- and climb higher.

Just one more example of Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald putting away the bad guys...and commercial media wants you to think he would let the cabal off scott free? Of course not. Prissy is proud of him and his team.

The media gives the Daily Show endless material to work with! CBS2 Chicago Former Gov. George Ryan Sentenced To 6 1/2 Years

Members of the former governor's family left without comment after consoling Ryan and his wife Lura lynn in the courtroom.

Ryan himself was able to avoid reporters; allowed to leave through an exit usually off limits to anyone but judges.

Ryan's surrender date is Jan. 4, so he will be able to spend the Christmas holiday with his family. His attorneys asked if he could serve his sentence at Oxford Federal Prison in Wisconsin, and the judge said she was amenable to that option.

How nice for Ryan he was able to avoid reporters.

NYT Former Illinois Governor Sentenced for Graft

“At his core, George Ryan is quintessential Illinois politics: power-oriented, jobs-winning, control kind of politics,’’ Kent Redfield, a political science professor at the University of Illinois at Springfield, told The New York Times in April. ’’There is an excess here, but this is not a bad person corrupting a good system.’’ The sweeping case was brought by the United States attorney, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, who is also the special prosecutor in the C.I.A. leak case in Washington.

In total, 79 state workers, business leaders and others were charged in the federal investigation, which started eight years ago.

In addition to Mr. Ryan, his friend Lawrence E. Warner, 67, a businessman, was also convicted in April of receiving commissions from leases and contracts with Mr. Ryan’s office.

Mr. Ryan and Mr. Warner have maintained that they did nothing illegal.

NYT, that's only a little better regarding how you treat the special prosecutor...dearest readers, NYT failed to mention that of the 79 indicted by Team Fitz, 75 had been convicted.

So NYT, Prissy remains unsatisfied with your work, keep trying. The clock is still ticking...

ABC Iraq Takes Control of Military From U.S.

Iraq formally took over command of its armed forces from the U.S.-led coalition Thursday, a milestone American officials have hailed as crucial to the country's difficult road to independence and eventual withdrawal of foreign troops.

However, Iraq's bloodshed continued in the hours before the handover. Six bomb attacks targeting police patrols in Baghdad killed at least 17 people and wounded more than 50.

"This is such a huge, significant event that's about to occur," U.S. military spokesman Maj. Gen. William Caldwell said Wednesday of the handover. "If you go back and you map out significant events that have occurred in this government's formation in taking control of the country, tomorrow is gigantic."

The heavily touted transfer was scheduled to take place five days ago, but was canceled at the last minute as the two sides tried to work out differences over the documents involved.

Look Dearest Readers, Prissy found the last Bush supporter!

NY Daily News Bio: Karl loved roving gay stepdad

Slater tells us that Rove, who obtained an early galley of the Crown book, had an intermediary press the authors to leave out the section about his father. "We told him we have a couple of sources on that," says Slater. "We haven't heard anything since."

Slater says Rove himself called daily — "one day, six times" — to lobby against a chapter about his connection with indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. The book quotes Marc Schwartz, an operative for Texas' Tigua Indian tribe, as witnessing a scene where Rove walked up to Abramoff's limo a few blocks from the White House. Schwartz says Abramoff explained that Rove arranged the sidewalk pow-wow to avoid entering a visit or phone calls in White House logs, and besides, "he's a fat f—, and he can use the exercise."

Schwartz claims Rove enlisted Abramoff to get "the fireman," Tom DeLay, to "clamp down" on a House member "who was not cooperating on a piece of legislation."

"Karl is very upset," says Slater. "He says [that meeting] was an accidental encounter. That's a bunch of junk."

Yet he thought nothing, of selling out his country

Orange Co Register. MFSO, you crazy kids. Prissy is proud to know ya'll. What will they think of next?

Anti-war protests come to congressman's lawn September 3, 2006 About 35 members of Military Families Speak Out face off with Rep. Rohrabacher at his house in Huntington Beach.

The activists said they felt their 50-minute protest was a success.

"We came here out of desperation. Now, we hope, the congressman has something to take back with him to Washington," said Alviso, who organized the "house call" with her husband, Jeff Merrick, 59, an Air Force retiree who served in Vietnam.

The couple started protesting after their son, a career Marine, was sent to his first tour of duty in Iraq last September.

"My son believed we went there to bring democracy to Iraq," Alviso said. She said he came back disillusioned.

"We are protesting because our sons in the military cannot. We are doing it for them."

Hey congressman- the war follows these parents home and in through the door, every single day...

Political artist Stephen Pitt suggested TruthOut get into the cable news business, which is an excellent suggestion. Fascism in Fall Stephen Pitt

Prissy thinks the other media failed to notify the Washington Times about the deadline regarding the ongoing lying to the public...Sending a 'scandal' off to bed by Wesly Pruden

The disclosure might have been inadvertent, since by his own admission Mr. Armitage gossips like an old woman. Mr. Fitzgerald knew this before he put Judith Miller in jail. Before he indicted Scooter Libby. Before he called Karl Rove to the grand jury, knowing that Mr. Rove couldn't have been the leaker but also knowing that every time he was called to testify, running a gauntlet of newspaper and television cameras, the impression was planted that Mr. Rove was a crook with something to hide. But the prosecutor told Mr. Armitage to keep his mouth shut, lest he give the game away.

Prosecutors are sworn to protect the innocent as well as to prosecute the guilty, so what are we to make of a prosecutor who knows that his investigation is a fraud but proceeds with it, anyway?

What kind of journalist has access to the truth and fails to print it-to the detriment of public health and national security? Do tell Mr. Pruden, we all wish to hear your weak explanations...weak, unlike Fitz' CIA Leak case.

WaPo Republican Rift Over Wiretapping Widens Party at Odds on Surveillance Legislation

"You need checks and balances in place to make sure future administrations or even civil servants don't get out of line," said Rep. Heather A. Wilson (R-N.M.), sponsor of the main House surveillance bill. Unlike Specter's bill, she added, "my bill was not authorized by the White House."

And..."The president has argued he has inherent authority as commander in chief" to conduct warrantless surveillance, Wilson said. "Congress has inherent authority, as well. And, frankly, I think his arguments are rather weak."

Rep. Wilson, Prissy couldn't agree more-but you won't get anywhere in brand W's repbublican party with that attitude...

Google launches news archive going back centuries (Update)

"Google News now has archive search to help users quickly and easily search for events, people and ideas over different periods of time," the Mountain View, California, company said in a release.

"History buffs and curious users alike can explore more than 200 years of historical information to get a glimpse of the emotions and attitudes of the past."

News archive searches on events, subjects or people generated results in order of relevance or on timelines. Users were provided options to narrow searches to specific time periods or publications.

Google said it was working with sources such as Time magazine, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Newsweek Interactive, LexisNexis, HighBeam Research, Factiva, and Thomson Gale.

Google, that's great!


The Prime Minister will today confirm that this month's Labour Party conference will be his last as leader after being engulfed in the biggest crisis of his Premiership.

It exploded after the Mirror sensationally revealed his exit plans, including a triumphant "farewell tour".

Yesterday a minister and six government aides resigned over Mr Blair's determination to cling on to office. It forced him to strike a new deal with Mr Brown after hours of talks.

The PM is expected to make another public statement later this year in which, according to senior government sources, he is expected to say he will stand down by March, giving Mr Brown a clear run-up to local elections in May.

MSNBC Closed hearings ordered in Libby CIA leak case

Misremembering defense Libby's attorneys have requested and have been given in recent weeks two batches of summaries and redacted versions of classified morning intelligence briefings which Libby attended with Cheney in order to prepare his defense.

Libby's attorneys wish to present at trial a picture of their client as being overwhelmed by the crush of critical national security work at the White House - a client who may have misremembered, what they wish to portray as insignificant, the identity of former ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife who was a CIA employee at the time. Using certain classified documents at trial could underscore the important work was involved with at the time of the Plame leak.

Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's case rests on the premise that Libby lied to the FBI and to a grand jury about his own conversations with reporters confirming that Plame worked for the CIA and was somehow responsible for her husband's fact finding trips to Africa in search of proof about Iraq's alleged quest for fissile materials. Wilson wrote in a New York Times op-ed, that that quest did not exist, and that the administration was "twisting" the facts about Iraq's determination to procure Niger's yellowcake.

Fitzgerald has said in court filings that the Plame leak from Libby was orchestrated specifically to undermine the credibility of Wilson's public pronouncements - which Fitzgerald says consumed the Vice President's office for several weeks in the summer of 2002.

Fitz said what the rest of us know is true, so just print it, msm. Everyone is onto to you guys.

Iran Turns to Spain Over Nuclear Standoff

In a bid to resolve the standoff regarding Iran’s nuclear program, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, ‘Ali Larijani, is meeting with high-ranking Spanish officials on Thursday.

During his one-day visit to Madrid, Larijani is expected to meet with Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and with Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos.

Chicago Sun Times Higher electric rates are coming

Bills expected to leap when regulation ends

National Journal Hotline The F List from October 18, 2005

Here's a list of folks who have either testified or have been interviewed by Patrick Fitzgerald (or by FBI agents) in connection with the Plame probe. Please send us omissions and additions and expansions. Anonymity is guaranteed. To repeat: the list below is of those who have been interviewed by officials in connection with the case. Inclusion does not necessarily indicate that the listed person has testified under oath.

Editor and Publisher and by the way, they sure are late on this scoop. Prissy reported this nearly a year ago. Another Scoop from 'Hubris': Plame Was Working on WMD

Two weeks ago it was an excerpt from the just-published book "Hubris" in Newsweek that outed Richard Armitrage as the key source for columnist Robert Novak in the Plame/CIA leak case. Now another scoop from the book, this time at the Web site for The Nation magazine, posted this afternoon, unravels the surprising mystery of exactly what Valerie Plame Wilson was working on at the CIA before she was outed by Novak.

By revealing her identity, Armitage, Karl Rove and Scooter Libby harmed her career and put vital intelligence at risk, suggests co-author David Corn of The Nation. The book is also written by Newsweek's Michael Isikoff.

Here is how Corn describes the latest revelation in an e-mail: "She was operations chief of the Joint Task Force on Iraq, a unit of the Counterproliferation Division of the clandestine Directorate of Operations. For the two years prior to her outing, Valerie Wilson worked to gather intelligence that would support the Bush White House's assertion that Saddam Hussein's Iraq was loaded with WMDs.

"This means that Armitage--as well as Karl Rove and Scooter Libby--leaked classified information about a CIA officer whose job it had been to look for evidence of Saddam's WMD programs. During this part of her career, Valerie Wilson traveled overseas to monitor operations she and her staff at JTFI were mounting. She was no analyst, no desk-jockey, no paper-pusher. She was in charge of running critical covert operations.

Why the WT was out of the loop? Was it payback for covering the Franklin Affair? E&P ABC 9/11 Movie Slams 'Wash Post' for 'Wash Times' Report

One of the most blatant factual errors in the ABC miniseries next week on the 9/11 attacks -- at least in a review copy viewed by E&P -- is a claim that The Washington Post ruined a valuable form of surveillance of Osama bin Laden by disclosing that the U.S. was monitoring his cell phone calls.

Indeed, that charge has been made -- but the alleged wrongdoer was a different paper, The Washington Times.

In part II of the docudrama, "The Path to 9/11" -- which has been knocked by liberal bloggers and some Clinton offiicials, and hailed by conservatives -- a CIA analyst shortly before the terrorist attacks on the U.S. complains to a colleague that "ever since the Washington Post disclosed that we intercepted his calls," bin Laden has ended that form of communication and is "using couriers now, like they did a thousand years ago."

It's a good plot device but, for one thing, the paper in question was the conservative Washington Times. That paper's Aug. 21, 1998 edition reported on bin Laden's use of satellite phones and computers.

Lew Rockwell The Pro-War Media's Re-Positioning Problem

This war is closely associated with the Republican Party. For three years, most Democrats in Congress have served as Gunga Din served in the movie. He was a faithful bugler in a loin cloth, always hoping to be promoted into the regular army. But, unlike Mr. Din, Democrats have watched from the political sidelines as the parading Republican troops marched into the political trap set by the natives in Iraq. They did not sound the alarm in 2003. Gunga Din sounded a warning in the movie, and he was shot to ribbons by the natives for his courage. The Democrats are now content to let the Republicans get shot to ribbons by the voters. Then they will announce the end of Bush's war and bring the troops home.

If they don't, then a New Model Army of Republicans will. There is this thing about getting shot to ribbons. Politicians prefer to have the troops shot to ribbons, not politicians.

The Administration has a policy of banning photos of caskets draped in flags. No such media ban exists for the political battlefield. The remains of those who fall on political battlefields are given front-page coverage. The victims don't even get caskets. When it comes to post-battle politics, we are treated to the equivalent of Matthew Brady's display of photos from the battlefields of Antietam.

Uh, Oh...CNN-Dubya's lost Red State Woman and the soccer/scaredy cat moms. Southern women breaking up with Bush

President Bush's once-solid relationship with Southern women is on the rocks.

"I think history will show him to be the worst president since Ulysses S. Grant," said Barbara Knight, a self-described Republican since birth and the mother of three. "He's been an embarrassment."

In the heart of Dixie, comparisons to Grant, a symbol of the Union, is the worst sort of insult, especially from a Macon woman who voted for Bush in 2000 but turned away in 2004.

Watch out Dubya, those are some gals you don't want on "the other side"... Prissy will see them soon in DC. Better not have made these belles mad, Dubya.

Quotes of the Day

That's our Dubya...never changing. I do not know the American gentleman, God forgive me for putting two such words together.--Charles Dickens

"Three Shakespeares" for Dubya...Ill deeds are doubled with an evil word.--William Shakespeare

In a false quarrel there is no true valour.--William Shakespeare

In peace there's nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness and humility.-- William Shakespeare